So It Goes…

The storm, like all storms, passes as quickly as it came. In its wake, the earth is scarred littered with bent and broken trees. Pools of water flood the landscape suffocating the grasses and small animals trapped below.  But life is relentless, and with the chaos subsiding it picks itself up ready to begin anew. 

Searching for signs among the torn soil and debris a funnel of light, peering through the clouds, finds a sparrow perched atop a large cattail sharply singing out the all clear. The earth takes a deep breath bubbling the large pools covering its skin while a cluster of lilies stand tall stretching out their necks. Soon the valley will fill with song in tribute to both the living and the dead bound one and all by the precarious arrangement the universe has with itself.


~ by fairlane on May 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “So It Goes…”

  1. I think you captured the spirit of Vonnegut very well.

  2. kurt did tend to leave one feeling as if a storm had come through. your message was accurate and poignant. he will be missed.

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