Who Are These People, and Where Do They Live?

Whenever I hear the results of polls measuring President Bush’s popularity, I always find myself asking, “Who are the 30% of Americans continuing to support this man?”

I think back over these past six plus years and I cannot think of one group not hurt, offended or outright used and manipulated by this man.

Fiscal Conservatives (with a capital “C”);  There’s no way they can still support him. Bush spends money like it came from a trust fund and honestly this should come as no surprise, the man’s spent his entire life living off of other people’s money. “No Child Left Behind” is more than enough to sour Conservatives. Billions of dollars spent on yet another failed attempt to fix our education system. The Bush administration has increased the breadth of the Federal Government to historical levels. Soon our government’s reach will rival that of the former Soviet Union. And let’s not forget the enormous debt racked up by Bush’s “I never saw a spending bill I won’t sign” policy. Bush is anything but a “Conservative”.

Libertarians; Libertarians think Conservatives are “too Liberal” when it comes to spending our tax dollars. Some Libertarians are opposed to the government spending money on fixing roads or even funding the police. They also oppose many of Bush’s social policies, which they consider beyond the reach of the Federal Government. They are totally out, as we saw in the last election.

Moderates/Independents; Bush’s hyper-religiosity is a big turn off for this group. In fact, many Centrists are flat out scared of the “Christian Right”.  Aside from the War in Iraq, the kowtowing to the extreme Right by Bush is one of the major reasons Moderates voted Democrat last November. So, just like the Libertarians, who tend to share similar social views, the Moderates and Independents are out.

Social Conservatives; Since he was elected in 2000, this group has been Bush’s bread and butter. He’s “one of them”, and they’ve supported him through thick and thin. From the Gay Marriage Amendment to Stem Cell Research they’ve been together hand in “moral” hand. But the truth is, of all the various segments of the GOP the Social Conservatives are the ones most abused by Bush and his cronies. Yes, he appointed some very “Conservative” judges to the Supreme Court, and I guess we’ll see how that turns out in the next 20 years or so. But Social Cons don’t want to wait 20 years. They want it “NOW!” And the fact is the Supreme Court is not going to overturn Roe v. Wade, they’re just not. It’s political suicide for the GOP. Too many Americans are opposed to a ban. And how does the GOP rally Social Conservatives, without whom they cannot win a national election, if abortion is off the table? It’s not happening, at least not in our lifetime.

He did veto funding for stem cell research. But states have simply passed laws  supporting it and funded the research on their own. Stem Cell Research isn’t going anywhere. So, what about that good old “Gay Marriage Amendment”?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an issue so blatantly used, more than once by the way, to manipulate people. Elections roll around and up pops the “Gay Marriage Amendment”. Elections end, the “Gay Marriage Amendment” disappears into thin air. It was a carrot, a ruse, never going to happen. Not too mention most Americans, once they had time to think it over, don’t like discrimination, and they especially don’t like the idea of using our Constitution to discriminate. Once again Social Conservatives were greeted with the reality that they are in fact, a minority. So what has Bush done for them?

There’s the “Faith Based Initiative “, but it’s wrought with Accounting “problems” and possible misappropriation of funds. Bush doesn’t care about social programs anyway, even “Christian” ones. This is a marginal victory, and certainly not worth all the blood and sweat Social Conservatives put into Bush.

To be honest, of all the groups I’m most confounded by the Social Cons continued support of Bush. He’s treated them like a common street walker.

So, did I answer my own question? Maybe. Maybe the 30% of Americans who still support Bush are the Social Cons. The problem however, is they are not 30% of the population. On their best day Social Cons are at the most 15%.

What about the other 15%? Who are these people, and where do they live?



~ by fairlane on May 2, 2007.

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