“Make Up Your Mind! Wait. Nevermind. Here, Let Me Do It For You.”

When I get a particular topic in my head, I like to really think it through. I try to take in as many perspectives as possible and then come to a conclusion. I know, that’s like “No duh. Isn’t that what everyone does?” Actually, I don’t think that’s what most people do. In fact, I think most people let others make up their minds for them. If you’re “liberal” you watch and pay attention to other “liberals”, and vice versa for the “conservatives”. Really Simple Syndication. “Let’s see, what do I think today? Oh, yes there it is. Right on Rush! I’m with you man!”

I was sharing a story with a friend of mine about how I used to work for this activist group who lobbied against Energy companies. At first, I really thought we were doing a good thing. I didn’t like fundraising much, and felt my talents could be used elsewhere, but unless you’re a Bush or a Kennedy you start at the bottom Right?

But my enthusiasm began to wane not long after I started. First, we were told how much money we raised wasn’t “really important” and that’s it’s more about getting out the “message” that Deregulation is bad for individuals and the states. (Montana is a great example). So, I spent a lot of my time talking to people while I was out “canvassing” as they called it. But then one of my co-workers was abruptly fired, and things started to change rapidly. Why was he fired?

He wasn’t making his “quota”. In other words, he wasn’t raising enough money. Huh? I thought getting the message out was most important? Nope.

So being a natural big mouth I started to ask a couple of questions thinking my fellow comrades would be upset as well, NOPE. They weren’t upset at all. “He knew what was required.” “But I thought money wasn’t really that ‘important’?” Oh naive me. My compatriots ironically, at least in my mind, began getting upset not with the company, but with me. I was asking questions, and that is only allowed when you ask them about your ideological “enemies”, not your “allies”.

I began feeling like I didn’t have any “allies”. My loyalty wasn’t supposed to be for “bad seeds” or the people “we’re helping” but for the Company, the bottom line, the “Mission”. I seriously started wondering if I’d accidentally joined some kind of cult. (Now I know what Wal-Mart employees must feel like).

These “hippies” and “activists” were no different than the “nazis” or “fascists” they loved to talk about over a couple of Bass at the local pub. (Now I remember why I liked them. Liberals tend to drink better beer. Reps like that Bud and Coors crap). The last straw happened one night as we were “canvassing” a pretty poor area.

I was chosen to “canvas” the “Black neighborhood”. Since I was new, they always gave me the areas where they knew not many people gave us money. (Some of them had been there for a while so they knew which neighborhoods handed out the cash and which ones didn’t. They canvassed the entire state once a year). So, I get out of the van, and start walking. Hell, I don’t care.

Well, they were right, I didn’t make much money, but what I did make was a lot of friends. In fact, I was told to come back to a particular house at the end of the night because the Pastor from the local Church wanted to meet me.

I finished up, and returned to the house. There were about 10 people there waiting for me. They apologized for not being able to give us much money, but they wanted me to know they really appreciated what we were doing, and wondered if we could come back and speak at their Church one Sunday. I said, “Hell, yes” because I was told that’s our “Mission” right, getting people involved, educating them?

I promised the Pastor someone from our organization would be contacting him soon. And we shook hands and I left. I promised him.

When I got back on the Van someone commented, “You okay out there tonight?” I knew what they meant and responded, “Well, I was forced to join a couple of street gangs, and I’m getting jumped in tomorrow so I’ll probably be a little late and beaten up.” A**hole.

Anyway, I shrugged off the vapid commentary and moved to the front to speak with our Supervisor. I told him that although I didn’t get many “donations”, I did speak with an area leader who would very much like to have us come back and speak with his “People”. YAWN. “No, I don’t think we can do that, we don’t have the time. In fact, I’m sure they’ll say no. We don’t do that.” HUH?

I never went back.


~ by fairlane on May 10, 2007.

One Response to ““Make Up Your Mind! Wait. Nevermind. Here, Let Me Do It For You.””

  1. what a sad commentary on our society. when the fundraisers for a great cause feel the need is for more money and not more supporters, kinda makes you wonder what their point really is.

    carpe diem!!!

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