O.J. Simpson: If He Didn’t Do It, Why Does He Act So Guilty?

There’s  a stink coming from Louisville, KY. this week, and it’s not the horses or the coal mines that are causing it. During last weekend’s Kentucky Derby, O.J. Simpson was in town and wherever O.J. goes stink is sure to follow. O.J. was denied service at a local restaurant, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, and all hell is about to break loose. O.J.’s attorney, Yale Galanter, said in reference to Jeff Ruby, the owner of said restaurant, “He screwed with the wrong guy; he really did.” No truer words were ever spoken.

Needless to say, litigation is pending because of course O.J. was denied service because “he’s black”. This is the exact reason why “political correctness” is dangerous.

Louisville doesn’t have the most stellar history when it comes to race relations, no objective person will deny that truth. There were riots in the 70’s over bussing, and in recent years there were several “highly questionable” shootings of black males by the Louisville Police. Sounds like most American cities if you think about it. (Racism has no geographical boundaries). Having said that, not everything is “racism” or “predjudice”.

To say O.J. is a divisive person is like saying the surface of the sun is “pretty warm”. Just last year he had a deal to publish a book titled “O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened.”  He continues to owe millions of dollars from the civil suit against him, but smugly claims “I’m broke”. I imagine most Americans would love to be his kind of “broke”. I know I wouldn’t mind it. The man is a scumbag. And that’s why he was denied service.

The owner of Ruby’s didn’t want a person like O.J. in his restaurant, and under Louisville law he has the legal right to deny him service. But the protests are already mounting, and the usual suspects are rearing their heads to get a little “Press Time”. (Did I mention that Michael Jordan came in after O.J. and was seated with a party of 30 people?)

These situations infuriate me on a number of levels. First, it gives people who are actually racist yet another reason to dismiss racism. Just as the “Politically Correct Police” are descending on this issue so too will the “Reverse Racism Patrol”. I wonder sometimes if these “Protests” from both sides are coordinated. “Look we’ll go in and claim ‘Racism’, get our TV time, and then you come in behind us and get yours.” It’s so contrived especially when there’s  REAL racism going on in this world. (When you’re bored someday check out some of the blogs here on WordPress. Pretty disturbing what’s allowed considering you can be monitored for using “naughty words”). But that’s how it is.

“Forget the real problems, no one cares about that boring Sh*t. People want sensationalism, controversy, self-righteous twaddle. That’s what plays, and that’s what pays.”

We have millions of children with no health insurance in the wealthiest nation in human history. Where are the “Protests” over that? We have millions living in poverty…anyone?

You want an example of “Racism” and its aftermath? My ex-girlfriend was a Miwok Indian. When I told her I wasn’t familiar with that tribe she said, “No one is, because most of us were killed off. There’s only a few of us left.” That’s f*cking Racism! O.J. being denied service is good business.

People truly need to grow up and get some perspective. There are numerous worthy causes out there to fight for and defend. O.J., Don Imus, Rush, Clinton, etc etc are not worth the cost of ink to print their names.



~ by fairlane on May 10, 2007.

One Response to “O.J. Simpson: If He Didn’t Do It, Why Does He Act So Guilty?”

  1. Nicely said.

    OJ is a disgrace to those people who have really suffered from racism. His life has been a very privileged one.

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