Mother’s Day:A Time for Introspection, Reconcilliation, and Prison Visits

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We here at JonesTown never let a day pass without acknowledging that if it wasn’t for our mothers none of us would need therapy or illegal drugs to make it through life. And in that spirit, we’d like to extend warm wishes to all our Moms, Baby’s Mommas, and potential and/or future Baby’s Mommas.

Happy Mother’s Day!    fairlane7.jpg


Mom, I talked to your attorney and things are looking up. We’re gonna get you out of there even if we have to spend every cent of Grandam’s Social Security Money. I swear!

Everyone knows the Cops planted those drugs in your house. (Well, not the weed plants, you planted those, but those other drugs). Stay Strong!

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~ by fairlane on May 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Mother’s Day:A Time for Introspection, Reconcilliation, and Prison Visits”


    Submited post on – “Mother?s Day:A Time for Introspection, Reconcilliation, and Prison Visits”

  2. Dear David,
    Please stop airing our family’s dirty laundry on the web. You know that I can’t help the way I am. I’m a product of my environs and society, as are you, David. Therefore I can’t be held responsible for my choices in life. I hope you understand…I tried to be a good mamma to you, but I didn’t know how to do anything other than what I was taught by your Grandmammy. I’m not sorry about the hand soap poisoning incident, David, nor am I remorseful about paying for your education, even though it has turned you against me and grammy too. I cry myself to sleep every night over you wondering what I did wrong. The only thing which seems to help is throwing darts at your baby pictures. What does that mean?
    Love and haircuts,

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