America’s Money Pit / Immigration Reform for Dummies

dimstar27.jpgI suppose I should really wait a few days until all the facts are out but I can not help myself.  This new immigration bill is so ‘Chock Full O Nuts’ that I have become wired on the few ‘solid’ pieces of the legislation that the media has been covering.

fairlane.jpg(Democrats just dying to show they have found their nuts!)

This new wall that is proposed along the border is a huge undertaking.  I mean if you think about it we are talking Great Wall O China big.  I don’t know about you but that is one hell of a privacy fence those Chinese have.  I thought buying a established older home was a huge risk as far as maintenance is concerned.  My neighbors don’t purposely cut holes in my house every day and it still has things that require regular maintenance.  This proposed border blockade is going to be way more expensive, I mean at least 10 dollars a foot a year to maintain.  There is of course the little reported fact, recently, that this border ‘Money Pit’ has already been funded for going on a year.  I talked to the contractor yesterday and asked how much longer it would take.  His reply was,”two weeks” and then he winked.  I wonder what that wink was all about? 

 diegomaradona.jpg(Border wall/fence contractor)

Guess what, I think the last I heard was, about two miles had been completed.  So, if a mile takes 6 months to construct and we have two miles completed, then this thing will be finished in 900 years.  That should be just in time for the black hole sitting just outside our solar system to wind down and release a huge Gamma Ray which will vaporize everything and everybody on the planet.  Well at least the sand dunes will have a two thousand mile starting point!

There is a bright spot in this disaster, the powers that be have finally decided that the border patrol needs to be expanded and more people should be hired on.  That is about as quick as I have seen a decision made by the Democrats.  It has only been a well known fact that the border patrol in its current state and at its current staffing level has been entirely over whelmed since( forever), I’ll be nice and say 1910.  To George Dubyeehaws credit it only took Vice President Cheney allowing him to play with his cap guns for three days for him to decide to invade two countries, which do not share a border by the way.

Hey there you pompous, a*sholes in Congress!  Its me common sense, I know you, you want to slam the door again but don’t.  Why don’t we go crazy and just finance the border patrol properly?  I mean we obviously do not have a problem throwing a couple hundred billion dollars down a sandy rabbit hole so why not put 10 or 20 billion into our border and immigration system?

Just think, with a sufficient immigration department we may just end illegal immigration all together.  If this crack pot legislation passes those applying for citizenship and already in the US will have a waiting period of up to 13 years.  What if there were enough people working for immigration so that legal applications to enter the country only took, say 6 to 8 weeks?  Isn’t this pseudo-finite application process the main cause for most ellegull immigration to begin with?  With legal immigration in a reasonable time frame we could easily come down much harder on illegal immigration.  It wouldn’t be decent people looking for a better life because they, would be legal immigrants.


  It would be people who could not pass the pre-immigration screening process. 


Let’s do the smart thing, invest in the immigration and naturalization department and then funnel more money into enforcing the laws we already have, they are, after all, fairly numerous.



~ by DimStar on May 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “America’s Money Pit / Immigration Reform for Dummies”

  1. I think you over estimate the governments willingness to have something actual work.


  2. The education system works so well that I can spell actually correctly.

  3. if we can’t keep the terrorists out, how on earth are we gonna keep out folks who share a border? especially, since the government has found out it can do whatever it wants, when it wants.

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