Consumerism and the volunteer slave nation.


 I have been at a loss for sometime, I can not figure out why I can never quite get ahead.  I work really hard and I spend insane amounts of time at work.  My schedule allows me some good blocks of off time but the trick is that by time the breaks arrive I am so tired that the only thing I really want to do is sleep.  So I thought a simple fix would be to start turning down some, or all, of the over time that comes my way.  I tried it and it did help.  I had more energy on my off days and I felt better.

I am broke!  I have bills like there is no paper reduction act at all!  I have a bank account balance of just above zero.  How did this happen?  Just two months ago I had plenty of money, I was buying whatever I wanted and eating dinner at restaurants at least four nights a week.  I started suspecting that I must be a victim of identity theft.

I am a victim but un-fortunately its not at the hands of some shady character fishing garbage out of my trash can.  As I look around my house I see that I am a victim of self inflicted over indulgence.  I mean do I really need to be eating out four nights a week?  Hell no.  Do I really need to go out and buy a new set of tools that I will have to work over time to pay for, thus making the tools essentially worthless?  Probably not.  So why do I do all of these things?  I am starting to think that I may have been brainwashed as a baby.

Why would anyone volunteer to go to work on their off days?  Well every once in a while it maybe nice to have just a touch extra on the old pay check.  I can definitely relate to that.  The problem is that once a person tastes the extra cash it’s like blood in the water at the shark tank.  You can not get enough, you desire it above all else and why?  Because once you get a hold of that almighty dollar you feel liberated, you feel in control, you feel empowered.  Why shouldn’t you?  With a pocket full of cabbage the world is your oyster, everyone you speak to at any given store or boutique is your new best friend.

It then dawns on you that the last trip to the store was two hundred dollars and so back to work you go.  Every year thousands of hourly and salaried workers fail to take their allotted vacation time.  In most cases the vacation hours are simply lost.  Why, why would any sensible person give away the vacation time they are eligible for?  The startlingly simple answer is, at least most of the time, hours on vacation do not pay as well as hours on the clock.  Over time is a big issue, overtime does not apply on vacation.  So these poor fools forfeit their vacation time so that they can make an extra hundred bucks.  The three bags of junk they just bought has to be payed for.  Thankfully, I am not to that point and hopefully I never will be.

What does this say about our society as a whole?  Well, Bill Gates went to Europe in recent years to try and establish Microsoft there.  After a very short time in Europe old Bill came home bags in hand.  He couldn’t find Europeans that were willing to subject themselves to the American work schedule.  Man I want to move somewhere nice with a heavy European influence.  Are we all work-a-holics?  I would say that the vast majority of employed Americans spend more time at work than just about any other population on the planet. (With the exception of forced labor.)  We do this for a couple of reasons; we like to have the newest and most top of the line crap we can afford and we are brain washed just a bit.  How many times has every American school child been told, ‘work hard and you will get ahead’.  Ahead of what?  There is always going to be a new product on the market or some other such thing which at some point you will decide you have to have.

Is this a coincidence?  Is it the natural way of things?  It is driving me mad!!  The only answer I can come up with is the one I am trying hard to implement in my own life:  The less I have, the less I have to work overtime to pay for.  Americans have always loved a good fight, well if the precious few hours we are given in this virtual paradise are not worth fighting for in your eyes, then have my share of the over time.  I can live with a lot less ‘cool’ stuff cluttering my life.

Best of luck!!




~ by DimStar on May 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Consumerism and the volunteer slave nation.”

  1. i agree with you wholeheartedly, dim!!!!! americans are brainwashed to think work is the answer to all their problems, cause money is what you get when you work and you need money to buy at least one of everything there is out there. Keep telling em dude!!!


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  3. I wish this story didn’t hit so close to home!
    I know lots of people who quit high school to take crappy jobs just so they could buy new 20″ rims or some clothing accessory.
    The human cost of this avarice society we live in is begining to mount!

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