Dim says: Hey Israel, the world is mostly against you. So take the gloves off already!


I have long been a supporter of Israel. I have always felt a kind of ‘family’ bond with Jewish people. The closest thing I can compare it too is the way you feel when you are sitting around and talking to your family members who are your grandparents age. You may disagree with some of their views but you’re not out of the ball park.

Judaism and the Hebrews are, after all, the starting point for Christianity. We worship the same God and for the most part, all of the Old Testament is included in Christian religious teaching. So why have we had such a rocky relationship all these years? To conserve time in hashing out all the nuances of that question I will make a simple blanket statement: We could not find a better adversary, idle hands are the devils play ground you know. Although some Europeans may have taken the competition thing to a level which was wholly unnecessary. I think of the Jewish people and the Christians like I used to feel about my relationship towards squids (Navy personnel) when I was in The Corp(Marines). We used to push each other around and start fights amongst ourselves all the time. But, the instant some dog-face (Army) personnel thought it was okay to push one of our Navy brethren we turned on them like rabid dogs in a hen house! That is how I feel Christians and Jews should interact, we may argue all day about some insignificant detail. but the moment some outsider comes in pushing either of us around we should provide a united front.

It is a historical certainty that for whatever reason the world’s population likes to pick on Israel. Israelis have survived the best the world could throw at them, Egyptian enslavement, Babylonian invasion and enslavement, Roman invasion and occupation, Anti-Semitism in Western/Eastern Europe and of course the horrific Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Yet, they have come back time and again. What power, what faith in convictions! Yet, I find myself worried for their survival in this modern age.

Today in Israel, the Palestinians are at war with their host nation of Israel. I say host but it’s not exactly a dinner party, is it? Arab nations on every border with Israel await the first blink, the first flinch. They are constantly plotting against Israel and funding the terrorist activities within it. The world governments sit at a distance and call for peace. After the atrocities committed by themselves how is it that they have the audacity to demand the Israelis show restraint! How many Native Americans tasted the mud of the boot that crushed their skull? How many Africans have been butchered by their own country men in the name of ethnic cleansing? How many inhabitants of theSouth American rain forest have been murdered so that their land could be cleared for McCattle ranchers? How many Inuits have been poisoned and murdered, not for any reason at all, other than the fact that others on their Continent considered their existence as inconsequential? How many Aborigines have been butchered or removed from their families to be assimilated? Yet the governments of all these countries call for restraint when they themselves have shown none.

Take the gloves off Israel! Stop prolonging the pain and suffering. If you roll in the tanks and decimate the Palestinians, all the before mentioned nations will rant and rave about your inhuman butchery, for about three days. That’s about how long the modern human’s attention span is.

Look at Africa, the powers that be on that continent have been hacking the people they do not like into bits for decades! Everyone tells them to quit and a few rock stars, or other entertainment personalities visit the site of the most heinous acts and then we get to the important news, the Yankees won 4 to 3 at Boston.

As a Christian country the United States should fully endorse this action. Now is the time to act, the US could easily support the Israelis action from its positions in Iraq. Which by the way, if they do not want our kindness then we could always expand the Israelis borders and give the Kurds what we owe them for abandoning them after the first Gulf War. (That is another story) Turkey would not be happy about that but after three days they would go back to work just like the rest of the world. Israel must crush the enemy with-in just as every other nation has had to do. It’s last call Palestine, you don’t have to go to any one country but you can’t stay here!

The modern world and modern humanity seems to want to believe in ‘The Celestine Prophecy’, but the real world knows that we are never going to evolve into ethereal beings. We here in the real world know the truth of the ‘Thunder Dome’ and that truth is “Two men enter, one man leaves”.

Strength in unity.



~ by DimStar on May 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dim says: Hey Israel, the world is mostly against you. So take the gloves off already!”

  1. While I agree that something must change, I’m not sure this is the answer.

  2. I have to agree with you on that Lorenzo. Although I must admit I don’t think much about this issue. There are so many things to think about, so many issues.

    I’m no Utopian, but…

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