Man Puts 2 Month Old in a Microwave, and in the Process Pushes Me Over the Edge


Some people are just stupid. I know this comes as no surprise or shock, but it should. It should be illegal.

See if you can count the number of times “stupid” appears in this sentence.

Twenty year old mother, blames Satan and not her 19 year old husband for putting their 2 month old baby in a motel microwave because the Devil was upset about her husband becoming a preacher.”

(I counted 6. I must be a “genius”).

I could spend a month looking over that sentence trying to figure out how  something like this happens. Obviously “mental illness” is involved, the mother acknowledged her husband was “sick”, but what good would it do?

The mother said her husband, “Would never do anything to hurt her.” Except for the putting her in the microwave episode, but he only did that because “he loves her”. (I’m resisting the urge to make several morbid jokes here).

Apparently, this all makes sense to the mother who’s opened an Account with MySpace to plead her husband’s case.

She’s also petitioning the District Attorney in Galveston to take out a Warrant on the “real” criminal, Satan.

I’m no Republican, not even close, but Damn! Are people responsible for anything anymore? “Satan made me do it”?

Are we in the Dark Ages again? Do trolls cause headaches too? “My ear hurts, can you look and see if there’s a pumpkin seed sprouting in there?”

No one is responsible, all the way from the White House to a dive motel in Galveston, TX.

I should have moved to Europe when I had the chance.


~ by voidoid3 on May 23, 2007.

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