Presidential Primaries Already Begin Too Soon: Beginning Them Earlier Will Only Lessen Voter Participation



What is the deal with every state trying to jockey their Presidential primary into position to be first? I think this practice serves no objective purpose except to further distance voters from the polls.

If you are an average American, you probably watch television. And if you watch television then at some point you’ve grown tired of the political ads that, if anything, only make your decision even more difficult because they rarely have anything to do with the “issues”.

If you are not overloaded already, guess what, you’re in luck. The presidential campaigning is going to begin earlier and earlier.

I have always participated in the election process and will continue to do so. However, I fear that this push to extend the Presidential election process only works to discourage new voters. By the time we vote, most of the optimism we have in our Candidate of choice has waned as it is. In fact, we often end up voting for the “lesser of two evils” instead of the “best candidate” and because of this many people who were once active in politics have simply stopped participating altogether.

This reality has serious repurcussions for the young, who  have a hard time paying attention to anything, much less politics. When they see nothing but attack ad after attack ad, they make up their minds very quickly that politics is not for them. (And now they get to see even more of them).

This is a cold hard fact, as demonstrated by the “Rock the Vote” initiative. Even MTV and a gaggle of famous pop icons couldn’t get the younger generation to turn out during the last election, despite the fact every event sponsored by “Rock the Vote” was sold out . The prolonging of the political hem-hawing serves no purpose other than to drive would-be voters away from the polls.

Let’s say your state “goes first”. You pick a candidate and then you have to wait for the rest of the country. This means more blather, more sensory overload. And once that’s over we then have to watch the “Chosen Ones” go at it. By the time the Presidential Election rolls around, many people have had enough. (We only had 60% of registered voters turn out in 2004. Iraq had 73% in their elections, and they were dodging suicide bombers).

I think all sides of the political process need to reconsider what the end goal of their political aspirations should be. We need to reinvigorate the political involvement of each  generation of Americans. Not discourage it. We, especially our young, don’t need more bombardment, we need less.

 I can only hope that when the day comes and I’m shuffling up to the voting booth with my plaid pants and white hair that I am not the youngest person in the joint.




~ by DimStar on May 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Presidential Primaries Already Begin Too Soon: Beginning Them Earlier Will Only Lessen Voter Participation”

  1. I agree, there is nothing so mind numbing as having to sit through political ad after ad just to attempt to relax after doing whatever it is that you do.

  2. even if there were zillions of political ads, it wouldn’t help an electorate that is jaded and worn out from lie after lie after lie and personal agenda after agenda after agenda. what ever happened to patriots; those who served for the good of the country????? i was raised in a home that believed the process was of utmost importance….my folks would be shamed by what passes for politics now.

  3. what’s this moderation stuff?

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