Christians in America and A Confusing Religious/Political View


I was completely caught off guard today as I cruised past the Federal courthouse downtown. Sitting and standing on the corner were several people holding banners, and I expected to see some slogan or another about the War in Iraq. I was wrong. As I pulled up to the red light, I looked over to see what the signs said.

“End Israel’s occupation of Palestine” was not what I expected. Having written on the subject just recently I found myself in a state of intense disgust. Here these people stood with their signs in hand protesting Israel who is doing nothing more than attempting to live peacefully. These jackasses are calling them “Occupiers”. What a joke. Palestine is no more a legitimate nation state than an Indian Reservation.

If American Indians made an attempt to gain International recognition as independent nation, the Fed’s would be roasting marshmallows on their burning Casinos faster than Rosie O’Donnell could rustle up a Hershey’s bar and a gram cracker. Let the UN tell the Fed’s to follow a ‘Roadmap to Peace’ and I doubt they would listen long enough to scoff. Yet, when it comes to Israel the International community continues to label them as the aggressor.

Another sign read, “Stop Israel’s Violence Against Palestine”. I could hardly believe my eyes. Where did these people get these signs? It would be comical if so many people did not believe it. I can ask one question which should shine some light on the absurdity of the sign’s accusation. How many Israelis have strapped a bomb to themselves and blown up a bus of innocent passengers in the middle of the West Bank? Zero, nada, nil, it is a matter of Israel having the right to protect itself from the terrorizing assaults of the Palestinians.

Once again, if on a regular basis American Indians where riding into town and detonating themselves killing innocent Americans. The Fed’s would be Ruby Ridging their way through the nearest Reservation. I have no doubt people just like these ‘Protesters’ would be lining the highway leading to the reservation with signs that encouraged the Fed’s to do as much killing as they could.

The hypocrisy of the international community toward Israel and their struggle to be left at peace is unfathomable. Do these people consider themselves to be ‘good Christians’ because I am, as a Christian, completely at a loss in trying to comprehend their support of a known terrorist state over our Judeo-Christian brethren.

Is it the old, ‘They crucified Jesus’, argument? Well, if that be the case, then I believe these people should read a little slower. If the Jews had not crucified Christ then the vast majority of their backsliding asses would be heading straight to hell with no chance of salvation. These same accusers may owe the Jews a debt of gratitude.

The Jews try to defend themselves and live in peace and they are decried as violent occupiers. They come to this country and enrich it with their hard work and success and ‘Christians’ in the US take every opportunity to pit themselves against them.

Yet, Muslim’s come to this country and destroy the World Trade Center killing thousands of innocent Americans and Christians take up the cause of their known associates. If their was ever a stack of ‘proof’ linking Al Qaeda to threats to our national security, I am confident the name of Palestine is in there some where.

Palestinians have been identified as members of anti-American combatants within Iraq; Crossing their border into Iraq for the chance to kill American soldiers. They fire homemade missiles into urban areas indiscriminately killing women and children. They engage the governments of surrounding nations in combat in repeated attempts to topple peaceful governments throughout the Middle Eastern region.

Yeah, this is the group of people we should all view as the ‘victim’ in the Middle East. We should all support their efforts wholeheartedly.

Maybe they will hit the hotel you and your family are vacationing in and your next of kin can collect double indemnity for your ‘accidental’ death.



~ by DimStar on May 28, 2007.

One Response to “Christians in America and A Confusing Religious/Political View”

  1. It always amazes me too. I’ve got a couple of thoughts on it.

    1-The Palestinians have a better PR firm than Israel does.

    2-The fastest way to get good media coverage was to hitch themselves to the ‘ole “Everyone hates the Jews” wagon.

    3-The liberal army loves anyone they can portray as an underdog. It makes them feel good about themselves.

    4-The bleeding heart crowd loves to take the opposite side as the US whenever possible.

    5- Arafat did look kind of hip in his wayfarers.

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