Unless They Wake Up The Democrats Will Lose in 2008

dimstar29.jpgIn the war between Democrats and Republicans why is it that one has a good bead on the voting public and the other is seemingly oblivious?  Presidential politics is not like a Congressional election, and even liberals will find the spectre of racism and sexism seeping into their frontal lobes. Why is it are the Dems so damn short handed?

According to most Republicans, Liberal Democrats, and Democrats in general, are “a bunch of college educated commie, pinko’ fascists”.  While this statement may seem made up, I assure you that I was actually told this by a Republican co-worker. Never mind that fascists, such as the Nazi’s, hated “commies” as much or more than the Jews.

If the Democrats are the better educated of the two parties, why then do they do the moronic things they do? If you would like to read a few examples then check out “Are You a Man? Or…Are You on Mushrooms?”. 

Although the Democrats may have the edge when it comes to Education, they are strangely out of touch when it comes to reading the public. (Maybe that’s why the Republicans elected a used car salesmen to Congress.)

The two front runners for the Democratic bid in 08 are; Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. These two individuals cannot, even if running together, defeat the Republican candidate. The only chance they have is if the “Rock the Vote” campaign actually works this time, and is able to mobilize the 18-30 crowd. (That in and of itself would be a small miracle).

Without a large percentage of young voters participating, I guarantee neither Obama or Clinton wins in 2008. I doubt either could carry the majority vote in more than 3 or 4 states. As sad as it is, America is simply not ready for a black man or a woman to be President (Especially a woman with the last name Clinton). At least not the America that turns out in numbers on election day. 

Of ten voting democrats on election day, if Obama or Clinton are the candidates, I will go out on a limb and say that 7 vote Republican. The justification in their little minds will be, “Well I didn’t vote for Bush. There is still going to be a change and Cheney isn’t on the ballot.” I say this because the majority of Democrats who turn out on election day are in the 40-75 year old demographic and people within this demographic are just not going to vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. They may tell there friends they are “open minded” but once in that booth, away from prying eyes, they will vote Republican instead 7 out of 10 times guaranteed. 

Young Americans, if you do not start participating in the Electoral process then the Hitler youth will win every time.  You all talk a good game, every college blog I visit is filled with young Democrats railing against the injustices of the Republicans. Yet on election day, the college Republicans are the ones who turn out in droves to elect their candidates.  Where are all these “Young Democrats” on election day?  It does last all Day you know? You do not have to get up early to do it. As long as you make it by 4pm everything is copacetic.

I have had plenty of hangovers and a few near death experiences due to over indulgence on election day yet, every time I am given the opportunity to cast my vote I do so.  Maybe you can wait until Election night to have that kegger instead of Election Eve. (As an added bonus maybe you’ll actually have something to celebrate other than, “Hey, Milwaukee’s Best is on sale!”)

I hope that more of us vote in 08 and beyond. God knows our country can’t take much more of the Republicans.




~ by DimStar on May 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Unless They Wake Up The Democrats Will Lose in 2008”

  1. It’s totaly frustrating!!!

    Get out and vote!

    I promise, your girlfriends/boyfriends ‘fun’ parts are not going to disappear, nor will the local stores run out of beer, while you are taking the few minutes neccessary to cast your vote.

    Be there! Your vote is important!

  2. yippee!!! glad to see there are still some folks who remember voting!!!!! some of the original people who settled here would be shocked out of their little buckled shoes to find that americans ignore one of the greatest freedoms they have.
    i agree….get out and vote!!!!!

  3. It was not only President Bush that has a very low rating according to the american people! But also the obedient followers of the Bush regime in congress are scared out of their cotton picking heads that they will be voted out of their influence peddling congressional jobs by an enraged public!
    The record turnout of democrats during the last election, was a revolution directed not only at the Bush regime but also at the conservative base of the republican party!
    Your belief that the American people are basically conservative was proven wrong in our last election! Historically Americans have rejected the conservative philosophy when that conservative way of thinking becomes rooted in the past and no longer relevant to the newly emerged conditions of the present!
    It is becoming more and more apparent and therefor more obvious to most americans that it is not the private sector that is acting in the best interest of the American people! It is the public sector!..And when that consciousness penetrates the skulls of the average american, they have always voted DEMOCRAT!

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