My close encounter with a teenage Demon.

dimstar29.jpg First it was the Creation Museum, now the biblical literalists are questioning the sun’s position in our galaxy?  Heliocentrism, they say is no longer the accepted theory.  This thought progression is furthered detailed at; 

He is using biblical passages to support his ‘theory’ that the Earth is not only the center of the Universe but that the Earth does not even rotate. (It is entirely possible that this blog is a hoax.)  This type of religious fervor is not beneficial to any of us.  But, if the Biblical literalists want to start this ‘literal’ reading of biblical passages, well I have a little tale to relate.

Christianity has always played a part in my life.  Yet, I also hold a firm grip on the world of science.  I am not likely to believe that a T-Rex was an herbivore.  At the same time, I would like to believe that my soul will ascend to a higher plane of existence once my ‘human’ body wears out.  If in the end it is only a ‘hope’ then it did not hurt anyone and it comforted me. 

A friend of mine in High School had a little brother, their father died from some form of addiction and they were living off of Social Security.  Needless to say, Ent and his siblings had very little motivation to go to school.  Most of the time they just hung out at home and smoked weed.  He had a substantial record collection, whenever I was taking a sabbatical from school myself I would sometimes wander over to his house. 

 When Ent’s brother had been younger he was an average Joe but as the teen years began to come round he became more and more drawn into a ‘dark’ period.  He started wearing black, a lot.  Not that we all didn’t but when he started to dye his hair black it was a little over the top.

Of course, Ent did not help.  One time, me and a friend or two, stole some cast iron anvils from shop class.  We took them over to Ents house and ‘gave’ them to him. The next day we went straight from our back doors to Ent’s and hung out all day.  I think we all dropped a couple hits of some blotter.  So the day flew by, and when it came time for Ent’s brother to get home from school, Ent went out on the roof just above the front door.  Holding the anvil in a squatting position, out over the front door, he said “I’m going Wyle E. Coyote on his ass”.  The group of degenerates(myself included) sitting inside the room burst into uncontrolled laughter for at least twenty, maybe thirty minutes.

As we smoked another bowl and polished off the remnants of the whiskey, we realized it was about 5:45 pm, where was Ent’s little brother?  Well, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that people two blocks away could see Ent out there on the roof; his brother simply came in the back door.  (Yet, we could not figure it out. Maybe drugs do affect your mind like they say). 

 As the day wained and we all got up to head home, I noticed Ent’s little brother standing on the landing to the stairs.  “Whats up little man”, I said.

“Don’t waste your time man, he thinks he’s a Demon and he won’t speak to anybody anymore”, said Ent.

Ent’s little brother just stood there with his arms folded and glaring at us as we passed.  I have to admit, he may have had Satan with in him at that moment.  Hair dyed black and cut into a ‘devil lock’, eye’s ringed by dark circles, which I now associate with extreme exhaustion.

A part of me hopes that the ‘literal’ Satan had, possessed that kid.  If not, I may find myself at least partially to blame for tormenting him into wishing that he was something other than himself.  One of the worst things any one person could do to another.

What ever weapon you choose, maybe one day you will wish you had used good judgement instead.



~ by DimStar on June 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “My close encounter with a teenage Demon.”

  1. This is completely revolting. Sickening.

    Borderline Personality Disorder

    call me some time

  2. Do you still have that blotter connection?

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