“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, Why All the Negative Press?

I’m back tracking just a bit but I saw “Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End” a week ago and can not understand what all the bad press is about. What’s not to like? Johny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom and a host of excellent supporting actors and actresses. The Courier Journal, my local bird cage liner, has a terrible movie critic.

This movie was great, it totally redeemed the character of Capt. Jack Sparrow and made the adventure fun again.

I plan to see it again at a theater. My first viewing was at the only existing drive-in, in my hometown which I try and support as often as possible for fear that my grandchildren will grow up with out ever having a drive-in movie experience.

Anyway, the local paper gave it a 1.5 star rating. Ridiculous, the poor excuse we have as a movie reviewer here in town   rarely ever gets it right. I believe in this particular case, our movie critic just went along with other critics without the courage to break ranks.

Just because someone got on the damn Internet and started a web site to bash the franchise, now it’s ‘cool’ to bash. Sort of like all the times critics around the country have signed the death certificate for “SNL” yet it lives and I hope the “Pirates” franchise will also.



~ by DimStar on June 7, 2007.

3 Responses to ““Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, Why All the Negative Press?”

  1. Captain Jack really came back around, good flick.

  2. Hi Dim,

    Here Elke from the Netherlands.

    All that bad press for Pirates of the Caribbean is getting a little ridiculous, actually.
    And the reason for it?
    These filmcritics are, as usually, trying to appear as members of a highly sophisticated artistical elite.
    However, not being creative persons themselves, they are merely sort of sucking from the succes of the really creative persons of entertainment industry.

    Their know-it-all and artsy attitudes are usually fake.
    They are just elitarian; just snobs.
    That’s why they simply can’t be enthousiastic about what millions of people like.
    It would damage their meticulously constructed aura of being a veeeeeeeeeeeeery special person and lightyears “above the masses”.
    Poor s*ckers!

    I love “Pirates”.
    All three of them.
    What a character Johnny Depp conjured from his abysmal top hat.
    Simply brilliant.
    And the Disney-formula of high speed action, tons of special effects and heaploads of storylines is still functioning quite well.

    I admit: at first, the combination of Disney and Depp seemed to be as likely as a bottle of chips to me.
    But however the Disney-bigwhigs and Depp reportedly have been bickering a lot about how it should be done (as I expected), they managed to create something truly extraordinary in the end.

    By the way: there are filmcritics that seem to be o.k.
    Try Leslie Gray Streeter of the Palm Beach Post, for instance.

  3. Pirates! We don’t need no stinking pirates! Loved one and two. I haven’t seen three yet, but I am so looking forward to it. I hope my expectations don’t ruin it for me. BTW, you don’t think it’s cool to bash? That’s…a…surprising. Seeing as how you are the undisputed king of bashing. You ol guided missile troll gelder, you!
    Keep it real, homey.

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