Dim says: “Mr.Brooks” has it’s moments.

Mr. Brooks was billed by its production company as, “the best thriller since ‘Silence of the lambs’“.  While I found ‘Mr. Brooks’ to be very entertaining, I would not be so fast to par it up, to “Silence“.  Basically the movie is a look at the human condition usually known as ‘blood lust’ and or ‘thrill killing’.  The hook is, the culprit is not a teenage gang banger.  It is ‘Mr. Brooks’, a late middle aged business entrepreneur and pillar of the community. 

‘Mr. Brooks’ has an impressive cast; William Hurt, Mrs. Kelso(aka Demi Moore), That red head from ‘CSI Vegas'(Marg Helgenberger?), Kevin Costner and Dane Cook as well as this really innocent looking hot chick, who I know I’ve seen before but can not place just now.

It was worth the price of admission and I enjoyed the movie. 

William Hurt was great, his role was a difficult one to make really interesting but to his credit William did it.  When he could have allowed the part to be robotic and predictable, he instead made the role a defining character.

Demi Moore was ‘GI Jane‘ with a badge.  Her role was central to the movie and I would have considered her to be the second most powerful role, yet Mr. Hurt put her at third.  Not all her fault though.  I would have preferred to see her as a self made woman rather than an heiress with a chip on her shoulder.  Something along the lines of Morgan Freemans’ character in the ‘To Catch a Spider‘ series.

I suppose I should say something about Kevin Costner’s performance, so; something.  It was classic Costner, if you’ve seen anything he has done, with the possible exception of ‘Dances with Wolves‘, then you have pretty much seen it.  He rarely pushes the boundaries of his talent and this film offers nothing new, sorry Kevin.

I was a little put off by Dane Cook’s performance, it was a tad mechanical.  I felt like he read the part and then decided to act out all the stereo-typical ideas the public has about guys who spend to much time on the Internet. (Quit looking at me.)

Anyway, if you are looking for a good film to see, that is entertaining, then you wont be disappointed with ‘Mr. Brooks’.  Just don’t expect to leave the theatre thinking you have just witnessed the ‘Best Picture’ award winner.


~ by DimStar on June 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dim says: “Mr.Brooks” has it’s moments.”

  1. I was a tad disappointed at the end. The whole flick seemed ‘choppy’ or something.

    That chick who played the Brooks dudes daughter was hot. She had that spoiled princess thing going.

    William Hurt rocked the alter Ego bit.

    Dane Cook should go back to eating cashews launced from a penis!!!

  2. The only reason why I won’t see this movie is becuase Dane Cook is in it. However, I will be seeing Shoot em up with paul giamanti and clive owen.

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