“Oceans 13” is Awesome.

I went to see “Oceans 13” last night and it was really fun.  I had seen “Oceans 11” a while back and enjoyed it but the plot for “Oceans 12” seemed uninteresting.  George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Elliot Gould, Doug Rich(Eddie Izzard), Scott Caan, Al Pacino, Carl Reiner, Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, Ellen Barkin( who looked incredibly hot!!) and Casey Affleck.  Plus many more stars you will know.

This all star cast pulled off a dazzling sequel.  Not only that but not having previously seen “Oceans 12” was a non-factor.  “Oceans 13” is a stand alone flick and it is awesome.

I hesitated writing this review for a day, fighting within myself to justify my next comment.

The writing on this film was “Seinfeld-esque”.  As a huge “Seinfeld” fan, I have seen every episode, multiple times, yet each time is like the first.  The jokes are just as funny, even though I know they’re coming.  This movie accomplishes the same feat.  Even though the story is fairly predictable, it is just as entertaining as the first time you saw it in “Oceans 11”.  The laughs come easily and the likeability of all the cons is over the top. 

You knew what was going to happen, in “Oceans 13”.  Yet, as the story unfolded it was a delight to watch.  The actors played on one another’s performance and the story unfolded with ease.  It was truely a fun film.  I may even go and see it a second time, I can’t say for sure but I am considering the possibility. 

I can say that “Oceans 13” was so good, that I went out and rented “Oceans 12” today because I felt like I missed out on something.



~ by DimStar on June 13, 2007.

One Response to ““Oceans 13” is Awesome.”

  1. Oceans 12 is not as good.

    I hope I caught you before you rented it.

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