“Scooter” Libby: The Man, the Myth, the Crybaby



scooter-libby.jpgPoor, poor “Scooter” Libby. He’s up in arms that other famous and powerful people were allowed to put off their sentence while they waited for their appeals.

Libby is channeling Martha Stewart  from his vacation home in “It’s Just Not Fair Land”.  He also reached out to Bernard Ebbers the former CEO of WorldCom, and David Safavian who was indicted in the Jack Abramoff scandal.

Reports surfaced “Scooter” also threatened to “stomp his foot, really really hard”, and to call the Judge “a big fat Peanut Butter and Jelly Head”.

Damn, despite all their tough talk to the contrary Republicans sure are a bunch of pussies when it comes down to brass tacks. Take it like a man “Scooter”, act like you have a pair. This is the “natural consequence” for being a sycophant within a Criminal Administration. You knew the “do-boys” are the ones who take it in the end, literally it appears. I’m fairly certain you are not the first casualty of this Adminstration. And don’t say you and Dick are friends, I saw him on “Meet the Press” weeks after your conviction and he acknowledged he’s never called you. Man, with friends like that… 

They say everything happens for a reason, and I think your destiny lies somewhere on cellblock 9 with a man nicknamed “Fire Plug”. I see you two having a wonderful life together. I think he’ll help you “loosen up” a little with his “free and wandering Spirit”, and Lord knows you need that right now.

I do wonder if Stewart or Ebbers would take my calls in relation to this “little, minor” drug “related” problem in which one of my “friends” is caught up.

bernard-ebbers.jpg “Hey, Bernie, this is fairlane over at Jones Town. Right, Right, I’ll give him a call, but I think he’s out of those right now. Anway, that’s not why I’m calling. Look man…”


~ by fairlane on June 13, 2007.

10 Responses to ““Scooter” Libby: The Man, the Myth, the Crybaby”

  1. I really don’t understand your hatred of Scooter. He has done nothing wrong or illegal, he was just the casualty of an overzealous prosecutor. Did Scooter reveal the name of an overt CIA agent? No. Did he have some problems remembering some specific facts about the issue? Yes. Is that illegal? No. Did Bill Clinton lie under oath? Yes. Did he go to jail? No. Why? Because of the liberal media. Scooter Libby is a selfless patriotic American who has served his country well and done nothing illegal and yet all you can do is write a diatribe about bad he is. Why must liberals attack patriotic Americans screaming to see blood and yet want to coddle terrorists? I simply don’t understand.

  2. Scooter Libby should be shot as a traitor, not jailed as a liar.

    His boss, ElDuce should be shot and then hung from a lamp post.

  3. Who cares about Bill Clinton? Damn man, move on with your life.

    I didn’t say I “hated” Libby. I said he was a “pussy” and a “do-boy”. If you don’t want to do the time, don’t associate with criminals.

    “Did he have some problems remembering some specific facts about the issue? Yes.”

    That’s your opinion, a jury of his peers didn’t believe him, and I’m pretty sure they had access to more of the details than you or I.

    They also agreed with my assessment that Libby is in fact a “do-boy”, a patsy, a rube, and a fool. He knows the Bush administration only demands loyalty, it has none itself. They sold him out and he knew they would.

    But hey it’s the “Liberal Media’s” fault.

  4. Hello, neocon. I find it interesting that anyone in their right mind would admit to being such a thing, as the entire movement has pretty much been discredited. Aaaaanyhooo…

    I see you used the classic apologist line that this is no different than some guy not being able to remember what he had for breakfast two years ago. The problem with that theory is that this was much more than a breakfast. This was possibly one of the biggest problems the Administration had faced in their quest for war in Iraq. Joseph Wilson wrote an article about how he didn’t find any evidence to back up the claim that Iraq might have purchased uranium from Niger, which was potentially devastating. We also now know that his boss was very concerned about this, thanks to notes that he wrote in the margins of a copy of the article. This was an enormous threat to their plan, so the White House went into damage prevention mode. So that argument is invalid.

    Also, evidence has now come out to show that Plame was indeed a covert agent. She had many contacts and informants overseas, and even had a business as a cover for her operations. When her identity was blown, the lives of all of those involved were put in jeopardy, and all of the contacts then disappeared. Anything and everything she was working on is now history. The effects of this are even more far reaching than that, because now, future possible informants might not step up because of distrust for our ability to protect their identity. It’s so disingenuous for you neocons to be so “patriotic” and patronizingly supportive of our troops, and yet also be so willing to jump at the chance to make this threat to our national security seem like it’s no big deal. It’s very easy to see where your loyalties lie.

    This whole Bill Clinton, liberal media stuff is pointless drivel. Bill Clinton was trying to save face over sexual encounters – hardly a national security threat. Yes, it was wrong of him to lie about it, but I wouldn’t think he should be imprisoned for having an affair.

    That’s my two cents.

  5. Scooter doesn’t think being punished for a crime is fair and neither does Paris. But see, it is fair, that’s why we call what they did a crime.

    Scooter is crawling around under the bus and none of his white house buds are there to pull him out. Did he think they would be?

    I agree, he should suck it up and show the rest of this administration how to do it so they’ll know when their turn comes.

  6. I wasn’t saying that Bill Clinton should be imprisoned for having an affair (because in secular law adultery is not a criminal offense). I think Clinton should be imprisoned for perjury, the same crime you accuse Scooter of committing. Why should there be two different rules for liberals and conservatives. If you think Scooter belongs in jail, why doesn’t Clinton?

  7. I found an article on the issue of whether Plame was covert:


    Just figured I’d share it.

  8. Hey Neo-whatever,

    How can you say that liberals persecute “patriotic Americans” while coddling terrorists when that sums up what Scooter Libby and his cohorts did?

    Scooter Libby acted as the mouth piece for a home grown terrorist organization which outed a “patriotic American” who as an active CIA agent was doing more to protect this country from foriegn aggressors than you and your bible study group ever will.

    Buck up little camper, stuff your bible into your sea bag and get on the next plane to Ft. Hood or Paris Island or The Great Lakes Naval Training Command or wherever those Air Force guys go.

    It’s time for you Neo’s to put your money where your mouth is!

  9. Lorenzo,

    There is nothing else to say except, Right fucking on my brother!

    Man up Reps, it’s your war. Start packin’ or stop yackin’.

  10. Gee whizzums, Ohio Neocon. Or course, I agree with Lorenzo and Fairlane. There’s no longer and age or strength restriction on active duty service. Lace ’em up and get in there, man, and serve your country. I’m sure not going to fight and I wouldn’t let my son fight in 10 years when the war in Iraq and Iran will still be going on.

    But even if you’re afraid to fight or “have other priorities” please continue ADVOCATING for more war because I’ve really done well being long crude, mmmm $120/bbl….and made sure to get plenty of ExxonMobil. So, keep filling my pockets. ‘ppreciate it, thanks.

    OK, I’ll buy your argument about Libby if you promise to SHUT THE HELL UP FOREVER ABOUT “TECHNICALITIES” when you read about a robbery case getting tossed because of weak evidence.

    I also assume that if you are ever arrested or indicted you won’t bother with legal representation. Because what will you do if your attorney gets you off on a “technicality”? That would be like putting you in a round room and telling you to piss in the corner, si o no?

    Liberal media, eh? I don’t know, man. Colombia has a much more right-wing government than the US does and the channel which favors the government CARACOL is way less biased towards the goverment than CNN and the networks to say nothing of FOX, all of which are just Repubican ass-lickers. CARACOL is the Colombian equivalent of FOX and somehow they manage to report “the news.” How novel.

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