Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg: Beating Liberals at Their Own Game


Michael Grunwald, of Time Magazine, wrote an interesting article about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg this past week, and if you have not yet read the piece you should.

bloomberg.jpgAlthough both are Republicans, they are “out Libbing” the “Liberals” on several key issues. As an example, both are working tirelessly to cut greenhouse gases in not only their respective states, but nationwide.

In May, Bloomberg held a Climate Summit with leaders of 30 of the world’s largest cities where he outlined his plan to drastically cut New York City’s output of greenhouse gases by 30%.

On the West coast, Arnold signed the first bill in the U.S. to cap greenhouse gases, and he raised California’s fuel efficiency standards. (Something the Feds have refused to do in over a decade).

Arnold also recently returned from a summit in Canadaarnold.jpg involving his $3 billion pledge for Stem Cell Research. (A measure in defiance of the Bush Administration’s policies).

Arnold and Bloomberg are the type of Republicans other Republicans love to hate, which is why I like them. They mix and match the various positive characteristics of both parties better than most, and along with Chuck Hegel of Nebraska they give me hope that not all Republicans are foaming at the mouth Fascists. (They are still Republicans, but at this point anyone left of Mussolini is a positive).

Rumors are circulating Bloomberg and the “Governator” may even run on the same Presidential ticket in the near future. (Bloomberg for President of course since Arnold is not a native born American).


~ by fairlane on June 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg: Beating Liberals at Their Own Game”

  1. Doogie,
    Is this research going to be done on stem cells harvested from human embryos? Just curious.

  2. Dear Carlo,
    I wish you would have asked this question through our Viewer Mail link. I’m actually working on our latest addition and this question would go right along with the other zingers.
    To answer your question. No, of course not. They’re going to use embryos from Basset Hounds.
    Apparently there are a lot of complaints from people about their ears being too short. Just think how many piercings stoned-out teens will be able to get now. “Righteous Piercings dude!”

  3. In all seriousness Carlo, the article did not specify or if it did I missed that part. I imagine more than likely the answer is yes. But technology is improving every day. No thanks to Bush I might add, and his oxymoronic “Pro-War/Pro-Life” philosophy.

    Carlo and I know one another. In case you missed that part.

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