Is Jimmy Carter an Anti-Semite?

dimstar29.jpgJimmy Carter, our illustrious former President, has run off at the mouth again. Couldn’t he have called someone with a little more credibility and a lot less recent embarrassment, to announce that the United States of America has acted illegally in the Palestinian election? After his recent blurb, calling the Bush administration the worst in history and the subsequent backlash, I think it would be the “prudent” thing to do. Why is Jimmy Carter so hot on George W. Bush all of a sudden? I mean the idiot has been ruining the country for 6 1/2 years, was Carter on the planet then? Has he just recently returned from Planet Senility?

After reading Carter’s remarks, I was reminded immediately of a couple previous posts here at Jones Town where we spoke about the Democrats and their horrible choices for front men/women. Wasn’t it Carters’ administration that could not resolve the Iranian Hostage situation?

Anyway, Carter has made comments related to the Palestinian cause on more than one occasion and he has put himself in the anti-semitic column as far as I am concerned. Just another good Christian who would rather support the refuse of a religion that hates Christians, than our Hebrew brethren.

My position on Palestine should be crystal clear by now. Carter should zip it up, bad mouthing the U.S. on foreign soil is bad for all Americans. Isn’t this why the country went ballistic when the Dixie hem-hawers had their little on stage political comment session not so long ago?

The worst part of this new Carter blurb, is that I might agree with it. By supporting the Government of Abbas, the U.S. is trying to create a schism between the Palestinian people. However, I hope they kill each other off and save us the trouble. Carter on the other hand is appalled that our government has acted to create this antagonism among the ranks of our enemy.

Carter declares that the U.S., Israel and the European Union acted illegally to subvert the poor defenseless Palestinians. Rejecting the Hamas Government in favor of supporting the Fatah Government of Abbas. Did Carter watch the news at all last week? How many random missiles were fired into Israel, killing innocent Israelis last week? Why does the world continue to coddle these unruly religious fanatics that wish to kill us? I say drop the MOAB and keep dropping it until Israeli bulldozers are no longer needed.

Billy Carter must have really kicked the shit out of Jimmy when they where kids, for Jimmy Carter to be such a limp dick. This guy is concerned that our enemies electoral process has been violated, he would probably pay for the stitches his mugger received from punching him in the mouth. (You know those mule teeth are going to cut deep.)

Mr. Carter, please go home and watch re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show, when everything could be made right again just by eating a piece of Aunt Bee’s pie. If you have a moment of clarity and want something to be said about it, count to ten. If you don’t forget what it was, then call the Democratic National Committee and have them make the announcement.

Leave the ugliness of the real world to those with the ability to stomach true brutality. When you put an animal down you shoot it in the head, bludgeoning its knee caps until it loses the will to live is sick and twisted. Allowing one’s enemy to devour himself is the easiest way to victory and your intervention will, in the end, cause only more suffering.

(Our friend over at Realitology was so inspired, pissed?, by this post he expanded on his comments and wrote his own post about the Israel/Palestine issue: check it out.

~ by DimStar on June 20, 2007.

10 Responses to “Is Jimmy Carter an Anti-Semite?”

  1. We should have elected Billy Carter, at least he had a beer named after him.

  2. Well, fairlane, I’ve finally found a subject that I disagree with you on. I must say I’m shocked that you are espousing this view that is held by the Christian Right and many neo-conservatives.

    Here’s a quote from a previous post you wrote:

    How many Israelis have strapped a bomb to themselves and blown up a bus of innocent passengers in the middle of the West Bank? Zero, nada, nil, it is a matter of Israel having the right to protect itself from the terrorizing assaults of the Palestinians.

    Israelis do not have to strap bombs to themselves. Their country is much better financed by other nations. Let’s turn the tables on that thought. When is the last time you saw tanks rolling into Israel from the West Bank or the Gaza strip? You haven’t because they don’t have any. Contrary to what many on the Christian Right would have you believe, it is the Palestinians who are defenseless. What would you do if your neighbor was much more powerful than you and you had no weapons? Your only choices would be make-shift bombs, RPGs, and stones.

    In the 40’s, Israel was given a certain amount of land by the UN. In the 60’s, they expanded their borders beyond that. So, I can see where some might get the idea that Israel is occupying Palestinian lands.

    It’s a very complex situation and I confess I don’t understand it completely. Believe it or not, I’m actually somewhat neutral on the issue. I don’t agree with the actions of Hama militants, but neither do I agree with everything Israel does. I just don’t think it’s as clear as you’ve made it seem here.

    Sorry to disagree, but that’s what makes comments interesting, right? 😛

  3. What makes it even more interesting is I didn’t write that post.
    That would be Dimstar who apparently has some kind of a fetish for this issue.

  4. Right, I keep getting you guys confused. I didn’t see a name assigned to it. So, what are your thoughts?

  5. I think I’m where you are on this issue. I don’t really know what to think. Portraying the Israelis as “innocent” is inaccurate as you pointed out.

    And the point about technology is a point I also find compelling. If the Palestinians had smart bombs, cruise missiles and stealth bombers they would not need to strap “dynamite” to their asses.

    They are fighting with what they have at their disposal.

    This religious killing is beyond me, and to be honest I don’t really think about Israel or Palestine too much.

    “Kill for God”?

  6. First off, Carter is a boob and always has been IMHO. He is the epitome of all that is wrong with liberal ideology–Utopian, gullible, blind to reality, and naive beyond comprehension.

    Secondly, to the palestenian/israeli conflict. I am also fairly neutral on the subject.

    As far as I have been able to ascertain, the palestinians/arabs have done a brilliant PR job portraying themselves as victims.

    Palestine was originally called Judea, the home of the Jews. The Romans conquered it (and originally named it Palestine), various other empires conquered it, then the Arabs conquered it and lived there for a thousand years or so. Finally it was conquered by the Turks and was part of the Ottoman empire. But throughout all that time the Jews still had a presence there.

    Then after WWI the British divided up the ottoman empire into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

    The the Jews decided they wanted Palestine back. They considered themselves “Zionists” as in a people and a nationality like Germans have Germany and Italians have Italy. Except, since for many reasons (everyone hates the Jews) the Jews did not have a land to call their own so they wanted to go back to their original homeland, which of course the Arabs weren’t too happy about. Whichever side “owns” Judea/Palestine depends on how far back in history you want to go. I suppose the Romans could make a legal claim to the land too; as they could for most of Europe, the mid-east, and part of Africa.

    But back to the palestinian PR machine…Israel is a country of 7 million people surrounded by over 300 million arabs who are bent on Israel’s destruction. It’s ludicrous to portray the palestinians/arabs as helpless victims.

    Reasic said “In the 40’s, Israel was given a certain amount of land by the UN. In the 60’s, they expanded their borders beyond that. ”

    But he’s only told a fraction of the story (the part that the Palestinian PR machine wants told.)

    As soon as the UN agreed on the Israel partition in 1947 which divided Palestine *equally into Arab and Jewish states*, the Arabs leadership ordered that Arabs attack Jews, their buildings, businesses, etc. This was before Israel was even officially a country.

    Then the day after Israel was officially a country Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon *declared war on Israel*. Then within a couple of weeks over 20k arab troops from those same countries invaded Israel. (The Arab-Israeli War.)

    More fighting and more fighting over the years. Fast forward to what Reasic mentioned–the 60’s. Syria, Jordan, and Egypt started saber-rattling and continued calling for the destruction of israel.

    Jordan and Syria began diverting the flow of the Jordan river away from Israel (not having water is pretty serious). Then Egypt blockaded the straits of Tiran cutting off Israel’s southern port. Then Egypt massed aircraft and tanks on Israel’s border.

    Judging by the arabs actions and invasions in the past, israel thought it looked like war and invasion was again eminent. It then attacked the arab armies and kicked their asses, and yes, spoils of war, kept some of the captured territory.

    So yes you can technically say that in that instance Israel preemptively attacked the arabs, but that hardly gives the whole picture does it? They attacked because they’d been *preemptively attacked by the arabs numerous times* and decided not to let it happen again.

    That’s the way it happened but that’s not the way the Palestinians (or Jimmy Carter) like to portray it. The palestinians have portrayed themselves as helpless victims and the world has largely fallen for the ruse.

    I’m not saying that Israel is an angel and is innocent of wrongdoing. When they came back to claim their “homeland” they didn’t give the arabs living there a whole lot of respect either.

    This only scratches the surface of the thousands of years of conflict in that region but it give a pretty accurate account of the history.

    But again, Israel is a country of 7 million people surrounded by over 300 million arabs who are bent on Israel’s destruction at any cost. It’s ludicrous to portray the palestinians/arabs as helpless victims in all of this. Don’t fall for it.

  7. Oh yeah, that killing for god shit is nuts. I agree.

  8. […] saw this post about Jimmy Carter spouting more idiotic opinions. I had to chime in on the whole Israeli/Palestinian […]

  9. Jimmy did bring Egypt and Israel together.

  10. Even by reading the title of your literature, you give the impression of a Jewish.
    Now here what I got to tell you. One does have to Anti-Semite to to do the engage in a debate to find solution. We all know how the Jewish community all aroung the world. But Pr.Carter is not looking for who is Jew or not. His fight is against injustice. Being a Jewish does not mean that one is always right in what he or she does. We’re all human with our greeds and qualities. Let be serious: let me a comparaison beetween theh Jewish state and the Palestinian State. Which one is better off? Do Jewish citizens need to seize lands in Gaza to or elsewhere in Palestine to survive? The answer is NO! NO! NO! But they do it by killing a mass of people everyday. Is this the way you solve your problems? How about you, suggesting a plan to stop this massacre. Let be serious. Many people lost their respect for the Jewish state not because it is populated by jewish people but because human right means nothing when comes to blow up a Palestian kid eating breakfast with his parents.
    I would like to hear your comments
    Write me back if you will.

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