Michael Bloomberg Quits the Republican Party!

To follow up on my short post about Michael Bloomberg, itfairlane27.jpg turns out he quit the Republican Party today. This sudden change of events is further fueling rumors he intends to run as an Independent Candidate in the 2008 Presidential Election.

I for one say bring it on Bloomy! I’m so sick of these Partisan Hacks I’d take about anyone at this point. If nothing else maybe a strong run by a well-funded, Bloomberg is worth $5 billion, Independent Candidate will send a shudder down the collective spines of our “Two Party/One Mind” System.

bloomberg.jpgBloomberg has his faults (Who doesn’t? Some of the candidates seem to have nothing but), but he is also a very successful mayor in the nation’s largest city, and his appeal transcends party lines. Early polls show he would siphon the majority of his votes from Republicans whose current choices for President are straight out of the Spaghetti Western, “The Bad, The Worse, and the Moron (Mormon?)”.

America needs a kick in the ass, and a we need a viable Third Party. Come on Bloomy, you have what it takes to pick up where Perot left off. In fact, you have enough money to buy off most of your competition. Tell them you’ll save them the time and all that ass kissing they’ll have to do if they take the money and run now.

America needs a strong Independent Party!

Seriously, if I have to utter the words, “President Clinton” or “President Romney” I will have no other choice, but to go Postal up in this mug.


~ by fairlane on June 20, 2007.

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