The Jesus Lizard (“Willfully Abrasive and Atonal”)

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Jesus Lizard


To continue my Texas theme, I attempted to find a Scratch Acid video, but the ones in circulation have terrible sound quality. David Yow sounds bad enough as it is being a drunken bastard and all. If he’s not forgetting the lyrics, he’s falling off the stage or getting into it with someone in the crowd. Good old Dave. So I decided to go with the Jesus Lizard. David Yow (Singer?) and David William Sims (Bass) played in Scratch Acid.

I last saw The Jesus Lizard in 1992-3? at a small pub here in Louisville. David Yow, per usual, fell off the stage, but it was fun. During the show he drank two Boilermakers in honor of their song “Boilermaker”, and by the time it was all said and done he was shit faced. (For the young, a Boilermaker is when you drop a shot of whiskey into a beer and glug-glug, kill it).

We sat and had a drink with him after the show, and he’s every bit as affable in person as he is on stage.

A line from the song “Fly on the Wall” describes Yow perfectly, which is probably why he wrote it;

“Sure I’ll have another drink with you, though I’m already drunk as a bottle.”

Interesting side note: Duane Denison, the guitar player, is actually Classically trained, and after The Jesus Lizard broke up he formed a band The Denision/Kimball Trio (Jazz) with James Kimball formerly of Mule (Couldn’t find a Mule video) and The Laughing Hyenas. The lead singer for The Laughing Hyenas, John Brannon, used to sing for the hardcore band Negative Approach who played a  show with The Misfits.

What a small world.

Oh, and David William Sims, is a CPA. Who cares, I know, but my cousin is also a CPA and he thought it was “cool” that a CPA played in The Jesus Lizard and also Scratch Acid. Every show he’d mention it to someone. I’m surprised the two never sat down after a show to go over some tax figures and such. Damn CPA’s are fucked in the head I say.

On that note, enjoy, love it, hate it, whatever. But it’s all punk this weekend here at Jonestown.

Maybe you’ll learn something, or maybe not…


~ by fairlane on June 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Jesus Lizard (“Willfully Abrasive and Atonal”)”

  1. I know of at least two ex-punks (I emphasize the x) who are CPA’s now what s up with that?

  2. top 20 from 1989:

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