The Misfits-Bullet (Punk Rock)


President’s bullet-ridden body in the street
Ride, Johnny ride
Kennedy’s shattered head hits concrete
Ride, Johnny ride

Johnny’s wife is floundering
Johnny’s wife is scared
Run, Jackie run

Texas is an outrage when your husband is dead
Texas is an outrage when they pick up his head
Texas is the reason that the president’s dead
You gotta suck, suck, Jackie suck

Arise Jackie O, Jonathon of Kennedy
Well, arise and be shot down
The dirt’s gonna be your dessert
My cum be your life source
And the only way to get it
Is to suck or fuck
Or be poor and devoid
And masturbate me, masturbate me
Then slurp it from your palm
Like a dry desert soaking up rain
Soaking up sun
Like a dry desert soaking up rain
Soaking up sun

Thanks to Deadonanimation for a moment of nostalgia.


~ by fairlane on June 23, 2007.

8 Responses to “The Misfits-Bullet (Punk Rock)”

  1. The misfits always cracked me up. So over the top and comic book.

    I guess Glenn had a thing for conspiracy. Reminds me of their “Who Killed Marilyn?”
    Found her lying on her chest
    Her face all turning blue
    You think it was an overdose
    But could it have been the pact
    Could it have been the kennedys
    Was it lapd

    Rotted corpse, sex decay
    Breasts all full of slugs
    No answer for the accident
    Her cunt has all dried up, you see
    No sir, they don’t write ’em like that anymore.

  2. I figured I’d put the entire lyrics after your comment.

  3. excellent choice… i liked the fact that you put the lyrics up too,, as they are good,,, no matter what you think about the boys in the band….

  4. I don’t get it…

  5. You’ll have to be more specific Reasic. What don’t you get? The music, the lyrics or all of it?

  6. All of it. There’s nothing poetic or melodic about the song. But I guess that’s the point of punk, huh? I can get into some punk, like NOFX or Bad Religion, but I don’t get that one.

  7. It’s totally melodic what are you talking about?
    Are you mad?

    Poetic? They’re not Seals and Croft that’s for sure.

    A lot of the Misifits’ stuff is campy, cartoonish, kind of “Goth” before there was Goth.

  8. Classic Misfits. Excellent!

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