“Evan Almighty” is Mighty Fun.

dimstar29.jpg“Evan Almighty” starring: Morgan Freeman, Steve Carell, John Goodman, Lauren Graham and many others including comic Wanda Sykes is a good time. “Evan Almighty” is the retelling of the flood story with Evan (Steve Carell) in the modern role of Noah.

The movie is a non-stop gag reel which everyone in your family can enjoy. It has everything a family comedy needs, solid plot, good comedic timing and a solid “family” message.

Morgan Freeman is great as the human incarnation of God. The Bible has the ‘burning bush’ and the “Almighty” series has Mr. Freeman. His portrayal could make an Atheist want to believe, he is so laid back and to the point. There are great writers behind him but the unseen end to his dialog rolls out in the end, in a very Biblical way.

Steve Carell is a great slap stick man. He is climbing to the ranks of Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. Steve takes on alot of physical comedy in his role as “Evan Almighty” and succeeds in making every stunt look completely un-scripted.

John Goodman stars as a greedy Congressman hell bent on destroying the environment with cookie cutter mansion suburbs. His stern faced stare is a good reminder why overbearing, self concerned people usually get their way.

Lauren Graham looks great as Mrs. Almighty and her role is executed nicely although the writers didn’t give her alot to do.

Wanda Sykes is great with one liners. Her role in “Evan Almighty” is a perfect fit for her crass and stinging one liner style. Her role is a solid piece of the comedic timing which makes the film so much fun to watch.

The sole disappointment I had with this movie was the lack of a cameo by Jim Carrey. When his rival for the news desk in “Bruce Almighty” steps down to take a seat in Congress, Bruce (Jim Carrey) certainly would have been in at the news desk. Where was Jim?

In the end, I forgot all about Carrey because “Evan Almighty” carried itself.


~ by DimStar on June 24, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Evan Almighty” is Mighty Fun.”

  1. I really liked this movie, it was funny.

  2. Did you now?

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