And Justice For None…

Lewis “Scooter” Libby had his sentence commuted today by President Bush, and our Justice System took another kick to the groin. President Bush said in a statement to the Press, “I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive.” Excessive? What the fuck?

In a previous post I mentioned Libby begging and pleading for “Justice.” Well, I guess he got it. What is even left to say about this Administration?

Sycophants around the Nation gathered at their favorite dives to share in a Milwaukee’s Best and a couple of Pickled Eggs in honor of “their hero who was ‘unjustly convicted’.” It matters little to them the presiding Judge in the case was a Republican, appointed by Bush I, or that two of the three Judges on the Appellate Court were also appointed by Republicans. Nope, this was a “Liberal Conspiracy” to bring down an “Innocent Man.”

In his refusal to delay Libby’s sentence, U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton cited Libby’s “overwhelming guilt.” Yet, morons everywhere exclaimed the virtue of Libby and deemed this nothing more than a “Liberal Witch Hunt.” It is truly sad to watch Serfs celebrate the Royalty getting away with murder. It truly is.

For those that dismissed this case as “No Big Deal”, it is now known that Valerie Plame was indeed a Covert Agent within the CIA when her identity was leaked. I guess I must be ignorant, but I thought revealing a covert CIA agent’s identity was Treason, and that Treason was punishable by Life Imprisonment or even Death. All Libby got was a measly two and a half years for blockading the Investigation and protecting the real culprit, Vice-President Dick Cheney.

But the Right will celebrate tonight because they, and let’s be honest here, are fucking idiots. They think the Bush Administration is made up of people “just like them”, just a bunch of “Regular Joe’s” hanging out having a Brew; oblivious to the fact that the Bushies are the very “Elitists” they espouse to hate. To contrast;

In August of 2000, Oliver Cruz was executed in Texas while Bush was still Governor. Cruz had an I.Q. between 64-83 and was considered on his best day to be “Borderline Intelligent”, which means if his I.Q. were a few points lower he’d be considered “Mentally Handicapped.”

People from all over the world beseeched Gov. Bush to stop the execution, but Bush’s spokeswoman Linda Edwards said Bush was leaving Cruz’s fate in the hands of the Jury and that he would agree with their decision. Did you read that part? I’ll repeat it; he would agree with their decision.

Ain’t that a mother fucker? Libby’s two years for participating in Treason is “excessive”, but a man who had the intelligence of a child got a needle.

I guess you “Average Joe” Reps better be extra careful, Bush obviously has little sympathy for “Retards.” Unless of course you’re willing to take one for the “Big Gipper.”


~ by fairlane on July 3, 2007.

13 Responses to “And Justice For None…”

  1. So much for the separation of powers.

    Yet George Bush has the audacity to say the following:

    George Bush

    “In Venezuela, elected leaders have resorted to shallow populism to dismantle democratic institutions and tighten their grip on power. The government of Uzbekistan continues to silence independent voices by jailing human rights activists. And Vietnam recently arrested and imprisoned a number of peaceful religious and political activists.”

    Yet while these developments are discouraging, there are more reasons for optimism, said President Bush. “More people now live in freedom than ever before,” said Mr. Bush, “and it is the responsibility of those who enjoy the blessings of liberty to help those who are struggling to establish their free societies.”

    I really dig that part about “dismantling democratic institutions.” Oh the irony is just dripping off the page…

  2. Why doesn’t George just go ahead and dismantle those pesky other branches of government?

  3. What an asshole. A blatant in your face “I’m an asshole, and you can’t do shit about it.”

    Whoever these 30% of Americans are that continue to support this criminal Enterprise need to be tracked down, rounded up and spayed or neutered.

    Of course, it’s probably much too late. Morons tend to have 8-9 kids to ensure that their “Moronic Genes” have a chance.

    I hate to be so blunt, you know how reserved I tend to be, but these people must be stopped. They are a danger to everything on this planet, including themselves.

  4. I have to agree with you lefties on this. I think ANY presidential pardon is a bunch of crap. I didn’t like it when Slick Willie unleashed hundreds of pardons on CONVICTED criminals, and I don’t like it that the Prez does either.

    Thanks for not saying it was okay for Clinton but not Bush.

  5. Nice work, farilane. I like how you tied it all together. The hypocrisy of being pro-death penalty and yet thinking Libby’s treason wasn’t worth a measly 2 and a half years is just beyond me. She was indeed covert and the only reason Fitz couldn’t prosecute the real crime is because of Libby’s obstruction! How can people not understand that?

  6. I’m not entirely opposed to “Pardons” per se, although I can’t think of a time when one was used and I agreed.

    But this is a slap in the face to Justice, our Constitution and to the American People.

  7. Actually, I think Ford’s pardon of Nixon was proper. It allowed the Country to move forward, and Nixon lived in obscurity, for the most part, the rest of his life, which was a terrible punishment for such an egomaniac.

  8. Wel,l if you are a real good ass kisser this white house will go to the mat for you. Or, if you know a ton-o-shit about what really goes on in the white house and could be getting ready to talk about it, they might also go to the mat for you.

  9. Yeah, I heard David Shuster say that the WH basically had to do this. Otherwise, Libby could’ve easily made a call to Fitzgerald and told all about his boss’s involvement in everything.

  10. Well, I think basically “W” split the difference in making this decision. He didn’t want to continue pissing off his base, but at the same time was trying to soften the blow to the left wing he’s been playing kissy face with of late. In any case, his decision was most definitely motivated by politics…imagine that.

    “Libby’s two years for participating in Treason is ‘excessive’, but a man who had the intelligence of a child got a needle.”

    I hope you’re not implying that because Cruz was dumber than Libby and lacked connections we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him. Let’s not forget what this guy did. Cruz and an accomplice abducted a Kelly Air Base linguist, Kelly Donovan. Cruz raped her and stabbed her to death.

    Cruz’s lack of I.Q. and connections don’t excuse him of his brutal crimes any more than Libby’s elevated GPA and friends in high places mean he should get leniency.

  11. Van,

    I must admit I’ve read your comment four or five times now trying to be “objective”, but I continue to find your moral ambivalence when it comes to Republican immorality and malfeasance extremely bothersome.

    As you know, I’ve visited your blog many times and you are never reticent when it comes to voicing a strong and decided opinion about Liberals and their “morality.”

    Yet, when it comes to Republicans you are uncharacteristically timid. Maybe that’s a side effect from living in the world in which you live.

    Are you telling me a child should be judged as harshly as a grown man?

    Let’s compare. Cruz killed one person. Terrible no doubt. How many people have died in this war? Hundreds of thousands?

    Libby’s stonewalling prevented investigators from getting to the bottom of who “outed” Valerie Plame. Her “outing” was a blatant backlash against her husband who didn’t want to “get on board” with Bush Co.’s version of reality about Iraq. If we knew the truth back then do you think Americans would have supported the war?

    Libby participated in Treason, and there are no more excuses. Republicans who compare this to the Clinton perjury charade are delusional at best, and may actually be “retarded.”

    As for your comment about how Cruz’s I.Q. doesn’t “excuse him”, it didn’t. He was executed. He’s dead.

    But Libby’s “friends in high places” most certainly “excused him” didn’t it? Bush is now keeping a Pardon as a potentiality for good old “Scooter” who knows enough to bring the entire Administration tumbling down.

    I’m convinced most people who continue to defend Bush and La Cosa Nostra do so not for him, but because of ego. They don’t want to admit they’ve been wrong all these years because you most assuredly have. Not only are Republicans every bit as corrupt as any Democrat they are in fact worse because of their incessant pimping of Jesus and the never ending invocation of Our Most Holy Father in Heaven.

    By the way Van, in answer to your question from months ago, top 100th percentile when it comes to “Logical Intelligence” I am.

    Ain’t that a mother fucker? A foul mouth son of a bitch such as moi?

    I don’t know why I decided to answer now, but at this moment I just don’t give a fuck.

  12. I hope that your anger passes at times, fairlane. I was very angry, too, at this situation. Clinton’s perjury was disappointing, egocentric, wrong and was punished by impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Libby, on the other hand, gets to walk away from his responsibility. He’s got backers who’ve raised millions for his legal defense fund and, though Tony Snow, White House press secretary states that “Libby’s convictions themselves are ‘a very severe penalty’ that ‘has profound impacts on his ability to earn a living as a lawyer, because he’s not going to be able to practice law. So this is hardly a slap on the wrist, in terms of penalty,’ I think it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that Libby will sit on a few corporate and philanthropic boards and avoid making any trips to the neighborhood food shelf in the future.

    Meanwhile, Bush has shown us that the Republican party has returned (almost) to its days of being the ‘Law and Order’ party–unless , of course, it means following federal sentencing guidelines for someone who knows what’s going on in the Bush White House and might want to talk about it after a few months in an uncomfortable prison setting.

  13. Rational,

    My anger is what makes me so charming and lovable. Besides we need to be angry right now. This administration is criminal, and blatantly so.

    Reps claim this isn’t “Treason” because they didn’t intentionally reveal her identity to undermine national security. What did they think would happen when they did it? Surely, no one believes this was an accident.

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