Al Shaprton Takes the Nestea Plunge

I like Al Sharpton, and always have. Sure he’s shady and he’s not much of Civil Rights leader, but I think Sharpton’s funny as shit, and I think he honestly tries, most of the time.

Unfortunately, Sharpton and other Civil Rights Leaders are blotted out by the enormous shadow cast by Dr. King’s legacy, and I think to some extent this is unfair because it’s unlikely we will ever see a man/leader like that again in this country. (We’re too lazy and fat to march these days).

Sharpton and Rev. Jackson are modern day “Activists”, more worried about air time and appearances than actual “Activity”, but I don’t see how that makes them any different than the other politicians.

I’ll always remember a remark Sharpton made on Bill Maher’s show as a shining example of how cool old Al can be.

Maher asked, “What do you think of Bush’s plan to go to Mars?,” to which Sharpton replied, “I think it’s a great idea, when’s he leaving?”

That is some funny shit if you ask me.

Anyway, Sharpton is in the news again because he is demanding that the Recording Industry be held accountable for the Music it publishes.

Why is this news, and why am I writing about it?

If you remember, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson led the charge to have Don Imus fired after he made racist comments on his radio show.

In the aftermath, Right Wing pundits assailed Sharpton and Jackson for being “hypocrites” and “racists” themselves because they were not speaking out against the Rap Music Industry.

Well, guess what? He is, and it looks like the movement is gaining a lot of momentum and support.

Is Sharpton in it for publicity? Probably. And he’s jumping on the Band Wagon to some degree. But the one thing he adds is that wherever Sharpton goes attention is sure to follow, and in this case attention is not a bad thing.

Al can also bring a little more “Street Cred” to this issue, which again is a good thing.

So, where is the praise from the Right Wing’s Morality Patrol? Apparently they’ve all developed a bad case of ass in mouth syndrome as not one of them has a thing to say. (At least nothing I’ve heard).

I’m sure they’ll get around to it, and they’ll say Al is only in it for the attention, and he’s not “sincere”, and blah blah blah.
But when was the last time you saw/heard Bill O’Reilly or Anne Coulter or Rush Limbaugh et al do anything other than run their fucking mouths?

Yeah, me neither.


~ by fairlane on July 24, 2007.

9 Responses to “Al Shaprton Takes the Nestea Plunge”

  1. I think he (Sharpton) honestly tries, most of the time.
    If you’ll alter that just a bit, to read….”the best racist he can.” Sharpton is Johnny come lately to the rap problem, and so far, all he’s done is run his mouth as well. Meanwhile…..

    There is this little matter, in which Sharpton never has apologized for the scam he pulled. I lived in Durham, N.C., and worked at Duke University, when anybody black was screaming for white necks in a tree. Let me tell you, it was a hard, tense, walk on eggshells time.

    Guess what two were in the front lines, fanning the flames of racism until Durham nearly Burned? Jackson, and Sharpton. Then, it was proved it was all bullshit. Every single charge. NO apologies have been forth coming for the actions of Jackson or Sharpton for that, either. Sharpton is funny in the sense of a bad fart let in church. Other than that, he is a self serving, greed driven racist, one of the biggest in the world.

  2. Some times Al makes me want to say, Who died and made you the PC sheriff? Then I remember there was no PC sheriff before Al volunteered for the job. He is funny as hell and there is something about him I like. I have to say that the language in Rap music had been around a long time before Imus made his dumb f*ck comments. Al could have been on the case of the music a long time ago. But, better late than never.

  3. Dan- I guess I see it as Karma. How many black men were falsely accused of rape and never cleared, but murdered, lynched?

    I used to have this debate when I still worked as a counselor with some of my colleagues.

    We worked with gang members and some of them, actually a lot of them, were sociopathic.

    I throughly believe people are responsible for their actions, unless they are severely mentally ill, but ultimately who is responsible for creating sociopaths? We know in most cases they are created and not simply “born that way.”

    (Look at Bush. His family let him grow up believing he could do any fucking thing he wanted to do, and now as an adult he still believes that to be the case. “You can’t tell me “No”, don’t you know who I am?)

    We know what goes on in the Inner City, and for the most part We, as a Society, do nothing to stop it. We can invade a country that “Might” become a risk to us “some day”, yet we have children dying in our streets every fucking day and we do nothing to stop it.

    Sharpton and Jackson and others are a natural consequence. Is it right? Probably not, but that’s not the issue.

    If you beat your child every day, and then he grows up angry and beats his kids or his wife or maybe he even murders someone, who is responsible in the end?

    Did he have a choice? Yes and no. He can choose how to act as an adult, but as a child he was completely helpless and had no choice. Shouldn’t those who created him be held accountable as well? The ones who unleashed him on the world?

    Hundreds of years of oppression and racism created generations of angry, disenfranchised people, and then we act surprised that they grow up and want to lash out at the world?

    We are seriously surprised? I don’t buy it.

    It’s simple psychology and sociology. There is no moral judgment. Racism never went away. It’s still going on daily in this country.

    You beat a dog, not to compare blacks to a dog, and that dog is going to bite your ass or someone’s ass if it ever gets the chance.

  4. I’ve pondered the same thoughts as you, except never thought to envision the “past treatment” as a reason for some of what he does.

    On the other side, because he’s lived through it and seen the insanity, why perpetuate it on others. Seems like what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    But it needs to stop, and you know, Today’s a good day for that to occur! ; )

  5. I concur Coffee.

    I’m simply looking at it objectively.

    I’m not justifying the things Sharpton et al do.

    But anger manfiests itself in numerous ways. Some lash out, some hurt themselves. There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of pissed off people in this country.

    Look at the other side. Reps play on the disenfranchised whites by race baiting. They too are angry and the Right gives them a scapegoat.

    How do you stop it?

    I also must admit I like Sharpton because he makes people like Coulter, Limbaugh and O’Reilly foam at the mouth. Especially since they themselves are notorious Race Baiters.

  6. I too find al sharpton very entertaining. I don’t find him in any way effective, but I have suggested that obama should choose al as his running mate, so obama can have someone black on his ticket 😉

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  7. Dan- I guess I see it as Karma. How many black men were falsely accused of rape and never cleared, but murdered, lynched?
    Judging, explaining, excusing one crime because another existed or was committed, is doing nothing but lending inferred justification to both crimes. Committing a crime to stop a crime is the rationale of shooting abortion Doctors, so that a life may be saved.

    A crime is a crime, is a crime, and they are all individual, and they all belong ONLY to the person(s) that committed them, and culpability can only be accepted by those who in fact committed the crime. I understand your rationale, but it is flawed. Until EACH crime is individually prosecuted on it’s own merits, and the culprit(s) made to pay, then we aren’t really administering justice – we’re passing out excuses. We’ve fallen in the trap of 4th grade “justice.” “He did it first!!

  8. I’m not excusing it at all. I simply think that is probably the mentality of Sharpton et al.

    “Fuck you. How many of my people did you falsely accuse, but never acquit? They were hanged.”

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I bet I’m pretty close.

  9. Maybe I’m wrong, but I bet I’m pretty close.
    I think you’re more than close, you’re dead on. The crimes of the past, real or alleged, by both sides, need to be left in the past, and how to do that will take better minds than mine. I just know it needs to happen, otherwise all racial equality means is “you did it just as often as I did” which would seem to be not equality at all.

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