Badges, Beer and Beat Downs: The Story of Frank Jude Jr. With a Story of My Own Added for Effect

A trial involving 4 Police Officers charged with violating Frank Jude Jr.’s Civil Rights, is coming to a close in Milwaukee.

The Police Officers are accused of beating Frank Jude Jr., a man they believed stole a Police Badge, senseless. (The Badge was never found, but the Police Officers did describe the Beat Down as “Sweet”and “very relaxing”).

In a statement, Stephen Curran, who works in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, said of the Police Officers, “They were so angry that they forgot what the badge stood for.”

Luckily, they did not forget what their hands, feet, pens and knives are for as they beat the man, aided by 11 other people, to a senseless pulp. That’ll teach you to not steal the thing you were accused of stealing you son of a bitch!

The Mob punched Jude in the face and ribs, kicked and stomped his head, stabbed him in the ear with a pen, cut away his pants and shirt, and bent back two of his fingers (?).

One of the Police Officers admitted cutting Jude’s face with a knife.

I don’t know about you, but I love me some Mob Justice. Nothing cleanses the soul quite like Anonymously beating the shit out of a defenseless unarmed person. Especially when you’re a Cop and you know you can get away with it.

And boy do I love me some Cops. Nothing says, “I have God Complex” quite like a big old shiny badge, and a belt lined with weaponry.

I know, they’re out there “Protecting and Serving” us, but honestly how many people feel “Safe” when they see a Cop?

Do you think to yourself, “Gosh, I felt vulnerable until that Cop started tailgating me?” Hell no you don’t, and don’t lie.

This is what goes through most people’s head when a Cop pulls in behind them, “Shit, do I have insurance, was I speeding, is my taillight broken, is he a rapist, is that weed still under my seat, how many beers did I drink tonight etc etc?”

Cops scare people even when they are completely innocent, and it’s because of shit like the “Jude Incident.”

“There’s always the bad seeds,” exclaim the apologists. No, no fucking way is that a viable excuse. There should be absolutely zero “Bad Seed” Cops. Not a fucking one.

If a potential recruit or current Copper displays the slightest hint that they are a “Bad Seed”, they must be told, “Get the Fuck Out!”

The Police Force should be as damn near perfect as they can get it.

Just as the Police say, “When we pull someone over, we have no idea if they’re on crack, if they are a murderer, if they have drugs or guns etc”, we have the same concerns watching you walk up to our car with your hand on your gun because our left brake light is out.

“Shit, what if he’s one of those psycho-Cops that kills people or forces them to have sex to get out of going to jail?” or “What if he caught his wife sucking his best friend’s dick this morning?”

See, you wonder if we have guns, but we know you do, and you also have mace, and tasers, and billy clubs, and ten pound flashlights, and backup, and you have the “Authority” to get away with beating the shit out of people.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the Police Officers are being charged by the Feds because the Criminal Court let them off the hook.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

They were cleared of almost all charges by an “all white” Jury.

“An all white jury.” There’s a phrase you just don’t hear often enough.

I’m sure they had good reason, Jude is after all a black male, and you know if he didn’t steal the Badge he probably stole something else, and when people steal it’s only logical that a mob is going to Fuck’em up real nice like.

I know some people will be upset that I criticize the Police. There is always that segment of the population who idolizes Authority Figures, but I must admit I’m not one of them.

The entire Police Persona is based on Fear instead of Respect. You hear all the time, “Respect the Police, and other Authority Figures.” But what they really mean is, “Fear them.”

Many years ago, my sister and I were coming home from one of the Malls here in Louisville. As we were approaching a red light, a car in the far right lane cut across in front of us, and then proceeded to cut off traffic in the opposing lanes in order to pull into KFC’s parking lot. (Apparently KFC chicken is so fucking delicious, it’s worth killing people to get a bucket of it).

I laid on my horn as this fat asshole (White dude by the way) comes within inches of ripping the front end of my car off, but to no avail. He had to have some chicken, and Right Fucking Now!

My sister and I sit there for a second, “Holy shit, what a dumb Mother Fucker” etc etc, and then our light turns green and we move on with our day.

As we approach the next light, a Cop pulls beside us and rolls down his window. I’m assuming he’s going to say, “Hey you okay?” or “We never run out of Assholes do we?” you know something along those lines, but no. He starts cursing at me.

“Don’t you ever use your Fucking horn like that around me again. You got it?”

Needless to say I’m a little shocked. I’m still a bit loopy from the Adrenaline after our near crash, and now I’m being cursed at by one of “Louisville’s Finest.”

I tried to explain what happened, but he’s not hearing it.

“I don’t give a shit! Don’t you ever fucking beep your horn like that!”

(Before I proceed, I want to explain something. My complexion is a little darker than the Average Cracker’s, and I have Jet Black hair. When this incident occurred it was the Middle of Summer so I was even darker than usual. I also, before my hair filed for divorce, had hair down past my shoulders in a Ponytail and a Goatee. In other words, I didn’t look like a Cracker so much. This comes into play in a few minutes).

Our light turns green, and not knowing what to do I pull away. Well, apparently Johnny didn’t like that too much, and he swooped in behind me like one of those planes you see engaged in a dogfight. I mean he was inches from my bumper. And…

He turns on his lights and siren.

He’s pulling me over!

My sister and I are in a state of disbelief. First, we are almost killed by a man obviously going through some kind of Chicken withdrawal, and now we’re being pulled over because I had the audacity to beep my horn at said Junkie.

Again, let me reiterate. I beeped my horn at someone. The gadget made specifically for “Blowing” when a dumbshit is about to hit and potentially kill you and your sister?

I was not sitting at the light Chiefin’ a Blunt, or scratching my nose with my Glock 17.

I Beeped my horn, and it was a “Beep” as I only drive Hondas. C#, I believe.

He stops his car 3 0r 4 car lengths behind us, and gets out, but he only comes forward 10 feet before he orders me to,

“Get out of the Car!” (His hand is on his gun).

Despite rumors to the contrary, my experience with Law Enforcement is minimal at best, and I’m fairly scared at this point. This dude is holding his hand on his gun like he’s ready to draw it, and pop a cap in my ass. (The Louisville Police are notorious for having Itchy Trigger Fingers).

I get out. He orders me to “Back up” toward him, and when I get close enough he shoves me against the back of my car. (Remember dear reader, I blew my horn).

“Do you have any guns?” he asks.

“Uh, no.”

“Is this your car?”


“What about drugs, you have any drugs in the car?”

(Oh that ADD powered mind of mine, it wants so badly to answer, but Thank God I’m able to suppress it).

“No sir,” I answer instead of God knows what.

He pushes me again for good measure because my feet moved an inch, and apparently I stepped out of the “Safety Zone.”

“You don’t fucking move, you hear me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“So this is your car?”

“No Mother Fucker, this is the car of my latest victim’s. You see, I’m a Serial Killer, and I like to bring my sister along so she can watch me chop off people’s heads, and then Skull Fuck them. If you look in the back seat you’ll see my instruments of Death, but you’ll have to move the 5 Kilos of Smack and the human body parts first.”

(Thank God for Self-Restraint in times of danger)

“Yes sir, this is my car. I have the Registration and Title in my glovebox.”

At this point, my sister, impersonating a complete idiot, gets out of the car. Oh, shit.

He moves quickly to her side of the car, gun ready to come out of holster.

“Get the Fuck back in the car!”

“But Sir, we weren’t doing anything wrong that…”

“Shut the Fuck up and get back in the car or your Ass is going to jail!”

She complies, and we are reprieved for a few more minutes until he finds the Human Heads and Horse of course.

“Get your Insurance card, your Registration and your Title.”


I walk to my door and he follows at a strategic angle so he can draw a bead on me if I try anything Flaky.

I hand him my “Papers.”

“Here you go Comrade.”

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“Uh, because you’re a Dick?”

“You know I could arrest you for being a Public Nuisance?”

“But Sir that car almost…”

“I don’t give a Shit. You don’t ever Fucking beep your horn like that. You understand?”

“Sir, that car almost tore the front…”

“I don’t give a Fuck what that car almost did. Did you hear me? I could lock your ass up right now. Do you want to go to Jail?”

“Oh Please, Please can I? Golly Gee I always wanted to go to the Hoosegow. The thought of getting Ass Raped sounds Sweet. Maybe you could come visit me now and again. You Tiny Cock having Mother Fucker!”

“No sir.”

“Alright José, let me see your license.”

“I know you didn’t just call me José. I’m hearing things right? Tell me I’m hearing things Güero. What, you think I’m a Cholo or something Holmes? ¡Puta la huevada huevón! ¡A ponemos chancla, bolillo!”

“Yes sir.”

Now watch this.

“This where you live?”

“Yes sir.”

“You live in the Highlands?”

¿Si ya sábanas, paquetes hilo?

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, you need to be more careful. There’s no need to lay on your horn like that. Understand?”

¡chupame la pija, chocho!”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, have a nice day.”

What the FUCK?!!

I book home because I need to talk to my Mommy. Mommy is friend’s with a Police Captain, and I’m filing a complaint against Needle Dick Mc Copper.

She contacts here friend, who just happens to work at the same Sub-Station as Johnny Mc TinyCock, and this is, in essence, what he tells her;

Your son is lucky it didn’t get worse than it did. It sounds like the Officer was having a bad day, and your son should be grateful he wasn’t arrested or Lord knows what.

If I were him I would not file a complaint as the Offending Officer could easily find out, and then your son might be targeted.

That is what a Fucking Captain of the Fucking Police said!

Don’t file a complaint.

Be grateful you weren’t murked.

He was having a “bad day.”

You could be targeted if you complain.

I know, I know, he’s just one Cop and hardly is Representative of the entire sample. But you know what? I don’t give a Fuck!

How are we supposed to know? They don’t put little Frowny Faces on their Badges or on the sides of their cars to inform the World,

“Hey Everyone, I’m a complete Fucking Prick, and I’m not very good at my Job! Stay Clear!”

No. All their cars look the same, and so do all the Police Officers. They all wear Uniforms made from old Potato bags, and Blue No. 1, and they all carry Guns.

I couldn’t help wondering,

“What if I was a Cholo? What if I lived Downtown in one of the ‘un-desirable’ neighborhoods? Would I be in jail right now? Or worse?”

In the past several years, the Louisville Police Department (LPD) has been involved in several “Questionable Deaths.”

Michael Newby was shot in the back while fleeing Police, James Taylor was shot while handcuffed, Robert Whitlow shot and killed after SWAT exploded two “flash bang grenades” in his home deafening him so he could not hear Police commands once they entered his home, Desmond Rudolf shot 10 times while seated (Unarmed) in his SUV that was crashed into a telephone pole. The suspects were black. In all cases the Police were either not charged or found “Not Guilty. (There are more cases, at least ten, but I cannot find links for them).

I fully understand the need for Authority. But the line separating Authority Figure and Fucking Tyrant is extremely thin, and that boundary is being pushed from all sides whether it’s by the Police or our Government.

Respect for Authority does not, nor should it ever, mean Subjugation.

When we tolerate abuses of Power because it only happens to “Them” or to “Criminals” we are spitting in the face of the “Freedom” we supposedly hold so dear. We are also being tremendously naive.

If “it” can happen to “them”, “it” can happen to You.

I forgot to mention, Frank Jude Jr. was at a party held by one of the Police Officers, Andrew Spengler, when the Ass Kicking occurred. Spengler said Jude took his wallet, and later a gun, although no gun was mentioned in the report.

Jude was dragged from his vehicle, as he and his friends attempted to leave because they were frightened, by the off-duty Officers before the mob jumped on him, and commenced to Fuck him up beyond recognition.

“He suffered a concussion, a broken nose and fractured sinus cavity, cuts in both ears, cuts and swelling to his left eye, neck, head, face, legs and back, and a severely sprained left hand, his attorney said. His left eye was swollen shut and continued to bleed for 10 days, he said.”

“Jude said he will need surgery to breathe through his nose again, may have permanent disability in one hand and suffers diminished vision.”

Over three months passed before any charges were filed even though Prosecutors knew exactly who was involved.

No charges were ever brought against Jude, and the so-called “Stolen Badge” was never found.




~ by fairlane on July 25, 2007.

13 Responses to “Badges, Beer and Beat Downs: The Story of Frank Jude Jr. With a Story of My Own Added for Effect”

  1. You had a bad, no make that awful, experience with an asshole who also had authority to bust one in your head. Over chicken flavored doughnuts, no less! You handled it well. Without going into your post’s bigger claims, I would remind you of just one thing: Two, actually. 1)Although too many don’t act it, cops are humans. Which brings in #2)They fuck up just like you and I do occasionally. Only #3) (I can’t count worth a fuck, can I?..)they work under far more stress than at least I do. If I’m stressed long enough….I’m a real asshole sometimes.

    Please!! Understand clearly this is NOT in any way, a defense of that jackass’s behavior. There is none except insanity. Your call for the cop shops to be as perfect as possible, makes all the sense in the world. I only wanted to remind you that behind the flashing lights and all the bully gear, lurks a human being, and they will never be perfect. I note you live in a fairly big city (Louisville). I used to live in Detroit. For every “decent” cop you found, you had to go thru ten assholes. I later moved to a smaller town, and it was like Mayberry RFD. Again, it’s human beings not reacting well to constant stress, being underpaid….all that happy shit.

  2. I definitely understand the stress they are under. I worked for several years as a counselor with gang members, which is why I know a little bit of Latino slang, and although my job was not in the same capacity as their’s the stress was fucking unbearable.

    What I was trying to do, and maybe I got little off point because I’m still pissed about that incident, is demonstrate how “Authority” in America is based on Fear and Subjugation.

    The “Powerful” be they Police, Politicians or Bidnessmen, as our friend Phy calls them, get away with murder, literally, and we stand around like a bunch of schmoes with our thumbs up our asses saying, “Well they only do that to blacks, or Muslims or Hispanics etc,” not understanding that when they do it to one of us they do it to us all.

    The abuse of power impacts everyone whether we feel it or not, and when we allow it to go unchecked we are damaging the very foundation of this country.

    I didn’t put this in my post because I couldn’t find a link for it or my old research papers on it. But I’ll put in the comment section.

    When I was still in College, probably 15 years ago now, the Justice Department investigated numerous Police Departments around the country and found they were allowing people who tested as “Anti-Social” or who had “Anti-Social” characteristics into the Police Force.

    These people are supposed to be weeded out for obvious reasons.

    Anti-Socials are drawn to positions of power, but the problem is Anti-socials have no conscience. They do not feel empathy or remorse and they view others as things, a means to an end.

    (They’d make great soldiers except they don’t follow rules or orders).

    Why would they want anti-socials? Well, I think the Police are getting like the Military and they’ll take just about anyone at this point. But there are other reasons, at least in my opinion.

    Anti-socials do not experience fear like you or I do. They don’t get anxious as easily, and they often remain very “calm” in situations where most people freak out. In fact, they are excited by danger, and a Cop’s job is dangerous.

    Also, because they have no conscience they are more willing to react to a situation instead of thinking about it, which can be very useful. Being hesitant in their job can get people killed.

    Unfortunately, having no conscience tends to have a downside. They are more apt to engage in criminal behavior, and since they view other human beings as “things” they are more apt to abuse their power and to abuse the people they are supposed to be “protecting.”

    In my mind, Police getting away with beating the shit out of an unarmed man, Businessmen getting away with stealing or scamming people, and Bush getting away with pissing on the Constitution are all linked, and part of the innate problem with “Authority.”

    If the people “in charge” are criminals who stops them, who holds them accountable? What’s going politically is a great example, apparently no one stops them.

    I could write a dissertation on the subject of “Authority” and what it means to me, but for now that’s enough.

    I appreciate your comments though Dan. Unlike the wingnuts you don’t tell me I’m “stupid” or say that I must be “illiterate.”

  3. Man, you made some great points in that piece and you just about made me cry at the same time you were making me laugh. I was scared right along with you when that asshole cop was pushing you around, and I was laughing about the things you “wanted” to say but didn’t

    Last year when we were on vacation we got stopped by a Barney Fife wanna be. We weren’t afraid of him, but he wanted us to be so we played along.

  4. Wow. That’s unbelievable. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to go through that mess. And you were able to walk away from your situation. I can see why some have a complete and total distrust and disrespect for the police. And then, I’m sure policemen react to that display of disrespect in a certain way. And on the cycle goes. I wonder if the police and a certain demographic have gotten into a situation similar to that of the Israelis and Palestinians. There is distrust and disrespect all around, and no one really knows who started it. If someone doesn’t work to gain respect, it won’t happen. Incidents like this definitely don’t help the situation.

  5. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    I have a number of cops in my family. They are pretty level-headed people, it seems to me. I know that they see a lot of scary shit and I suspect that they get jaded after a while.

    The one time that I had a run in with the “fuzz” (heehee–they’re fuzz), they pulled me over for doing 42 in a 30. You know, I’m not surprised that so many cops get hit while sitting on the side of the road: they sit there in places where they can’t be seen on purpose. So, why is it my fault when the asshat with a badge steps out into traffic–in front of a speeding car, no less? On purpose! Oh well.

    Fuk da po-lice.


  6. guilty of c# beep-beep and he was having a bad day and you looked latino (aka non-white)… sounds like the perfect combo for a beating. i think they used the same equation on rodney king and countless others (especially those we don’t hear about). fkn a$$oles brandish their guns cus they’re having a bad day… that makes me feel pretty good for just passive aggressively talkin isht to my boss or clients. btw, i’ve gotten treated in the exact same manner, and after seeing that i worked in a hospital and my name appeared ‘exotic’, the law said, “just be careful, you can really hurt someone like that”. no kidding, you should take your advice buddy.

  7. I moved from Michigan to N.C. in late ’99. My first experience with “Southern Law Enforcement” was a bonifide Sheriff Buford type. And I still had my Michigan plates on! We (my wife was with me) went through some of what you did. Get out of the car with your hands up! Put them on the top of the car and keep them there!” That was a bit of a problem for my 5′ 0″ wife, as I had a 4wd truck at the time, but she did the best she could.:) He started his macho routine – and I had a sudden thought – “Does your Mother know you treat innocent people like this?” His eyes got wide, and he said: “Are you one of them there people whut plays inside of people’s heads?” “Yes sir, I am. Psychologists, we’re called.” He gave back my reg, etc., and said “Git your mind bending ass in that truck and head for the border, Yankee!” ROTFLMAO!!

    Instead, we got on the cell, called a lawyer we knew, now he’s no longer a Buford wannabe. Everybody else in S. LE has been a normal human being. That was some experience. Oh yes. The cop was white, both of us are……. Driving while Yankee was the charge I guess, as he never did give a reason for stopping us.

  8. POP- Being a big tough man, I hate to admit it but I was pretty damn scared. They can do just about anything they want, and although I attended Chuck Norris’ School For Back Hair and Karate, I don’t think I can block a bullet.

    Reasic- I think you are on to something there my friend. It’s definitely the Chicken or the Egg situation, and something needs to change, Soon.

    HJ- Are you saying you ran over a Police Officer?

    Raffi- It’s amazing isn’t it, how quickly their demeanor changes?

    “Oh shit, he’s not some poor trash from the Inner City. I might actually get in trouble if I kill his ass.”

    Dan- I think 95% of people have some jacked up experience with the Police. That “Tough Guy” image is laughable. As I stated, they base their power on Fear, and Fear is a terrible motivator.

  9. What an amazing and sad story.

    While working at the paper in SF, I ran into an old school buddy, who for all through school was the “big bully!” Imagine my surprise to find he became one of SFs finest. Oh man! ; (

    I must say, although having limited experience and being in small towns now for the last 11 yrs, there are some “fifish” cops, but man, when you need one, they are very close by, FWIW.

    It’s a dangerous job and more so these days it sounds like, but still, do they need to take shit out on everyone? I think not.

    Glad to hear you kept your wits about you!

  10. you have the ability to make me laugh and feel sad in the same article. that is an amazing feat!
    i agree with you mostly, but still feel until i am given a reason to dislike or mistrust a person, i will show them the same respect i expect from them.
    have a dear friend who is black, wears a baseball cap and drives a new bmw…gets pulled over on a regular basis because he fits a “profile”. one day i asked him why he didn’t just take off the damn ball cap and he said he refused to change his lifestyle because of some jerk in a room with no windows who decided what constituted a danger to the general public. i am on his side. enough is enough.
    thank you for keeping me so entertained.

  11. oh, and i forgot…bet your mom was oh so very proud of how you handled yourself in a scary situation.

  12. Hey,anonymous dude.

    Go Fuck Yourself.

    We don’t publish anonymous comments.


    But to be honest, it really doesn’t matter anyway because I have no interest in responding to your silly challenge.

    Not because I’m “Scared,” or because I feel “Ashamed,” but because I don’t care about your silly little challenge.

    I guess in your world people are swayed by the opinions of uninformed (Aka Ignorant) strangers.

    In mine, we laugh, and say-

    Go Fuck Yourself.

    Now see, that I can respect.

    I too worked a thankless job for years, and put myself at risk for the better of the whole.

    But that has nothing to do with my point.

    Power corrupts.

    Sure, maybe that cop saves someone some day, but he just as easily could have killed me, my sister, or some other innocent person simply because he was having a “bad day,” and because he could get away with it.

    The police have too much power. Especially now, after 9/11.

  13. I’m not challenging you…it’s not a contest, and to say that i’m uninformed is really you being ignorant in assuming that i’m just somebody writing in to you without any personal experience. you see, i am a police officer, working in the very city that the frank jude case happened in. what’s even more ignorant is assuming all police officers are the same. lets pretend for a second that what you say happened really did happen word for word and detail for detail…fine, but the same cop who gave you a hard time would have been the same cop who would have taken a bullet for you had he observed and armed robbery in progress with you being the victim, while he’s trying to stop it. you knock cops, and the people who write in to you knock em…that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinnion, but until you walk a mile in our shoes and see the things we see every night and deal with people at their absolute worst on a nightly basis, then you’ll never truly understand what it takes to defend the innocent from people who base their entire lives on being a predator, you never know…you could be next, and the first thing you’ll do is call the police and expect a certain level of service. this is a life that we as officers have chosen, to defend, help, protect and serve even those who may be criminals themselves. it’s not a job we do for money, because we are all extremely underpaid for the risk we take, and it’s certainly not a job we do for fame, it’s a thankless job, our failures are public and our success is not. all i’m asking is the next time you decide to bash cops, stop, think, and ask yourself if you could put your life on the line everynight to defend total strangers? do a ride along at your local police department and see just for a night what really happens, or better yet, take time to stop and talk to a cop, ask questions and ask for honest answers, they’ll give em to you.

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