The Who Sell Out and in Related News Hillary Clinton Asks, “How Much Did You Get?”


Anyone who visits Jonestown with any regularity knows I’m not a Democrat. I never have been and I never will be, but there is no doubt that I’m far more aligned with Democrats than I am Republicans. The problem is it’s only “theoretically” in most cases.

I’d love to see Universal Health Care, this Insane War come to an abrupt end (And Fuck all who say, “That will create ‘chaos’ in the Middle East.” I’m almost 40 years old and the Middle East has been “chaotic” since I was a kid. Get a grip and a fucking clue and stop kowtowing to your handlers).

I’d also love to see the U.S. improve the Standard of living for its own citizens instead of the Iraqis who don’t seem to want or appreciate our help.

As I stated, we agree “theoretically.”

Unfortunately, the Dems, just like the Reps, use their “hot button” issues to galvanize the “base,” and then once they’re elected it’s, “Fuck you very much, and thanks for all the Fish.”

As everyone is well aware, I’m sure, the Dems caved yet again on Friday giving Bush his Surveillance Program he wanted so badly because it matches the new set of Legos “Pickles” (Ten) just bought him. This comes on the heels of them sabre rattling before the vote, vowing to stand against Presidense Bush. YAWN. Pamela Anderson has “held out” longer than that.

Watching the Dems is akin to watching a Porn movie filled with Impotent Men. “Don’t you worry baby, I’m going to give it to you like never before. I just need a minute…”

While the Dems flap their perpetually flaccid Members, our Commander and Cheat continues to butt fuck the Constitution with his Cod Piece. And somewhere Stalin, Hitler, Pinochet, Pol Pot etc are celebrating slapping each other’s asses singing, “Long live Tyranny!”

Fuck it though, right? The Dems are “Good” at Heart. They’re going to beat Bush with “Kindness,” and eventually he’s going to say, “Golly gee these Democrats are peachy keen. I wonder why I never saw it before? I think we should have some tea and hold hands, as we watch the sun set on Democracy, I mean the horizon.”

Unfortunately, Bush is a fucking Sociopath, and he could care less about “Kindness.” In fact, Sociopaths see kindness as a sign of vulnerability. (The same way lions see a limping Wildebeast as breakfast).

And these “Liberal” apologists? I’m getting the impression they are not much different than their Wingnut counterparts. “The Party dude. It’s all about the Party.” No, no, no, it’s not you adolescent shit hammers!

The “Party” is anything but, and it will Grind you into Alabaster Dust if it gets the opportunity.

*Brief Tangent* (Aside from the 15 other Tangents)

Someone asked me recently, “Why do you cuss so fucking much in your posts?” Well, there are several reasons:

1) It’s soothing.
2) I’m writing almost exclusively about Politics these days, which is not how I started, and Politics taps directly into the “Fuck” Center of my Brain
3) It’s fun and funny. At least to me it is.
4) “Fuck” may very well be the greatest word ever invented.
5) Pathological cursing keeps Wingnuts away because it offends their “sensibilities.”

There you go.

Where were we? Yes, I remember.

So, what do we do about what’s going on? Why are you asking me? If I had that answer you think I’d be here? I’d be writing for one of those fancy pants blogs I hear so much about. I’m stuck just like everyone else. It’s part of the reason I gave up Counseling. They don’t want shit to change.

Why do you think Opium production is up in Afghanistan? Narcotics help alleviate the pain of the “Brave New World” they’re creating for us.

Some people say, “You’re being Histrionic. It’s not that bad.” And you know what? I hope you’re right. I really do. But precedents are being set you see? Lush and Co. are paving a road that someone is eventually going to finish unless we do something. Each year they need more “leeway,” more “power,” more “authority,” and there are certain people who have a hard-on for that kind of thing.

I know it’s difficult for some to believe (Especially those “I love you, you love me” types), but there are people in this world that have no conscience, no soul. They do not give a fuck. I spent two years looking into the eyes of some of them. No amount of hugging or words of encouragement will undo whatever was done to them. They want revenge, and many of them are drawn to positions of power.

Why do you think Smirky smirks? He does not fucking care. I was watching an interview with him today, and while he’s talking about War he’s holding back a smile. What in the fuck is funny?

We have to begin supporting better people, People. That goes for Reps and Dems. (I know many Reps are not happy with the choices they’re given either. Including Douche Jr.). Some people call that “Defeatist,” but they can’t whip me so fuck’em. It’s not “Defeatist.” Continuing to support these Hacks is Defeatist. Choosing between the “Lesser of Two Evils” is Defeatist. Treating Democracy like it’s meaningless is Defeatist.

I know it’s Anti-thetical to everything we’ve been taught since we were Children, but the Two Party System is not Democracy. It’s a Recipe for eventual Tyranny.

Would you give your child two choices in their lives?

“So Billy, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “Gosh, I want to be an Astronaut, and fly to Jupiter.” “That’s great. Let me be more specific. When you grow up, do you want to be a Dish Washer at Applebee’s or the Janitor at a Nursing Home?”

I’m not saying there are no good Democrats or Republicans. Of course there are, but as a Single Entity, a Monolith, the Parties Suck. Individuals used to influence the Parties, but no more.

The “Mavericks,” those who question the Status Quo, are shouted down or flat out ignored. (Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul come to mind).

Today, the Parties are lead by Automatons, Corporate Shills who whistle “Kumbaya,” but sing, “Money, Money makes the World go Round.

The only way to stop it is to stop supporting them, but that requires True Grit. Balls.

If we continue to support and vote for Mediocrity, that’s what they’ll give us. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican do you honestly believe that out of 300 million people Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are the best we have to offer?

We deserve better, but until we demand it, and I mean demand not ask, they will continue to role out Hacks.

Money may pay for the ads and signs, but we are the ones who vote their asses into Office. Money don’t Vote just like Charlie don’t Surf. They can’t win without us, and it’s time for us to remind them that we are the ones with the Power.

Contact the Democratic Party and let them know you’re fed up.

*Our pal Phydeaux Speaks wrote an excellent, and less profane post on this subject. If you’ve never checked out his blog this is the perfect chance, as he’s a very wise young man.*


~ by fairlane on August 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “The Who Sell Out and in Related News Hillary Clinton Asks, “How Much Did You Get?””

  1. Since 18 when we were able to vote, I’ve been an Independent.

    “I am not a number, I am a free man.” The Prisoner

    Anyway, both parties have really done nothing about the state of our country, and never more evident, than the past 6 1/2 yrs. ; (

    I have a song posted today, if you’ve never heard it, or of John Trudell.

    Peace Bro!

  2. They truly are spineless shits, especially on this issue.

  3. We’re thinking along the same lines today.

    Excellent post, sirrah!

  4. Yeah, it’s really down to a choice between “really corrupt evil party” and “mostly fucked-up cowardly party”. Some days it isn’t worth crawling out of my cave.

  5. Fairlane –


    You’re on fire!

    Best regards,


  6. Every time I read one of your posts, I swear the next one can’t be better. But then the next one is better.


    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  7. As the Producer of TRAILER PARK BOYS said on a CBC radio interview: “Fuck is not even a word. It’s actually punctuation.”

    It’s the American people who probably need to smarten up first – and hold all politico assholes’ feet to the fire. Why are people afraid of their own government? (Oh yeah, there is Homeland Security, the colourful terrorism alert chart, bad criminals, job loss and fear of people from elsewhere…)

    I like the way the French do it. If the government does something stupid, they clog the streets of Paris – marching, burning, shouting, clogging…and then they head off for some decent wine (even the cheap stuff).

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