PDB Blogswarm- Jonestown’s Ode To A Memo

fairlane127.jpgI thought I’d try something a little different in honor of the PDB.

Ode to a Memo

Of crisp white paper and
Ink dark, and forbidden
Among your smooth lines, I’m sure,
A truth does lie hidden

But what is it
Oh what do you say
As I hold you in my fingers
On this warm August Day?

You bring me a warning
A warning to act
There’s a threat, yes a threat
Of impending Attack

Al-Qaida is plotting and
Bin Laden is cackling
His plan will bring destruction
Offering a solution to a problem I’m Tackling

For I am quite busy, just as busy as a bee
Carrying out my own plans devised by the P…N…A…C

Oh sweet white memo
Your skin pale and porcelain like mine
So neat and oh so well written
And just at the right time

Your timing is perfect
I need a distraction
A way to convince my Constituents
It is time for bold Action

America must stand
Stand tall in this hour
And let the world know
There’s a price to pay when you challenge our Power

I will act, and bring Peace and Freedom to this world
“A Happy Meal in the hands of every boy, and every girl!”

Oh my dear memo
Oh you dear and precious thing
Join with me now
And let Freedom Ring!

So innocent, so pure
Like virgin Alabaster
Together you and I
Will do the bidding of My Lord, God and Master

You will provide me
The Impetus I need
And with you in my corner
PNAC’s plan is sure to succeed

We will prey on ignorance, and America’s Myopia
To create, and achieve our dream of a global Utopia

With me at the Helm
And you at my side
We will conceal what is truly Tyranny
Beneath a veil of Nationalistic Pride

Hold me now my Love
Hold me tight on this day
If Al-Qaida attacks
It is Saddam who must pay

For Saddam is the threat
Though he’s crippled and weak
He is the key
To the power we seek

A terrorist attack will at last grant us our entry
Into Iraq, and the Project for a New American Century

So come with me my dear
Come with me now
For you are the why
And I am the who, where and How

It’s Iraq, Iraq
To Iraq we are heading
WMD’s, Imminent Threat,
Regime change, Democracy spreading!

Let Bin Laden come, let Al-Qaida attack
And after they do it’s off to Iraq!

Of crisp white paper
And ink dark, and forbidden
Sleep quiet for now
Stay silent and hidden

No one must know that by God I was chosen
So sit back, relax and watch a bit of Season Two of the Great


Wonder Showzen


~ by fairlane on August 6, 2007.

9 Responses to “PDB Blogswarm- Jonestown’s Ode To A Memo”

  1. Fairlane, I bow in your general direction.

  2. Well, I won’t go so far as to “bow in your general direction” but I will say this was well done!

    Cheers from a neighbor up N! ; )

  3. Morse- You’re going to make me blush.

    Coffee- Bowing is not necessary, we’d rather have donations. Preferably in cash.

  4. “When it’s a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.” Voltaire

    = broke, sorry! ; (

  5. Chimpy and his toady mistress had far more important things to consider, as I recall. They had that turrible ABM treaty to abrogate! Besides, that memo didn’t say a thing about Saddam, so how could it have been right?

  6. Fairlane –

    Forget about bowing, I lie supplicant at your feet. I’m stunned at the show link – why have I never heard of that before?



  7. Ten- Needless to say, Wonder Showzen was quite controversial, especially the parts involving real children saying some pretty outrageous things. For example,

    “Kids where’s Heaven?”

    Little girl who’s probably 8 or 9, “Heaven’s between my legs.”

    I imagine a lot of people didn’t find that very funny.

    It never took off the way similar shows did and only lasted 3 seasons. (I don’t know if it was forced off the air or if they just quit. I don’t have cable and the only reason I know about it is when I was visiting one of my friend’s in Cali we watched every night).

    Personally, I think the satire and absurdism is genius.

    As for “lying in supplication?” Come on man. I saw your latest piece. Bloody brilliant.

    Jolly-I simply cannot understand how they continue to get away with the shit they do. If Clinton did half of this shit, and I’m no Clinton fan, he’d be hanging from a tree in front of the White House.

  8. fairlane, ye’re fergittin’ that Dumbya is ordained by GOD!!!1!one!

  9. Wow.

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