Buffalo vs. Lions vs. Crocodiles vs. Lions vs. Buffalo

Buffalo vs. Lions vs. Crocodiles vs. Lions vs. Buffalo


When Whites came to the United States and brought cows with them, Native Americans were puzzled by the “Cow.” They considered it to be an “artificial” or “man-made” animal because of its docility and apparent stupidity.

They were used to the Buffalo (Bison), and revered it for its strength, power and intelligence. In fact, in many Native American cultures the Buffalo is one of the most sacred animals in the world.

This video, although filmed an Ocean away, demonstrates why Native Americans hold the Buffalo in such high esteem.

Absolutely amazing.


~ by fairlane on August 8, 2007.

7 Responses to “Buffalo vs. Lions vs. Crocodiles vs. Lions vs. Buffalo”

  1. Stunning.

  2. I usually don’t care to watch these videos where a baby animal gets mauled by lions, but this was amazing. I didn’t know animals like buffalo could communicate will enough to be able to pull together a comeback like that. Go buffalo! 😛

  3. And I thought I was having a crap day.

    Hooray for the Water Buffalo!



  4. It is pretty cool. Maybe the good guys do win some times. Although I don’t really consider Lions or Crocodiles to be “bad guys.”

  5. A nice celeberation for the buffalos.

  6. Sub- Yes it is.

  7. that baby died 4 sure

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