Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” & New Order- “True Faith”

Joy Division

I decided to post another video by Joy Division in honor of one of our newest “Linkies” Fran I Am.

The song “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was Joy Division’s most popular single hitting 13th on the British Singles chart in the Summer of 1980. (Several months after Ian Curtis’ suicide).

Joy Division soon disbanded having vowed to abandon the name should any member ever leave the band. They reformed as the trio known as New Order. (Later a quartet when they added Gillian Gilbert, which leads to next video).

I gave our friend Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors a little bit of shit last night when he asked, “But you neglect the New Order years?”

I never cared much for New Order or their style of music in general, but Ten is a good dude and so I decided to include one of New Order’s videos as well.

*Interesting aside. The band New Order furthered accusations by some that the members of Joy Division were “Neo-Nazis.”

The name “Joy Division” stems from a WWII historical novel written by Yehiel De-Nur. In the novel, De-Nur refers to the “Joy Divisions” within Concentration Camps that housed Jewish women who were used as Sex Slaves.

When the members of Joy Division moved on and formed New Order some said they were again referring to Nazism. Hitler often promised, “The New Order of the Third Reich,” in his speeches.

The band members vehemently denied the accusations, but they dogged them throughout their careers.

On their live album, Bernard Sumner can be heard saying, “You all forgot Rudolf Hess.”

Rudolf Hess acted as Adolf Hitler’s Deputy, although he quickly fell out of Hitler’s favor once Hitler began consolidating power.

Hess fled to Scotland after the war broke out in attempt to score a Peace Settlement with the British (He even offered to return all the land Germany had conquered), but was subsequently arrested, and died in prison in 1987.

There are numerous reasons why Joy Division may have had interest in Hess. Hess was completely isolated in solitary confinement by the British after his capture. He was also thought to be insane. Many of Joy Division’s songs focus on isolation, insanity etc.

Also, after Hess’ death rumors began spreading that the man in British Custody was in fact not Rudolf Hess but a “Substitute.” Although the rumors were dismissed several “discrepancies” remain. For example, the man claiming to be Hess did not have scars from the wounds Hess received during WWII, nor could the man remember where he was stationed during the War.

According to people who interviewed him, specifically Richard-Arnold Baker an MI6 officer, “Hess” knew very little about Germany or its culture.

Personally, I have no idea. None of Joy Division’s songs are Anti-Semitic nor have I ever heard any of the members say anything Anti-Semitic. Generally “Neo-Nazis” are more than happy to share their idiotic views with anyone who will listen.

I think it has more to do with Ian Curtis’ preoccupation with death, which the Nazis are the ultimate symbol. (Anyway, I thought it was interesting).

“Love Will Tear Us Apart”



“True Faith”




~ by fairlane on August 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” & New Order- “True Faith””

  1. Fairlane –

    I’m not ashamed of my punk or pop past. I’ve liked all the phases of my musical journey. I loved New Order, and when I learned about the Joy Division connection, I was flummexed. How could anything so light have sprung from something so dark? How did Bow-Wow-Wow come from the Sex Pistols? It is a mystery.

    But listen, really listen, to New Order’s lyrics sometime, and the connection becomes clear; I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if someday we learn that the songs were actually written for Joy Division, but arranged for New Order.

    At anyrate, New Order is absolutely one of the most important groups of the 80s; they defined ironic pop music. Not quite New Wave, they are really hard to categorize, and yet when you listen to them, they are clearly of the era. The music still holds up well, I think, too. No collection of 80s music is complete without them.



  2. I was just razzing you Ten. Actually until today I don’t think I’d listened to New Order in 10 years or more. Compared to today’s music no doubt they are better than 95% of it. That’s why I pull the “oldies” out because this newer music is a travesty, sans a few bands.

    In interviews, the surviving members of Joy Division say without a doubt that is where they were headed, The “New Order” sound. And if you listen to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and compare it to “New Dawn Fades” or “Day of the Lords” it’s hard to tell it’s the same band. Other than a couple of haphazard chords there is no guitar whatsoever in “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

    I hope you know I was just fucking with you. It’s hard to tell some times over the Internet because there’s no context, just words.


  3. There was no offense at all, Fairlane. You are aces with me.

    I love talking music.


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  5. How did I not see this back then? Don’t even ask why I am here now… I am and happy to see this, thanks for the link love, albeit late!

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  7. loved joy division and probably loved new order even more. both are great listening…

    im going to do a post like this of some favorites soon.

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