Jonestown Is Going on a Brief Hiatus

fairlane127.jpgI’m not going to be posting much the next couple of days because I’m working on a huge project (Huge for me at least) for a company that works with Opiate/Opioid Addicts. I’m writing a great deal of the material for their website, (Can you believe that shit?) and although I’m happy because I’m getting paid to write, I am also worn the fuck out. This is some tedious shit and I’m spending 10-12 hours per day on it.

On the bright side, by the time I’m finished I’ll know everything there is to know about Heroin:)


I’m leaving you with the following messages:

Feel free to peruse the galleries, and I’ll see you soon.



Here are a couple of my personal favorites from not too long ago. Again, some already read them, others have not. Read them again or read them again not.

Faith Based Toys Coming to a Wal-Mart Near You 

Is This Freedom? 

Beer, Badges and Beat Downs

Is Tom Cruise Gay or Is He Just a Dumbass? 


And Don’t Forget…



~ by fairlane on August 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “Jonestown Is Going on a Brief Hiatus”

  1. Don’t work too hard!

  2. Been reading through those posts you listed. You’re killing me. You’re damned funny. Don’t stay gone too long.

  3. I’ve been reading some more. Even though you might really kill me, I’m linking you.

  4. I wish you only the best! Website work can indeed be tedious….but taking the money’s never hard.:)

    My profession is working with those addicts you educate with the website, so they can get their lives back together.

    Um…if you happen to be inside one of the centers? Do me a favor if you will. Don’t tell them “Drink Up, Bitches!!”

    They tend to take things so damn literally at times!:)

    And that was quite the message you left.

  5. I sure am going to miss you honey! But how can this blog and your adoring fans compete with the white horse?

    Be good and get yourself PAID.

    And you are too damn funny, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

  6. Wow, now I’m gonna know a heroin expert. How cool is that! Take as much time as you need to make some extra money. Who could blame you. We’ll be right here waiting when you return. Take care

  7. Sounds like great work, take care and pick those moments to take a break when things get a little hard.

  8. Days without a Fairlane fix? I’m jonesin’ already! Hurry back, you’ll be missed!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  9. Suzie Q- Never that. I have ADD, I’m a lazy bastard.

    Invisible- Don’t die on me. I don’t have insurance. No one in their right mind would insure this place.

    Dan- I used to work as a counselor with gang members, nutty kids and adults, and my last job I worked at a Methadone clinic. That’s how I got this gig.

    I do have a tendency to pop off at the mouth. My last interview, before I gave it up for good, I told them I didn’t really think it was a big deal if people smoked weed. Apparently they didn’t like that answer.

    Fran- I never pictured myself riding in on a White Horse. I always figured it would be a beaten up wagon, and I’d be laid out in the back.

    PoP- You are good people. Glad to have made your acquaintance.

    Larry- I’m trying. It’s mostly tedious work. I have to write all this information about opiates, addiction, treatment etc. It gets redundant, but I swear I’m not bitching. In the long run it will pay off because this is the third site I’ve worked on, but the first where I’m doing the entire project myself.

    I make sure to set aside time to visit a few of my peeps.

    Clap- I appreciate it bro’.

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