And Jonestown Would Like To Thank…

Wow! Our homeboy raffi at citiZenMindful woke me up faster than my Coffee today by declaring that I am the recipient of the famed, oft sought after “Inspirational Blogger Award.”

I’ve been called a lot of things in my brief time blogging: Asshole, Smart Ass, DickHead, Little Shit, Communist, Socialist, Crazy, Seriously Disturbed, Potty Mouth and even Troll, but as of yet no one has ever referred to me as, “Inspirational.”

I attribute this award to the fact that raffi is just one of those rare nice people you meet be it in the real world or the ethereal world we call the “Blogosphere.”

There is no linking to the Progenitor of said award and I like that as well. It’s simply something you give to people and blogs that you enjoy, which is definitely cool beans.

So without further adieu here are my choices:

Morning Martini– I know PoP isn’t one for awards or memes, but you know what? Too Fucking bad. She is going to accept this award whether she likes it or not, and if I have to involve the Mafia, then so be it.

PoP, as most of you are probably aware, puts out one hell of a blog. She rarely writes more than a few paragraphs, but damn her paragraphs are efficient, and they pack a Wallop.

PoP is also one of those rare nice people you meet. I’m honored that she consistently contributes to the discussions here at Jonestown.

Phydeauxspeaks– What can you say about Phydeaux? Really good guy, and damn intelligent. Phy knows a lot about our old Government (Especially the Constitution), and he has some pretty interesting ideas on what we can do to make this a better country for Everyone.


If you ever want to know what kind of Pirate you are or how Strange you might be, Phydeaux probably has a test somewhere on his blog that will give the answers whether you like them or not.

The Future Was Yesterday– Dan is a man after my own heart. In fact, the first comment I ever left on his blog was, “You sure we weren’t separated at birth?” Dan can use the word Fuck like nobody else, and I love it. People temper language too much these days. Words are pieces of art and they should not be censored.

But Dan does more than curse like a Mother Fucker. He writes some deep posts, and he can be sensitive as well, which is a great change of pace. One day he’s admonishing the Liberals and Wingnuts, and the next he’s writing about how much he loves his wife. That’s good stuff.

Writing is the most powerful of all the arts.

Little Indian– Don’t let the name fool you. Seriously, he’s really Indian, but the not the kind you think, and he’s not “Little” either.

The Caption at the top of his blog says, “me no big chief.” It’s a ruse because Little Indian’s posts are like A-bombs, literally sometimes.

He knows his history, and he writes about it eloquently, passionately. A couple of times while reading his posts I’ve had to pause for a minute because Damn!

He nails the emotion, and I like writers that can do such things.

Last but not least…

Fran I AmFran awarded me the “Pissant Provocateur” award last week, and I declined because our friend JollyRoger bestowed the same award on us the day before, then I found out that the Prima Donna we call Tengrain got three of the Damn things!

Here I thought I was being noble, and allowing someone else to be acknowledged. Next time…

Fran is great, and is funny as shit. She is actually a personal friend, or was a personal friend, of Andy Warhol, and in fact, from what I hear, he stole most of his ideas from her. (He was a pretentious bastard).

I suggest you visit these folks. Congratulate them. Donate a couple of bucks, and possibly add them to your blogroll if they are not already there.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. On the way out please remember to…



~ by fairlane on August 24, 2007.

17 Responses to “And Jonestown Would Like To Thank…”

  1. Fairlane –

    I got three of ’em in one day. I gave up counting after that. But as a thankyou gift, I’ve sent a note to all the surviving Munchkin actors and told them you wanted to record some hot midget porn.

    Is that the doorbell I hear?



  2. You keep those little freaks away from me. They’re dangerous, and can’t be trusted.

  3. I’m touched (in the head) – and honored.

    And I always find you to be inspiring!

  4. Fairlane,

    would you still award it to little indian if you knew that he is a ‘he’ and not a ‘she’?

    In the view of such a revelation, if you wish to reconsider the award’s list…


  5. Oh you and your drug writing… Is this where it has led you? Tagging me and midget porn courtesy of that clever Tengrain?

    Well I don’t know what to say but I think I better start saying FUCK a lot more so you can add that to any descriptor about me to.

    Cuz cussin is something I am fucking good at. And that is not bullshit.

    Seriously- thanks my dear Fairlane. Inspiration? Wow.

  6. Phydeaux- Ditto, but not in the Rush Limbaugh way.

    Little- I don’t know what you’re talking about.It clearly says “he” in my post.

    Sorry about that, I’ve been staying up way too late writing about opiates.

    Fran- You’re mother fucking welcome!

  7. congrats on the award, Fairlane. you are indeed an inspirational pissant! 😉

  8. I am sorry, I misread your post.
    I swear I read ‘she’s instead of ‘he’s.
    I am totally confused now (it is easy getting confused these days 🙂 ).

    But still,
    thanks for the award, (I presume it is still on.)

  9. You are correct Little. It did say “she’s” instead of “he’s,” but through the magic of Wonka Vision the mistake was corrected.

    And of course the award is still yours to keep, sell, pawn, wear as a necklace or crush into a fine powder and snort.

    I apologize for the confusion.

  10. Phew.
    I will ofcourse keep the award, Thanks.
    Now will have to live upto it.

    I am not used to getting awards, specially having flunked history and language in school. Honest.


  11. congrats to you on receiving this award. Now if they only come up with a writer award, I am sure you would receive your fair share.

  12. Dang, you’re not going to be able to move in your abode with all these ether awards! ; )

  13. you make me laugh more than anyone!
    what a blessing that is!!!!
    keep it up big guy!!!!!!!

  14. Congrats and well deserved by Fairlane and his tagged five!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  15. Commander- Takes one to know one.

    L- If I win anything for writing I want it to be a contract with a publisher.

    Coffee- I know, it is getting out of hand. I was thinking of taking them to my winter house; it’s made out of clouds.

    Victoria- You can’t call me “big guy” in public. Someone might figure out you’re my mom.

    Clapso- Thanks again. Shit, I’m sick of saying thank you. Damn skippy!@

    One other thing. Anyone bad mouths my wingnut mother, and you will answer. I didn’t work with gangbangers for nothing. Some people still owe me big time for keeping their dumbasses out of jail.

    One call to my hacker friend, and a few hours later some guy named “Des Loc” has your address. Got it?

  16. you like them
    you really like them!

  17. Hello there. Dan is absolutely my favorite blogger. You called that one right. And you are also right that writing is the most powerful art. Wish I could do it.

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