The Birthday Party- “Nick the Stripper” & “Junkyard”

The Birthday Party

I thought it fitting that since I’m writing about opiates, why not feature someone who has a bit more personal knowledge about the world of Opioid Synthesis?

Nick Cave is a genius, but he might also be Completely Insane. I have a friend that used to hang with Nick for a spell, but unfortunately he’s insane as well, and getting him to report anything accurately is like trying to interview someone from the Bush Administration.

He did say that Nick is quite a “player,” and that his girlfriend at the time was “Fucking Hot.” (Women and their psychopaths. Gotta love it).

Although The Birthday Party never made it commercially numerous bands list them as an influence: Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins, and Dinosaur Jr.

Cocteau Twins?

Their music is beyond description, and all I can think of is “Willfully Atonal,” which is how a “Music Critic” described The Jesus Lizard.

“Nick the Stripper”




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~ by fairlane on August 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Birthday Party- “Nick the Stripper” & “Junkyard””

  1. Hey, Fairlane,

    Within the last year, I became a Nick Cave convert. I like using the word ‘convert’ because following Nick quicky becomes a form of worship, and of course, the accompanying exultation of religious fervor.

    Great post. Thanx.

    BTW: Insanity is an entirely subjective state.

    Morgan Wolf

  2. I’ve followed Nick for many years, and I go through periods where I forget about him only to rediscover the madness.

    He is a unique individual.

    Insanity is subjective to sane people.

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