The Wonderful and Frightening World of… The Fall

The Fall

Big New Prinz

Camp Freddie

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~ by fairlane on August 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Wonderful and Frightening World of… The Fall”

  1. Interesting! You always have something different and unusual, which makes visiting your blog fun!



  2. I see you got your free handouts.:)

  3. Suzie Q- Some of that is simply my ADD. I get bored so easily that I can’t do the same thing for very long.

    And I love music. I could spend a million bucks on music. I wish WordPress would allow us to use plugins because there are so many great bands, but the only places they let us link with have a limited selection.

    That music site they suggest sucks.

    Dan- I wish. Maybe I could sleep.

  4. Wow- you blow my mind baby, you always do.

    Thanks. I needed that!

  5. Fran- I’m glad you enjoyed. I dig The Fall myself.

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