The Inner Workings of the Tangential Mind

fairlane1329.jpgThis is yet another post from the vaults of the Jonestown National Archive. I’m not sure what I think about it now, but what the Hell?

The introduction was a result of some Fucking Wingnut trying to turn me into the WordPress Police Department because they came over here running their mouth, and my mother, of all people (A fellow Wingnut), told her matter of factly that she was a Pinhead, and that because of her affliction she felt sorry for her.

Apparently that didn’t sit well with my uninvited guest, and she contacted WordPress who subsequently locked me out of my blog for 12 hours, while they “investigated.”

So, there’s that…

Before I begin, let me preface this with a brief statement and a couple of warnings.

(In these times of “Political Correctness”, we here at Jonestown want you, the reader, to know we would never intentionally offend anyone. So, if we happen to offend any sissies, crybabies, whiners, Prima Donnas or the ever present Shut-Ins let me just say beforehand, Piss Off! There’s nothing shady going on here, no need to contact the Thought Police. Have a pleasant and overly sensitive evening).


1) If your mind doesn’t work this way, this piece may seem utterly bizarre. Let me be the first to apologize on behalf of your parents who didn’t read and/or interact with you enough when you were young, thereby limiting your brain’s development. Not even Mozart can save you now.

2) Some sections of this piece could be interpreted as morbid. Or even boring.


This morning after getting off the phone with my daughter’s mother, for some reason I began thinking about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Narcissus from whom the name of the disorder derives. If not, here’s the synopsis:

Narcissus was a Greek mythological hero. He was supposedly very beautiful, but vain, and he spurned his various suitors. After hearing his suitor’s prayers for retribution, the goddess Nemesis (Divine Justice and Vengeance) punished Narcissus by causing him to fall in love with his own reflection.

Moving along. So, there I was thinking about Narcissists, and then I remembered a piece I wrote a few days ago where I mentioned Anti-Social Personality Disorder. (In case you missed it, I was always fascinated by Anti-Socials. And considering I spent two years counseling gang members in St. Louis I got to meet more than my fair share). I always saw them as proof of Evolution, or at least very compelling evidence in support of it. Basically, Sociopaths are “lizard brains”, very basic in their motivations. And like a lizard or tiger or shark they don’t have to contend with that annoying problem we call a conscience. Well, that’s not entirely true. A conscience exists, but it has very little influence over their behavior. Sociopaths are more motivated by potential consequences than by emotions. Yeah, those sociopaths. People often act Sociopathic in groups or “mobs” even though as individuals they are not anti-social. Why? Well, part of it can be the desire to fit in, and to not appear “weak”. If Jon is cutting off people’s left arms, I’m going to have cut off the right arm and the left ear. No way is that namby-pamby Jon showing me up. Okay that’s oversimplifying. People are social, we want to be accepted, and we don’t want others getting mad or even worse, hating us. We want to be a part of the group, to be included, and at times that may mean we have to hack off an arm or two. What the hell? Also, within groups there’s that whole “anonymity” thing. We’re seeing a problem with that on the Internet. Kids mercilessly harassing the “nerd” or “loser” using blogs, chat-rooms, forums, some even build websites dedicated to destroying their “enemy’s” self-esteem. In fact, a few kids have committed suicide because the harassment was so unbearable. People can be cruel. Remember those experiments done by Stanley Milgram in the 1960’s? He did this experiment on 40 men. Of course the men thought they were only participating in an experiment, they didn’t know they were the test subjects. They were sat in front of an “Electro-Shock Generator”, with various switches and lights on it. The premise was the “participant” would be given a pairing of words. His job was to read the first word to another man in an adjoining room. He would then read a list of 4 possible answers, one of which was the second word. If the man guessed correctly everything was copacetic. If not, the “participant” was supposed to use the “Electro-Shock Generator” on him. The “ESG” went all the way up to 450 volts, which is a fatal dose of electricity. If the subjects began to question the validity of the “experiment” they were given a succession of directions by the Administrator;

1)Please continue.

2)The experiment requires that you continue.

3)It is absolutely essential that you continue.

4)You have no other choice, you must go on.

65% of the subjects gave the final and fatal shock. Many Nazis, during the Nuremberg trials used the “I was only following orders and had no choice” defense. Most people are fearful of “Authority,” and will do whatever someone in “Authority” tells them, no matter how insane it may be. Partly because they don’t feel responsible for their actions if they are being “ordered”. Also because they feel helpless and simply capitulate. We live in a world where things get distorted very easily. We all have remnants of that “caveman/cave-woman” in us. Did you know that the one trait women prefer the most in men is height? Money, okay, good looking, that’s nice too, well educated, eh, but if he’s tall that must mean something. What does it mean? well 30,000 years ago it meant “he go out hunt, bring back bacon” and since he was taller he had a better shot than some midget who could easily get squashed. In today’s world, physical strength, although considered attractive, is not really necessary. Brain power is what leads to success (Or having no conscience). Of course being attractive sure doesn’t hurt. People that are “attractive” are more likely to be hired over someone viewed as “unattractive”. Even people who view themselves as “unattractive” or are viewed that way by society have a higher opinion of “attractive” people. They are seen as more “honest, smarter, more successful, more popular, having fewer problems” on down the line. Guess they never heard of Paris Hilton. What a twit that woman is. She single handedly set women back a hundred years. And talk about physical strength being unnecessary. In her world being literate is unnecessary. Illiteracy rates are abnormally high in this country considering how advanced and wealthy we are. I wonder why that is?

The following events took place between 9:30-9:45 am


~ by fairlane on August 28, 2007.

17 Responses to “The Inner Workings of the Tangential Mind”

  1. Is that your daughter, D? She’s beautiful:)
    later tater.

  2. Thanks daddy-o. I’m still not sure about putting her up though. There are a lot of freaks in the world, present company excluded/included?, but as corny as it sounds whenever I look over at her it makes me smile. The only drawback is she looks just like her bloody mother.

  3. i guess from what i read in your space that someone has complained about what it is that you are writing. shame on them. no one is forced to read anything they don’t like after they leave formal education behind them. just like you are not forced to listen to music, theatre, radio or conversations in which you do not care to participate. so, guess that is all i have to say today.

  4. Yeah, I agree vicky. It just really bummed me out after that guy read D’s blog and then decided that kidnapping was a good idea. I have kids, so the thought of him forcibly putting them to bed against their will was just too much to bear. That’s because I don’t believe in kidnapping. It is the worst kind of moral evil, and it affects my kids and since it affects my kids, it affects me. However, I do believe that goatnapping is perfectly acceptable. And D, nice post…the little gal made me smile too:)

  5. WTF? Wow. Locked out of your own blog. Insane.

    I send such good thoughts to your tiny cute one.

  6. WordPress who subsequently locked me out of my blog for 12 hours, while they “investigated.”
    Holy Cop Land!! I guess there is one thing to be said for google’s incompetent indifference: You can write what you think all day. Or maybe Google’s staff just can’t read that well. I dunno yet.

    Paris Hilton. What a twit that woman is. She single handedly set women back a hundred years.
    Only if some one looks at that twit, and says “That’s what all Women are like.” Paris Hilton is essentially a sexual vending machine, upon which a head was mistakenly placed.

  7. Wow a blog cop locked you out? Thats so damn wrong.

    But interesting post.

  8. Buddy, do you and yours a favor and keep your daughter’s name and face off of your blog. I’m proud of my boy and I think he’s a handsome devil, but I don’t want MY narcissism to cause me, his mother or HIM any trouble. And this also relates to your experience with WordPress. Liberals and hipsters can be a LITTLE goofy about the Big Brother thing but that doesn’t mean it’s not there (some song from the 60s about that which Nirvana makes a tongue-in-cheek reference to, no?). It IS THERE. I am living proof. I moved 5000 miles away so I could STAY IN COMPLIANCE with an absurd law that Donald Rumsfeld and John Warner thought was crazy, but Cheney thought was necessary to give to the Christian base.

    Not a bit of hipster posturing. Quite the contrary. I wanted to protect my son and my family — and yes my EVIL money, well the boy’s actually — and rather than make this Willamsburg party fodder to impress hipsters with whatever, I took it fucking seriously. It took hours and hours of consultations with attorneys, reading statutes, case law, etc. And then a lot of planning.

    Do you think for a minute any of these blogging services is not cooperating fully with OHS? They are all owned now by multi-billion dollar corporations. As a movement, we’re sort of a problem. Indivdually, we don’t mean shit. As long as the formal debate is kept in bounds and there’s no chance of ending any wars, no blogger’s going to get in REAL trouble. But you never know. Sometime late in 2001, a guy in San Francisco DID get in a jam because at the post office he asked for the sheet of nature stamps instead of the sheet of flag stamps he’d been handed.

    Family — always — first.

  9. You got problems here. I posted a long, thoughtfully paranoid response and WordPress did not let it through. Short version: keep your daughter’s name and likeness far, far away from the blog. And remember to be careful and protect your family and your money.


  11. I took her picture down long ago. It was up when no one was reading my blog except my mom, a couple of my friends, that wingnut, and myself.

    The whole story (Summarized whole story) goes like this.

    The Wingnut commented on one of my posts accusing me of “hating God.” In the post I didn’t mention God, I mentioned religious freak-o’s, like this commenter.

    At the end of my post I compared anti-socials to puzzles, and remarked how I always found them fascinating when I was worked as a counselor.

    The dipshit makes some smart ass comment, and then of course I respond saying, “How odd out of all the blogs on WordPress you’d feel compelled to comment here. You’re just the kind of person I was talking about.”

    Then mom chimes in saying something to the effect of, what a shame it must be to live having so much anger crammed into such a little pinhead or pea-head (one of the two).

    An hour later, I cannot get into my blog. In fact, it’s saying my blog doesn’t exist. I try over and over, but get the same message, my blog does not exist.

    At the time, I only had like two posts, so I wasn’t that upset. I thought maybe there was a glitch or something, so I tried to start a new blog using the same name, but it wouldn’t let me, “ is already in use.”

    Now, how the fuck can my blog exist and not exist simultaneously?

    I send wordpress’ Support a question asking them if my blog is now a part of the undead since it is neither dead nor alive.

    They respond the next day, “yadda yadda yadda, sorry.”

    A few days later I’m talking to my friend “Wormwood,” and his wife, who happens to know these things, said WordPress probably locked up my blog so they could rummage through my stuff to make sure I wasn’t writing anything inflammatory or obscene. Said the girl probably got pissed and reported me to Support.

    Not done yet.

    I notice a few days later an incoming link in my dashboard. I click on it to see who it’s coming from and a screen opens saying, “What are you smoking,” and that’s it.

    I finally figure out that the link is coming from WordPress. WordPress the “Entity,” not a blog. It stays up for several weeks and then goes away. I can only assume they were monitoring me.

    The worst I do on my blog is curse like a mother fucker, and I really only do that for effect. I don’t threaten people or encourage violence or talk about overthrowing the government. (I do all those things at my Anarchist’s meetings).

    To this day, I still get worried sometimes because technically they can take your blog away, and keep all your shit. I have some masterpieces in here, and I would be Monumentally Pissed. I would be forced to litigate this place into oblivion, especially when they have bloggers on here who are overtly racist, and sell racist wares from their blogs. Oh, and they also link to several sites and blogs that are apparently run by Militias.

    That’s the story.

    Oh, and I thought I mentioned this Kelso, I do not speak Spanish. Only pig latin and a smattering of Hillbilly.

  12. Well, FAIRLANE, that’s about the worst blog-host story I’ve heard so far. I’ve read your stuff and I can’t find anything I’d consider remotely illegal in it and political expression was double plus protected — that is before Bush’s May signing statement. Right now, every single element of human behavior is technically illegal in the USA.

    Just guessing, I’d say that WordPress overreacted because they were new and worried about getting derailed by the govt in their effort to seize market share from Blogger. But that’s the American way of business. Instead of building a better mousetrap, the idea is to use the authorities to prevent the other guy from building his mousetrap.

    I have a lot of financial experience – I even have an MBA! — and I’ve seen these things happen many times over in many industries.

    Jeez, that’s what Cuba is all about. It’s not about communism. It’s about Europe already doing business there and the USA hating that. That’s what Nicaragua was about, too. OK, it was also about North and Negroponte’s sadism. During his first presidency, Daniel Ortega came to New York and gave a presentation to the Young Presidents’ Club (a business association of CEOs under the age of 40) annoucing that Nicaragua was open for business. He got a standing ovation. But, as a lot of these guys were aggressive entrepreneurs and — though very wealthy — not wedded to anyone’s politics, least of all Reagan’s. One could almost say that the Contras were funded to stop American (and European) capitalism. The markets there weren’t big enough for the largest US corporations but they couldn’t stand anyone else making money there.

    That’s why the international joke about America is that it sucks at the thing it claims to be past-masters at — business.

    Keep fighting the good fight. I was too chicken.

    Shit, I’m such a peace lover that while I curse up a blue streak and write a lot of hedonistic stuff about sex and getting lit up, I never fail to call down hipsters who advocate violent overthrow of the government. I’ve made the point before and got flamed for it, but revolution is no joke. In order to be a revolutionary one has to be so committed to his or her cause as to be willing to kill a child or a cop in cold blood. Not only am I personally not that evil, I think it’s evil across the board. Raising this point in opposition to hipster “revolutionaries” I kind of got kicked off BlueGal’s blog because I didn’t understand that “revolution” was a metaphor! BlueGal told Kelso “we play nice around here.” Funny, I didn’t think advocating revolution was too terribly nice but lacking the IQ of the big-time bloggers, there are plenty of subtleties I miss.

    Not how I grew up revolution isn’t no metaphor. It’s smash-the-state or don’t and as a family we all agreed that the Constitution was too beautiful to fuck with no matter how many hardships we’d endured. I don’t feel comfortable going into a lot of my family’s history, but you may feel free to use your imagination.

    More long-winded shit from Kelso, but I think you see why I ID’d so much with that anti-hipster bit a few Jones posts ago.

    I’m sure we’ll have an interesting back and forth about anti-social behavior, gangs, crime, etc. I never did the real lord’s work like you did but I’m no stranger to that world, even though I’m 5’7″ and couldn’t dent a pillow with my punch.

    Later, buddy.

  13. Another long, this time gentle response, delayed by WordPress. Short-verision: your wordpress experience sounded like a huge bummer and like you I curse and joke about hedonism and express what I consdider to be mainstream political views. Like you, I don’t advocate violence. And I hate hipster-poseurs who do.

  14. For some reason my Anti-spam program is picking up any long comments. It did it to me the other night.

    I had difficulty over at BG’s as well. She used to like me, and actually helped me in the beginning, but I think I pissed off some of the “Liberals” with my big mouth (Keyboard).

    I recently tried to begin a discussion on another Popular “Liberal’s” blog (a self-professed comedian) using “comedy,” and he got so pissed he asked me “to go away.” He never got it. Stayed stuck in the Left Side of his Brain the entire time.

    I think that was the straw that broke the Camel’s back.

    But I don’t need her help anymore, and those “Liberal” types never like me anyway, at least not for very long, once they realize that although we agree “theoretically,” I’m not a “Liberal” nor will I ever be.

    Have a nice evening, morning, afternoon, whatever.

  15. Still have to do my real work while my son sleeps because he’s going to want to go swimming in the morning and for me to pitch 100 times to him afterwards on the ballfield across the street.

    I’m with you on that “liberal” thing. I grew up in an anarchist, communist, libertarian, street kid environment. We had very little patience for liberals. My mother, who’s left of most of the blogosphere, recently said “Philip Morris does more social good through it’s charities than Whole Foods ever could. Union-busting cunts.”

    So, I, too have alienated many blogs. Lately, though, I’ve started sensing something new. People with different backgrounds, tough, comfortable enough with themselves to present their views and agree or agree to disagree and be tolerant organically as opposed to having to be monitored by BG-types. The flavor’s good.

  16. I think there’s a lot of censorship of the subtle variety going on.

    Reconstitution used to live in the UK, and then more and more people just could not comment for “technical” reasons. If it gets bad enough here, Reconstitution may put on a tricolor.

  17. Jolly- I think we should form some kind of “Blogging Syndicate.”

    Until then, don’t you be going and Tri-colorizing your blog.

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