Iggy Pop & Dead Boys


Iggy Pop





The Passenger



Dead Boys

Not Anymore


This goes out to our new friend living in exile Kelso. Dude can fucking write, and he knows his music.

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~ by fairlane on August 29, 2007.

9 Responses to “Iggy Pop & Dead Boys”

  1. Whoo hoo- I luvz me sum Kelso and I am glad that you two are now acquainted. Cuz I luvz me sum Fairlane too.

    Another great post Fairlane. Your musical acumen leaves me speechless at times!

  2. Re the “comment that would not die” regarding a certain poultry related euphimism on another blog. Yes Fairlane I do, but maybe not as much as my multi-repeated comment would imply!

  3. Yes, Kelso is an old friend. I like that he does his thing.

    This poultry comment has me curious.

  4. Tears, buddy. Real tears. Mr Osterberg was an alternate on my Great Lakes team by way. It doesn’t have the fame that some of Iggy’s other sides have but I like KILL CITY a lot. Maybe because he and James Williamson hated each other so very much that the antipathy brought out the best in both.

    Can’t go wrong with the DEAD BOYS. Keep WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR CHILDREN in heavy rotation, it sez here.

    As for exile, despite Barney Frank’s best efforts at legislative repeal of UIGEA, it may be a while before Kelso returns to the land of the slave, home of the coward, but just as Ice Cube said “still have my vote and/Farrrakhan for president/of White America,” Kelso still has his Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners’ license and will be sure to return to your fine city SOMETIME. Winning a NW2x on Oaks Day with Austin’s Mom at Churchill was a great thrill even though I only lived it by proxy and saw it on TV. My nags did fuck-all everytime I flew down from NY. Maybe because I was stuck with the inestimable Marco Salazar training them then. My partner from Chicago was there to get his picture in the winners’ circle for the Oaks Day win and send me my copy. I have it here in Panama.

    Oh yeah, and DENNIS KUCINICH for President of White America.

    Hey, Lynn. Hey, Fran.

    Fairlane, un abrazo de mi parte y un vuelo a la luna en alas del Angelito de mi parte tambien, pue’, me entiendes, si o no? Como se dicen en Colombia jajaja…

  5. Lynn- Poultry related euphemism… Rhymes with Dock. Fairlane, not a word out of you!

  6. …the game variety can produce rather entertaining fights at La Gallera San Miguelito, Lynn

  7. iggy rocks. even that song “candy” was bad ass.

    candy candy candy
    i can’t let you go
    all my life
    you’re haunting me
    i love you so

  8. Seems like bloggers are dropping (out) like flies lately! What’s up with that?

  9. raffi- I think Iggy could do a remake of “I love you, you love me,” and I’d like it. He’s a truly authentic man,and whether you like his music or not you have to respect that.

    Lynn- I’m under strict orders not to elaborate on the “poultry” incident.

    All I’ll say is this, think of other words used to describe “poultry.”

    Fran- Your secret is safe with me. I swear. It’s in the “Vault.”

    Or should I say it’s in the “Chicken Coop?”

    Nvisible- I’m not sure what’s going on.

    It can be a little freaky. Like I said, a couple of the people on my blogroll just POOF, disappeared.

    It’s easy to forget that they are real people, living in the real world, and that real things happen.

    I’m fairly certain none of them are dead, but other than that I don’t know what happened.

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