Dwarves- Drug Store (Warning Naked Boobies)

This is for you Tengrain…Enjoy!



Drug Store


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~ by fairlane on September 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Dwarves- Drug Store (Warning Naked Boobies)”

  1. Thanks – that was really good!

    It was like American Steel with elocution classes.



  2. Whatever clever thing I was going to say is gone. I am laughing too ahrd at Tengrain’s comment.

    You know, this is one of the reasons I love to come here. It is not just the lunatic ravings.(and I say that with a lot of love) It is just who knows what the fuck form and then direction, said rantings will take.

    I stand in awe.

  3. FranIAm – I’m in awe of Fairlane, too.



  4. Fran- That’s what makes the Jonestown Experience so exciting. Who knows what in the fuck is going to happen from day to day?

    I’m glad you enjoy visiting I enjoy your visits.

    And there’s no need to stand.

    Ten- Unfortunately, the Dwarves decided to go “Pop.”

    I hadn’t listened to them in a while, and as I was looking for a song from above album, I listened to some of their newer stuff. At first, I thought maybe there were two bands called Dwarves because it was straight cheese ball.

    But you have to love that album cover. Hot chicks covered in blood, and a midget. I told you about those midgets. Killing all the hot chicks is just the first step in their nefarious plan to overthrow the world.

    I appreciate the sentiment, and feel the same about the observations you make.

    Both of you.

  5. i love old skool punk… that old thrifty sign was very nostalgic. thanks for the referral.

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