Slint and Crain -Two of Louisville’s Finest


Slint, Louisville, KY., sprang from the remains of Squirrel Bait in 1986, and went on to have a wide, yet subtle influence on Music.

Slint released two albums during their brief run:

Tweez– Jennifer Hartman Records, 1987, Steve Albini- (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac) Sound engineering.

Spiderland– 1991 on Touch and Go Records. Considered by many to be the first true Post Rock album.

It’s hard to measure Slint’s impact because they didn’t stick around for long, but Slint along with bands like Crain, King Kong, Evergreen, and King Horse had Louisville primed to be the next “Seattle.”

Thank God it never happened.

This video was taken in 2005, when Slint came home to do a “Reunion Show,” of sorts. If you listen closely you can hear me say, “Wooo!”

I have to admit, the show was great, and I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in years, but damn I felt old. Twenty fucking years have passed since they released their first album. Hard to believe.

The second video is another Louisville band, Crain. Crain was also part of Louisville’s Post Rock-Math Rock scene, and their lead singer, Jon Cook, was a good friend of mine.

Again if you pay careful attention, I think in this video you can hear me say, “Yeaaaahhh!” or something like that.


Nosferatu Man

Older Than You


UFO Song

Older Than You

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~ by fairlane on September 2, 2007.

7 Responses to “Slint and Crain -Two of Louisville’s Finest”

  1. I listened but I didn’t hear you Fairlane, and I tried. Must be my old ears, made all the worse from years of LOUD rock in seedy and at that time smoky clubs and so forth.

    I enjoyed this though- thanks for this slice o’ Louisville music life via Fairlane!

  2. Thanks for sharing the music! 😉

  3. Alas I have my sound off because I am already playing music and have ten things going. But I will come back.

  4. The scene lives nationwide the DISconnect in a GREAT DIVIDE.

  5. doood, these are some great tunes. i love your taste. i’ve actually never heard of any of these bands, just like the dwarves. anyways, thanks again for the referral. pees.

  6. Music AND Spongebob accessories. Whatta guy!

  7. Fran- I’m in there somewhere Fran. I’m fairly certain that I am.

    Suzie- My pleasure.

    David- Yeah, we’re still around. Soon we will be the ones running the country.

    Maybe when you’re elected President you can have them play Dead Kennedys at your Inaugural.

    raffi- No problemo dood. Let me know if you want more information.

    I actually tried to get my cousin to write for me. He’s a Punk historian, and has thousands of albums, cd’s, tapes, etc etc, but he’s a CPA, and he’s “too busy.”

    What a sell out.

    Lynn- I do what I can.

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