Conservative Nitwits No Better Than Osama

*This is a post by my buddy Reasic . He’s not the Political sort most of the time, and usually writes about the Environment (Global Warming), but he needed to vent, and what better place than Jonestown?

Jonestown is nothing, if not therapeutic.

Before I start, I’d like to clarify my use of the term “nitwit”. First, you must understand that I do not intend to label all conservatives as nitwits. I honestly believe that there are plenty of conservatives out there who are very intelligent and have genuinely good intentions. However, there are some who lack both the former and latter. Those are the nitwits (also called wingnuts).

Now, the other day, a conservative I know proposed an idea to me on foreign policy that I’ve thought about, and I’d like to discuss here. Our conversation started with the fact that his son has served two tours of duty in the current Iraq War. From there, he ended up telling me how ridiculous he thought it was that we have to treat “them” so nicely when they’re out there blowing up our troops and cutting off their heads. This part, while misguided, did not earn the title of nitwit. I can somewhat sympathize with this because his son served and one could apply this statement only to those that are captured in combat. My only comment there would be that it is true that our soldiers must conduct themselves valiantly and virtuously, so that our country will remain on higher moral ground, giving us a moral leverage among other countries in the world. If we were to go around brutally torturing and killing everyone we capture, we would quickly earn a very bad reputation, making more enemies, and thereby losing in the attempt to “win the hearts and minds of the people”.

Immediately after making that statement, though, my acquaintance took his proposed foreign policy into the realm of lunacy. He started by stating that “we” (the United States) should show “them” that we aren’t to be messed with. We should teach “them” that if they mess with us, they’ll regret it. He actually made the case that we should “be more like Russia” (followed, of course, bya quick clarification that he’s no Commie), in that if anyone causes us trouble, we should simply bomb them back to the Stone Age. The scary thing is that I’ve heard this argument made by several others. What is not considered here, besides any value of human life, is that “they” (extremists) only make up a very small percentage of everyone in the Middle East. So, the conservative was advocating killing many innocent people to teach a very small number of extremists among them a lesson. Somehow I think that would send the wrong message.

Hmmm… Where have I seen this ideology in practice before?

On September 11th, 2001, an Muslim extremist group, called Al Qaeda, headed by Osama bin Laden, attacked our country with passenger planes. Their intense hatred for us blinded them to the fact that those who would be killed in their planned attacks were innocent victims, having personally done nothing to deserve the treatment they would receive. Their despicable lack of respect for human life united the world against them. They were immediately recognized as being irrational nut jobs, that could not be reasoned with, and who must be opposed in every way possible.

This idea of bombing “them” back to the Stone Age is no better than the terrorists’ unparalleled display of brutality and stupidity. Therefore, no, the way to win a conflict such as the “War on Terror” is not an extremely indiscriminate bombing campaign in the Middle East. Rather, we must rise above the lawlessness and cowardice of our enemies and show the world that we are the “good guys”. Without this crucial perception of us, we cannot recruit or maintain any assistance in our fight against this extremist ideology. In fact, we could, and in some cases actually have, increased the number of the enemies we are fighting.

I can understand that there are some who have thought this and other idiotic ideas to be good, simply because they have neglected to think it through. However, there are some who seemingly understand its ramifications and still vehemently support it. These people have demonstrated that they are no better than the terrorists that they claim to oppose. These morally inept traitors should be cast aside from any foreign policy discussion.

Back by popular demand, and recommended by 3 out of 4 Oxycontin users….

~ by fairlane on September 4, 2007.

8 Responses to “Conservative Nitwits No Better Than Osama”

  1. Indeed. True conservatives like John Dean, have fled from this administration because they see how recklessly the Bushites have squandered resources, while undermining the rule of law and individual liberties. Those who follow the line of reasoning (for lack of a better word) in the Bush doctrine, are in need of an authoritarian figure who will relieve them of the need to make choices for themselves. The overwhelming use of military force to assert the authority of the U.S. is a logical outgrowth of this mentality. They fear “the other”, and so anyone who doesn’t fall within their narrow definition of acceptable, is a threat and must be destroyed.

    The rise of neo-conservatism and Islamic extremism were parallel developments, and actually dependent on each other to sustain their momentum. This is detailed in the film “The Power of Nightmares”, which can be viewed for free at this link.

  2. To fall into the depths of “propaganda” without using any common sense, is so backwards, I still can’t believe
    we’re in the year 2007, going on 2008.

    Since moving to the midwest, I continue to hear how terribel the native americans in these parts were. So I, in my wisdom(?) reply: “With that observation, and knowing the europeans came here and took over their land, and looking at the middle east, and knowing we are going into their territory, would you not then, expect them to fight back?”

    Imagine the sound of “one hand clapping” as they gaze into the heavens! ; (

  3. Dang: “terribel” should be “terrible.”

    By the way, Cheers to ya Fairlane, long time no see!

  4. Morse- Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Coffee- I’m a “Mid-Westerner,” and I’m amazed at the idiocy. They choose to be ignorant, which makes it all the more frustrating. It’s not like the truth isn’t right there in front of their dumbass faces.

    As for not being around, I’ve had a rough last week, and haven’t felt like posting or anything too much.

    I’m stuck, and I don’t really know how to get myself unstuck.


  5. Hey, thanks for the comments guys. I normally don’t stray into the political arena, but after this conversation I had, I just had to post my thoughts somewhere. Thanks so much for posting this here, fairlane. It was very therapeutic. Now I can go back to my little global warming world. 😛

  6. Oh yeah! This is my first time seeing the post at home, where I can actually view the pictures. Great job on image choices.

  7. Excellent post, Reasic. There’s only one tiny problem. The people running this country right now don’t bother with logic, fairness, or anything else.

    And Morse: I have to differ with you: John Dean is a criminal. Conservative yes, still a criminal conservative. Forget not his role in Watergate.

  8. Convicted, yes, but he recognizes abuses of power with a better eye than almost anyone else.

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