Siouxsie and the Banshees- Face to Face & Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Jack the Ripper



Face to Face



Nick Cave

Bad Seeds

Jack the Ripper

22 caroline


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~ by fairlane on September 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Siouxsie and the Banshees- Face to Face & Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Jack the Ripper”

  1. You just slay me with these musical choices and how you begin and weave your way through them.

    That’s Jonestown. Where’s my kool-aid?

  2. I’m not heeeeeeeeerrrrreeeeee….this isn’t happening

  3. Fran- I love art period. Music, poetry, literature, dance, painting etc etc.

    Life sucks without music. The more mediums you can combine, the better. I really want to incorporate music into my blog, but WordPress won’t let you add plug-ins, and the music service they do offer sucks.

    David- Are you channeling Radiohead?

    Don’t tell me you don’t like Siouxsie. That song is not the best, but I couldn’t find a decent version of the song I wanted.

    Peace and gravy

  4. I was wondering about your choice on Siouxsie. I had sort of forgotten that she kept her voice a long time and always had a bit of the torch singer in her. Love that Nick Cave tune. I think you took the right approach in posting one of each’s more generally accessible selections. Great fucking tunes. You ought to get a few people turned on to both artists’ work.

    What’s wrong with Radiohead? I kind of like that whole big sound thing (like Coldplay, too) and I like that they take chances and I also have kind of a short man’s pride thing with Yorke, as with Iggy and Paul Westerberg, although with regard to the latter the Winona Ryder curse messed up his VAINA (Equatorial Spanish for “SCHTICK”) pretty bad. Just pretty much of a zero since the ‘Mats. See Soul Asylum for details.

    Very hard music trivia question. Outside of Stephen Merritt and Brad Roberts (who are the only two I can think of), how many big time (loosely defined) singers of the rock era sang bass?

  5. Oh, on the subject of Paul Westerberg, something came up recently with a friend. We were discussing song-writing and while I think while the Gold Standard is vintage Jonathan Richman, it’s pretty hard to top Stephen Malkmus on wit. Westerberg at his best was pretty close, but I LIKE ADAM SCHLESINGER. I’VE ALWAYS LIKED ADAM SCHLESINGER AND NOW I’M GOING PUBLIC!

    The key to appreciating it is to think of Fountains Of Wayne not as fraternity shit which anyone certainly has the right to think — I know I’m not selling this point to any I HATE GOD or NEUROSIS or CELTIC FROST zealots — but to think of them as this generation’s Steely Dan, right down their origins. EXPECT a soft, upper-middle-class perspective, and you’ll realize the dude’s funny as shit.

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