And the Beat Goes On, and On, and On and…You Get the Picture

Fake bomb charge an overreaction

Star Simpson, a student at MIT, was detained at Logan International Airport because of a Tee-Shirt.

Authorities charged Simpson with “possessing a hoax device” because her Tee-Shirt had flashing lights and a computer circuit board attached to it.

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Simpson claims the shirt is “harmless artwork,” and that she was wearing it to “stand out” on Career Day.

Simpson is an honor student who won awards in Leadership, Chemistry and who also received a Citation from Congress in Robotics.

Her attorney claims the entire incident is a Ridiculous and borders on “Paranoid.”

I have several problems with this situation.

1) What is it with people named Simpson?

2) If she’s going to be detained, it should be because of that fucking wig. At least, I hope it’s a wig.

3) If the “Authorities” are so concerned about Battery Operated devices on airplanes, can you explain why she’s allowed to fly?

(Speaking of dumbshits)

Bush: Kids’ health care will get vetoed

Bush, yet a-fucking-gin, had the audacity to call someone else “irresponsible.”

He’s accusing the Democrats of supporting a bill that is a step closer to “federalized health care,” (Something the majority of Americans support by the way, which explains why Bush is opposed to it), and unlike the ten thousand spending bills he’s supported in the Past, he’s promised a veto on this legislation.

If you go to the Bureau of the Census’ website, and look up poverty rates you find something very interesting:

Nine out of the top ten states with the highest per capita poverty rates are states that supported George Bush in both elections.

Mississippi is number one with almost 20% of their population living below the poverty line.

Only two Blue States (New York- 14.5% and California- 13.2%) have per capita poverty rates higher than the National Average (12.7).

What does this mean? It’s obvious is it not?

The Wingnuts are Damn Fools who support a President that consistently demonstrates he doesn’t give a shit about them.

The Legislation Bush plans on Vetoing is designed to help the children of people who cannot afford Health Insurance. (i.e. POOR PEOPLE. Something the “Red States” have in disproportionate numbers).

(I love this picture)

No shit, get a brain “MORANS!!” Quit spending your Welfare Money on Poster Board, American Flag Bandannas, and Mullets at Fantastic Sam’s.


White House fights off GOP defections

The Democrats failed, yet again, this past week in an attempt to give our Troops leave from combat.

They have Logic, Morality, a Moron who hands them a noose on a weekly basis with which they can hang him, and the overwhelming majority of American People on their side, but they continue to LOSE!!

Of course they claim they need Us to vote in more Democrats, and I hope people are beginning to realize that’s what this is really about, POWER.

Give the Dems more power, and then they will do Something. (If I remember correctly Dems owned this country for over Forty Fucking Years!)

The problem is, none of the Front Runners are talking about ending this Sham of a Bloody War, and refocusing our efforts on Terrorism. Nope.

They’re promising more of the same.

Sir, I think you’re country has had enough Fucking for a while. How about some Electricity instead?


Bootmaker to Bush and Fox jailed in US

Martin Villegas, a bootmaker with notable clients including Vicente Fox and Dumya, was arrested on charges of money laundering, and using Endangered Animals to make some of his high end boots.

(Bush has a pair of Villegas’ boots made out of Ostrich. How apropos Bush wears boots made from an animal famous for sticking its Head in the Sand).

It’s nice to know that in these Troubled Times President Bush remains “Steadfast” in keeping the “I’m a Rancher” Fantasy alive at all Cost.

Golly Gee, another Criminal with ties to Chimperor Wingnut. I can hardly believe it.










~ by fairlane on September 23, 2007.

10 Responses to “And the Beat Goes On, and On, and On and…You Get the Picture”

  1. I spit wine out at my keyboard when I looked at her photo. When I read your rant the snorting began. (the snorting out of laughter – not the in of coke!)

    You are too funny my man.

    And isn’t it “Get a brain maroons?”

    America is fucked.

  2. “Authorities charged Simpson with “possessing a hoax device”
    You have to admit, that wasn’t the brightest bulb to go on in that airport that day. I think that explains why I don’t piss on the floor in the grocery store – there’s a time and a place for everything.
    “If she’s going to be detained, it should be because of that fucking wig. At least, I hope it’s a wig.” Nope! One of those irritating damn toilet lid covers that shrunk in the wash. She had to get some use out of it somehow!
    “The Wingnuts are Damn Fools who support a President that consistently demonstrates he doesn’t give a shit about them.”
    You don’t see too many Mensa clubs that supported Georgie boy. A lack of eduction (I think Miss. ranks at or near the bottom for the worst school system), probably a healthy [sic] dose of that damn relgion stuff, a little intimidation thrown in for good measure maybe…. I’ve never been to Ole Miss and it DAMN sure ain’t on my top ten list of places I’d like to be stuck in forever!

  3. but those dumbasses who vote for him in red-state…while he may not care about their kids or health or aeven know they exist

    he is a good christian and fun to have a beer with.

    i say — lets give him a third term!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw — pickles should not be allowed near any moving vehicle

  4. I hope they searched that hair (I think it IS her real hair, Fairlane, and I’m wondering if it’s nice to make fun of people who have obviously been involved in bizarre bleaching accidents).

    Why do people not vote their self-interest? I know a redneck who lives in a shabby trailer, and a few years ago, Rush Limpballs (Tina at Fuzzy and Blue thought up that name) had him in a snit over the capital gains tax. This man voted for the Shrub. Why??? YOU. LIVE. IN. A. FUCKING. TRAILER. DAD!

    Another woman I know who has no health insurance likes the Shrub “because he has morals.” WTF???

    I must go beat my head against the wall now.

  5. Since we are a “democracy?” and we have 2 choices (democracy?) will we ever hear anything but the same old bullshit, but from a different slant from any of the possible incumbents?

    I think not, and why is no one ever talking about addressing all issues here, ever? That’s right, they’ll take care of themselves.

    I really like bush and g-foolya-ani talking about a continuation of tax cuts in order to balance the budget! Huh, I must’ve fallen asleep during math. And yet, no one takes any of them to task for saying such idiotic things.

    Oh, Cheers!

  6. Fran- “America is fucked.”

    It sure seems that way.

    Future- I feel the same. I’ve never said, “Man, I really want to visit Mississippi! I love whatever it is they have there.”

    It does look like one of those toilet covers doesn’t it?

    DCNY- I’ve given up trying to explain it. Especially after I was told by one of my Wingnut friends that “they” know Bush is not going to follow through with any of the “moral” stuff because Cons need those issues to get re-elected.

    Makes perfect sense, he screws them economically, and manipulates them with religion, and they still vote for him.

    And they know it. Tell me they’re not fucked up.

    Nvisible- I think you’re correct. I was looking at it, and I think it is her real hair. Handsome.


    It’s so much better when it’s family because they can wonder if that gene is latent and maybe one day you’ll wake up one morning worrying about Mexicans, Al-Qaida, and Secularists.

    Coffee- In my humble opinion, “Liberals” are what “Conservatives” used to be, and “Conservatives” are fucking insane.

    There are no more “Liberals” in the political world, at least none that have any clout.

  7. I covered a Laura campaign stop for a local Senate election (N.Y.). Her face has been surgically altered to sport that oxy grin permanently. I have never seen anyone hold a smile as long as that woman. Senator ***** laid an SBD she kept smiling. Talk about resolve. I would also like to see the guy behind the moran sign he looks like a real nimrad.

  8. David: If you had the same access to pharmaceuticals that Laura does, you would smile for hours too. As for the wingnuts, can’t we start a campaign to convince them that volling booths are possessed? Just trying to think outside of the box (god I hate that phrase).

  9. Star Simpson’s prank was also really bad art. In fact, it wasn’t even close to being art.

  10. I never saw it Morse, but from the description it sounded pretty bad.

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