Forget the Meaning of Life, What Is the Meaning of Blogging?

I’m convinced that Search Engine traffic is Pointless.

Last month, I think, I changed my Theme and wrote a post, “Jonestown’s Extreme Home Makeover: Ty Pennington Found Naked and Passed Out in the Basement.” Or something brilliant like that.

Since then I’ve had over 500 hits on that post, and why? What are people looking for? Are they interested in seeing how Jonestown’s makeover turned out?

Fuck No!

They’re looking for Naked Pictures of that Hammer Packing, Emotion Twiddling Putz, Ty Pennington!

There are no Mother Fucking Pictures of Ty Pennington Naked here You BLUE ASSED MONKEYS!!

(Jonestown is #’s 2 and 3 if you search for “Ty Pennington Naked”)

I know Search Engines pad the stats, and that’s supposed to give me a Woody, and make me feel important and all. But you know what? It doesn’t. In fact, it annoys the crap out of me.

Search Engine Traffic (Unless you’re one of those bloggers trying to make money) is Useless.

Out of over 1200 comments I’d estimate maybe, maybe 50 of them came from people who stumbled upon Jonestown via the Search Engines.

Those people are not looking for blogs, they’re looking for Dick Pics of Ty Pennington or “Naked Boobies.”

Even the ones who are searching for an article (Something I wrote about Anti-Social Personality Disorder for example) come here, read the post, and then disappear into the Ether.

They rarely, if ever, leave a comment, they don’t “Link” and I’m fairly certain if they’re trying to understand why their husband is a Psychopathic Fuck Heel, they are not interested in reading about George Bush’s “Lime Disease” or Pickle’s Love Affair with Xanax. In fact, they might think I’m a Fucking Sociopath as well.

I started this blog at the end of April. At first, I thought blogging was “Gay” (Not homosexual “Gay,” but Stupid “Gay”). It wasn’t until mid June that I began making an effort to post consistently or to actually Visit other blogs.

Since then my “Traffic” has quadrupled, and I get several hundred “Hits” per day. Not to sound Ungrateful because I like my “Blog Buddies” and I enjoy our little exchanges, and visits etc.

But to be honest.

That ain’t cuttin’ the Mustard.

I want to be a Writer, and I can’t be a Writer if I’m spending so much time Blogging.

I have not worked on my book (Except maybe two or three days since April). because I’m using up all of my words so 250-300 people can read them.

Again, that’s nice. I do enjoy the Instant Gratification, and not having an Editor or any kind of Censor, but That’s Not Enough.

My book is more important than this blog.

I can’t even figure out what the purpose of blogging is. What in the Fuck does Blogging accomplish? I’ve participated in “Blogswarms,” and the world was so disinterested it didn’t even Yawn.

Am I converting Wingnuts to reason or at least getting them to Face Themselves? Shit No. I don’t even want them visiting here.

Isn’t this simply Masturbation? Ego?

Some of the most popular Bloggers refer to themselves in the Third Person, and send out Notices Reminding People Their Birthdays are Coming Up. What the Fuck? I don’t know you Mother Fucker, and you don’t know me. My name isn’t “fairlane.” I don’t live in Jonestown.

I’m not doing that.

I’m not writing this sentence, “So today fairlane…and then so and so says to fairlane…and fairlane was like…”  I’m not Fucking doing it. (K, I’m not talking about you). And I’m not telling anyone about my birthday.

I hope the Readers I actually Care about, (And you know who you are because I visit your Blogs or I visit Blogs you visit or Miggedy Miggedy Mac) know I’m not Bitching at you or about you or against you or whatever.


Every week, at least once,  I hover my Prompt over the Delete Blog Button, and think to myself,

“This is Fucking Stupid. Why am I doing this? What is the Point? I’m not getting paid, I’m not accomplishing anything. I’m not making a Proverbial “Difference.” I haven’t even posted anything worthwhile in two weeks. I’m sick of Sir Issac Chimplestein, and Wingnuts, and Liberals and Donna Summers. What the Fuck am I doing?”


What in the Fuck are We doing?

And who is it that wants to see Ty Pennington Naked? Are they women, men, both, are they children, Ted Haggard?

Are they Retarded?

Is Blogging Worthwhile?

Will I ever sleep again?

Does Chuck Norris wear a Rug?

Why do people eat Beets?

Who in the Fuck thinks Jerry Lewis is Funny, and why are they not in Gitmo?


~ by fairlane on September 27, 2007.

31 Responses to “Forget the Meaning of Life, What Is the Meaning of Blogging?”

  1. Interesting isn’t it? ; (

    I deleted a yrs worth of posts and have stopped posting on another site I’d write something for, ’cause they were getting too nasty, in a silly sort of way in their posts about this administration. Although I agree to a point, it’s a childish prank in my mind. And it’s getting mighty old.

    Living where we are, it’s a nice way, if you cut down on time spent looking around. Also, there are blogs with interesting information and ideas. I’ve found a few. Alas, it helps to see there’s a world out there and a few people you can still communicate with sometimes. Honestly, out here, they’re few and far between.

    I wish you well on the book and would hope to hear when it’s finished. As I mentioned before, I’d purchase a copy and would enjoy reading it. There are few too many peoples books I’ve read with something to say, that never reach the NYT booklist! ; ) And have been better than what they are pitching, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway……..; )

  2. Fairlane… take a deep breath. Its time to get that book out of you, isn’t it?

    Do what you must, but don’t delete Jonestown if you can help it. Even if you are off writing the real work, some of us might like to have a peek at what was every now and then.

    And I for one don’t give a flying fuck about seeing Ty Pennington naked or clothed. What an idiot and symbol of what is so wrong wrong wrong with our country.

    He builds a house for one family and America cheers! Many families remain housed poorly or not housed at all and no one notices.

    He’s a fucking carpenter. And probably not that good of one either.

    You however are a writer. And a very good one from what I can see here. And your imagination and ability to put one amazing word after another stills my heart and stirs my spirit.

    And one more thing. I do love beets, ok?

  3. Okay, I don’t want to see the guy naked or otherwise.
    I have not searched for any pics of him.
    I visit this blog because you can make me laugh and I love to laugh.
    I consider you a new friend so I would be so sad if my new friend deleted himself and was gone forever.
    You and I and others blog because we are talking to one another and listening to one another. We support each other in these troublesome days.
    So take a timeout if you must, but please don’t go away. Please don’t.

  4. Beets. Not raw, but cooked, and especially pickled. Beets are good. I grow beets, but I can’t grow enough. If you don’t like beets, you don’t know beets.

  5. By all means concentrate on your book! (I’m also trying to write one, and am up against a block – though in my case it’s because the story veered off in a direction that I didn’t intend and I can’t get it back where I wanted it)

    But DO NOT delete Jonestown! As FranSheIs and p.o.p. said, it would be sad to lose what you have written.

    As far as I know, there’s no rule saying that bloggers must post often. If there is, then the blog police will surely be knocking on the door of the Secret Lair (aka ’73 Winnnebago) soon. Keep Jonestown around and post when/if the mood strikes. Or not.

    Only you can decide what you will do.

    I must admit, I occasionally watch Extreme Makeover: Home whatever-the-fuck it’s called, but only as one interested in architecture/carpentry, and usually with the sound turned down. I couldn’t care less about Ty Pennington (the blonde chick is hot, though, with her pink tool belt and all).

    Peace, brother! And, best of luck on your book.

  6. Recently my dad asked a similar question regarding what is the meaning or the “point” of blogging. Why put so much time into something that yields so little in the way of monetary reward? I could have retorted by asking why he’d dedicated his life to watering himself down in a career that never fulfilled him, why he settled for financial stability when clearly he’d been capable of bigger things. But I already knew that answer and knew that in at least one way he was just like me–drawn to those things that gave them pleasure, and willing to make sacrifices for them.

    Some get their jollies solely from acquiring money or prestige or power; for us, blogging obviously fills some sort void that our “main” careers or relationships with professional editors never will.

    “I want to be a Writer, and I can’t be a Writer if I’m spending so much time Blogging.”

    Don’t let the publishing industry monopolize your definition of what it means to be a “Writer.” I was floored recently when my freshman college students wrote a paper and many of them said they got most of their news from blogs and that the only recreational reading they did was on the Internet. Societal tastes are rapidly changing and many believe “the printed word” is in deep shit. Book revenues are down; Magazine sales are plummeting; Craig’s List has officially kicked the newspaper industry square in the balls! As readers migrate over to blogs and the Internet, advertisers will surely follow.

    So I second everyone else’s motion that you keep at least one foot in the door–if not for your sanity than for the possibility that “writers” of the future will not be writing “books.”

  7. I don’t care what you do but if you finish your book i know through some cosmic circumstance I will read it and go………hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    P.S. I am also penning my tome -how to stay out of jail after twenty-five- an instruction manual.

  8. “There are no Mother Fucking Pictures of Ty Pennington Naked here You BLUE ASSED MONKEYS!!”
    You just got another couple grand of hits.:) I once wrote one “Hot sex on the porch in the summertime”, about pollinating tomatoes when you only have one or two plants. My counter flew like a tweety bird!:) Face it. There’s more of us – er I mean there’s some really sick fuckers out there, that can’t even read, but they recognize a big dick hanging out when they see it!

    “What’s the meaning of blogging/living/farting, a really good shit?”
    The answer to all three is you put the meaning into them. I write what I like, I could care less about “hits”, if you like it too, great, if not…..

    It all depends on what you want out of it, I suppose. If it’s a pathway to a book, then you’ve gotta worry about what I like. If it’s to ring the counters like chimes at Christmas, then you still gotta worry what I like. That’s why I write for me. I’m not delusional that I’m God or anything, but I’ve found out if I don’t write what I like, then I come across as plastic, and we all know how dangerous plastic bloggers are.

    I think you need to remember that it was search engines that came up with the “I feel lucky” button. You tell me who they cater to?

    Stay away from that delete button. It’s not for you to play with!

  9. ROFL!

    I love it. Wooing readers with the promise of a nekkid Ty Pennington picture.

    Works for me. I would enjoy seeing such a picture because there’s something kinda’ white trash-Kennedy about Ty. I mean, did he get where he is on talent or on his ability to plow his way to the top using his huge piece of manhood? The casting couch isn’t for girls only.

    Yeah, the traffic thing is still a mystery to moi.

    I remember starting out and getting 3 to 5 hits a day on my blog. Now, I receive 600 to 1,000 hits daily and nothing has changed. I’m the same opinionated, left-of-a-Sandinista gay bloviator I always was but my traffic keeps growing and growing. I have no commercial relationships — just me at 5:30am.

    I’ve seen a few good folks close down lately. Mirthy at Liberally Mirth and today Suzie-Q announced she’s closing down. Sorry to see them go but, I understand it. Blogging takes over and soon, your life is defined as being a “blogger,” whatever the fuck that means.

    I can’t myself closing up shop until:

    1. the Iraq war is over
    2. Bush is in prison
    3. Cheney is in prison
    4. Nancy Pelosi melts on TV from the effects of her 1,500th Botox injection
    5. gay marriage is legal in all 50 states

    But, that’s me.

  10. Fairlane –

    I blog instead of screaming, or maybe it is my own primal scream. I find it to be therapy. Right after the war started, and I had been protesting for months and months, I was exhausted and I started to doubt that I was part of the culture any more. Getting in touch with others who experienced the same thing probably is what kept my sanity. Or some facsimile.

    Blog, write your book, just express yourself, man. You have a great voice. Use it.



  11. I know why I blog…because I would otherwise turn into a screaming street corner derelict. My blog is my outlet. Along the way, a few people take interest, so I know I’m not alone.
    You have a very entertaining style of blogging, but if the book is your calling, then go for it.

  12. Aren’t you the very person who came and issued THREATS to me if I deleted? (Oh, BTW, it’s me in my Halloween costume).

    I have the same concerns, Fairlane. I spend too much time goofing off….

    But I like your blog so much! The blogosphere would be a lot less interesting if you disappeared from it.

    DON’T DO IT!

  13. Hey, my Halloween costume didn’t show up! Here it is….

  14. i cant say it any better than the comments above —- you have a great voice, which i hope is being translated to that book you are writing (which i will read when you tell me i can….)

    what is blogging — anything you want, anyway you want — i never thought i would be doing this, but i am — i hope i am making people laugh and think along the way — i know you do that for me and a lot of other people.

    cheers and best to you as always

    ps — no birthdays, no ty pennington, i like beets and Jerry Lewis IS NOT FUNNY EVER

  15. What Tengrain and Pygalgia said. I blog to stop the screaming. Rather, I rant online. Um, I think it’s healthier. And good luck on the book. I have a friend who who blogging and working on her novel and I appreciate how hard she works at both…like you.

  16. I hope you’ll live up to your commitment to be my Minister Of Acerbic Humor And Defense. I’ve never heard of Ty Pennington. I very, very, very rarely see CNN and my only real contact with English is blogging so I miss out on all this shit. Beets are the key ingredient in cold borscht.

    And you’re fuckin A right I’m taking your critque of the third person personally. It had nothing to do with being like other bloggers. The conceit was in honor of America’s villain at that particular moment in time — Darryl Strawberry who was very fond of saying such things as “I have to do what’s best for Darryl Strawberry.” It was a running joke my first wife and I shared years ago and I explained it on my very first post. I’m in the habit of doing it on my posts but not ocmments or responses. I assume when anyone else does it, he or she is copying me. That might be true of course if I got any traffic at all. I get fuck-all for hits. Probably average 3 and might well hold every blogspot record for blanks: for a week, a month, a year, a career.

    Every now and then I get despondent about it and figure I need more cat pictures. If I weren’t allergic to cat dander, that is. Maybe I’ll buy a rubber or neoprene cat just for blog pictures.

    Now, as for this whole book business, better you than me. My father’s published a bunch of them and had a lifetime of disappointment and man he was dedicated. It’s the hardest way to make a shitty living You might very well publish a book and you might very well be the Mets #3 starting pitcher next year. At least you actually have been a journalist. Most people call themselves “writers” by they really aren’t. It means they’re failing at something else and hoping that telling folks they’re “writers” will suffice in party conversation and nobody will inquire too deeply. Or, worse, they’ve never bothered taking a real paid assignment but are sure they’re the next Barbara Kingsolver Yes, it’s come to that. The “confessional” that gets moved on Oprah is the apex of the scene. But you know what’s what. Writers write. They don’t “do a lot of writing.”

    Nobody has even heard of Hemingway or Simone DeBeauvoir, let alone acknowledge a debt to them. Jonathan Franzen and Rick fucking Moody doth bestride the world like colossi.

    I would strongly recommend reading HATCHET JOBS by DALE PECK (New Press) before embarking on this particular flight of fancy. It will change the way you think about contemporary fiction. I have no doubt that you will come away with a far worse opinion of at least 5 authors you liked going in. I’ll say no more, but read Peck’s collection and all of a sudden you’ll face the question: am I really a good enough writer. And the answer, of course, is no. Nobody is. Except for maybe Zoe Heller and Richard Price. The rest are self-indulgent fools. Some got lucky. Most got la verga for luck or for lack of talent not that it would matter to an editor.

    There are no editors working in big-time, for-profit publishing. If a book is bought it goes straight to the copy editor and then to the printer. Editors are now basically just buy-side traders except their P & L is irrelevant to their success. All they have to do is generate buzz. Better to burn up lots of shareholder equity be over-paying for a Colin Powell ghost-written autobiography and generate buzz because what does the Editor care for the book? It’s the buzz that advances a career. Better to burn up a lot of equity winning an auction for Colin Powell’s ghost-written autobiography than developing the careers of a series of literary mid-list writers. That’s what you’re walking into. Mazel Tov. I have a BA in Literature. Why the fuck you think I went into the gambling world, business school and finance?

    Even though blogging is jacking-off to be sure, at least you figured out how to do it right. You eliminated all the bullshit and held nothing back. You were fearless. And always an inspiration to me. I go through periods of hating this shit too. It seems pointless, but every now and then I feel like our little corner has become significant in a way. Bloggers were deadly boring. Predictable. Middle-of-the-road. If a thought popped into any of their heads it would die of loneliness. That’s starting to change now. There something going on out there, although I can’t say what exactly. I guess, unorthodox unconventional thinkers are multiplying and sharing some ideas. It might amount to shit so long as some deluded people actually see blogging as their ticket to riches! But a new kind of radicalism has been taking shape and you’ve been one of the leading lights. Christ, when I first saw your stuff I felt like — finally — there was someone who got it, someone who’s work REALLY could twist up the MSM’s panties. Because the so-called blogosphere that has supposedly changed politics is weaker than church lemonade. ObamaGirl. I rest my case.

    I just started doing it a couple of years ago because a friend said I had a pretty good opinion and a woman told me she was sick of hearing me talk. But that’s America for you. You can count on your buddies and your conventional heterosexual situations always end up in discussions of “chemistry” which is American for insult-a-dude. The nice thing about life on the outside is that at least “chemistry” is a fucking wad-of-doves in the pocket and an appearance of some juice. That’s a story for another day. But it’ll be a while if ever that I have to deal with it again personally so I may not bother picking up the thread.

    But, buddy, do what you need to with your life. Just don’t delete JONESTOWN. It’s a nice body of work.

    Hasta Luego,


  17. email me, please

  18. I know what you mean, Fairlane. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now, and still ask myself why I bother? I began blogging because I was frustrated and pissed off. At first it was a lot of fun, it was as successful as any not-for-profit venture could be, but then it became a chore. So I ended it, and when I began this one, I promised myself that I would only post when I felt like it. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn over and over again, even up to a few days ago. Now I spend my days on my creative work, and if I’m not totally wrecked by the time the kid goes to bed, then I might blog.

    This happens to a lot of bloggers, Jurassic Pork being the most prominent one to come to mind. Don’t delete Jonestown. Just take a break from it.

  19. you know, fairlane, i dunno. it is a strange phenomenon probably stroking my ego like a choked chicken. all i would suggest is avoid the cyanide punch for jonestown. in the end, it truly is a web log, or a journal, for our own records, but for the public eye.

  20. Blogging is an addiction.


    Write a little pass-note here, please. We love you and miss you. I fucking well NEEDED you today — as Minister Of Defense — when I had to put a beating on an anonymous asshole over THE HELLIONS. You’ll get a kick out of it. Go over there. It’s the post about “reparations” to descendents of slaves and has about 17 comments.

    The beating was only tangential to the issue of the post. I thought it was a good idea but requried fiscal and monetary finesse. He had sort of adopted a slightly more subtle version of the “bootstraps” point of view. The beating was over shit written when it got had gotten personal.

  22. I can’t say why people google what they google (and boy do I get some weird hits), but I can say why most people blog…because they want to and they can.

    Write for yourself. If anyone else reads it (and in your case they do) it’s gravy.

  23. Who is Ty Pennington?

    I haven’t written much lately but I will get back to it.

    Yes, I sometimes (read often) wonder why I bother but then I realize that just as someone else’s writing encourages me, perhaps I’m encouraging someone else.

    Now doesn’t that sound sappy?

    Have a good weekend.

  24. I blog because I think the exchange entertaining, and because I think that the idea that god-knows-who could be reading my thoughts or analysis (or whatever) is intriguing. Also, maybe I do it just to see if something I post would actually get recognised as something special. I also view the blog itself as a tool, meaning that I use it to archive links or info that I stumble across to use in later posts or debates I find myself in on other sites.

    It is hard to find the time though. Most of the really popular bloggers are either retired or are able to make a living off of blogads. The rest of us have full time jobs or regular lives (imagine that), so it’s difficult to keep churning out entertaining, insightful or informative stuff consistently. I guess I view it as a hobby. Maybe it would be better for my constitution if I just got out and exercised more. lol

    Anyway, about the search engine traffic. I’ll admit that I’ve messed around with it just to see if I could get a lot of hits just by posting about something that I know is being searched. Call me a hit whore, but when that American Idol ‘scandal’ with the racy pictures of Antonella Barba broke, I posted something on that. To this day, I think that is still my most visited post. Kinda sad.

    Other than that, I’ll see in my stats that people will find my site by searching for really odd things. Just last week, for example, I had a few hits from someone who did a search on “hot Mexican guys”. I mean, you’ve seen my blog, WTF is up with that?

    Good luck with the book project. I can only wish I was that ambitious.

  25. First, let me thank everyone for their kind words. I really started this post as a rant about the bullshit Search Engine traffic, and how at the beginning you’re told it’s so very important. Bullshit. If you have a blog about I-pods maybe it is, but otherwise it’s worthless.

    As my posts typically do, I got off target a bit, and wandered into something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

    I make my living as a writer. I don’t “want” to be one or “dream” one day of being a writer. Writing is how I earn money, and blogging earns me nothing.

    When I was younger, several of my friends were in bands that had the potential to take off. But because they wanted to be “true to the art” they refused to “sell out.”

    Personally, I thought they were fucking fools, and that their actions were a slap in the face to people struggling to make a living as artists.

    We live in America, you have to have money, and if you can make money creating then you better damn well take advantage of it. Think of all the schleps who’d give their right arm to get out of the nightmare known as the “workforce.”

    *Whether the printed word is headed the way of the dinosaur or not is of little consequence to me. It’s not there yet, and I have complete confidence in my ability.

    Since I was young I knew I wanted to be a writer, but unfortunately circumstance and a complete lack of motivation kept from doing so, until recently.

    About a year and half ago I lost someone I loved very much. In part, because I was bitterly unhappy. I was working an Engineering firm, which had nothing to do with my education or my interests and I FUCKING HATED THAT JOB!! She was a professional ballerina, and I must admit it got to me at times being around people who were following their passion while I was working for a man who thought I was a “genius” because I can complete a crossword puzzle. I am a genius but not because of that:)

    It destroyed my relationship, and being closer to 40 than 20, I no longer have the options at my disposal I once did.

    She was the only woman in my life I ever wanted to marry, and it took my 30 plus years to find her only to lose her in less than two.

    I’m fairly certain losing her will be with me for the rest of my life, and I miss her to this day.

    As a result, I made a pact with myself that I was going to start writing, and find out if I can really do this professionally. It’s taken me a year and a half, but now I’m in a position where I depend completely on writing as my source of income.

    My book.

    I started my book about two months after “Tabitha” and I broke up. It began originally as a poem, and grew into a series of paintings and then eventually into an idea for a book.

    I think it is completely unique, and I feel confident I can find a publisher, but the problem is finishing the mother fucker. I ran into Tabitha recently, and we didn’t say a word to one another, and it kind of stalled my momentum. (I realize now she didn’t speak to me because Isabella was with me, and I know it killed Tabitha to see her. The last time they saw each other Bella was still a baby. Now she’s a little girl, and I know it must have been like having a knife plunged into her heart. They were very close).

    I must finish my book, if for no other reason than to say I finished it. I don’t want to be one of those people who is “writing a book” and has been doing so for the last 15 years.

    Again, thank you very much for the words of encouragement and for sharing. I’m not deleting Jonestown. I was simply thinking out loud.

    *Side note*

    Beets are fucking disgusting, and Jerry Lewis is not funny.

  26. I won’t tell you, in depth, about getting a scholarship to art school while in HS, only to get a secure job, get married and raise my son on my own (or maybe I did) but despite age, and the “times” we are in, I look at people like Wes Montgomery who hit his stride in his 50s, a friend who worked for a big stock mkt firm who left to go out on his own in his late 50s, who told me his stories and tried to guide me during my late teens.

    Blogging, music, parties, women or whatever, it seems that as you get older, and have passed through those “have to” periods, finally, doors open, that did not when you thought you needed them to, to only open others that guide you somewhere you didn’t think of going, making the trip even more interesting.

    Do not despair the love, it comes when you least expect it. I never though or imagined Lisa, and out of nowhere, bam, and here we are, even better and more interesting times, than the one that got away.

    You’ll make it with the book, of that I am sure without ever knowing you personally, and, although it might not be story book like, things will be good for you, but let go of the chains of the past, ’cause chains and regret do not move you forward.

    Stepping off the soapbox (sorry!)…..Cheers!

  27. Ahh, Fairlane, you’re breaking my heart, buddy. What a sad story about your ballerina. But, trust me, you never know what’s ahead of you. I had given up when the BEST THING EVER happened to me. I hope something similar happens to you because I think you’re a great guy.

  28. Good to see you around the various flops and gaffs and squats the last few days.

    I posted on the “love” thing at D-CUP. I was lucky to have spent as much time with her as I did and our separation had nothing to do with either of our fuckups. I too did and do seek succor in my work, which also is not blogging to be sure.

    Having grown up the son of two writers who were super dedicated and found ways to earn money (not enough to prevent me from being the poorest Jewish kid in Manhattan) but enough to take pay the bills, I have much respect for you and your choice. You have the burr up your ass about PC liberals and while I have it too, my life experience is so far afield of it that I only notice it when stuff happens like getting bounced off a blog for no good reason. My super-triple-unit-bad pet peeve are rick fuckups who do nothing but say “they’re doing a lot of writing.” I’ve seen what writing is and it’s way more about getting whatever assignment from MONOPOLY STATE REVIEW about the shinking Rye Whiskey market share than it is about “doing a lot of writing.”

    And that’s why when a buddy of mine needed money, I granted him an anonymous interview on large stake wagering on the PGA and LPGA for the now defunct MAXIMUM GOLF. Because I knew he was a WRITER not a poseur. You know I’m rooting for YOUR extrinsic success and intrisic satisfaction.

  29. Coffee- I think right now this is where I am, and maybe where I need to be. As my mom once told me, “You’re way too smart to keep acting so dumb.”

    She’s right in her own Wingnut way. When I was in my twenties, I kind of burned through women, but now I’m not only too old to do that, but I no longer have the desire.

    I screwed up, and although I’m not hopeless, I also realize you don’t get many opportunities in this world, and you can’t afford to fuck them up. (Some people never even get a single chance much less two or three or fifty).

    I do appreciate the kind words.

    Nvisible- “I think you’re a great guy.”

    I knew you were crazy:)

    I think you’re a great girl, and you better not delete your blog. I love women who are funny.

    K- Thanks homie. You’re good people.

  30. Fairlane thinks I’m a great girl! And he said “girl,” which makes him one of my BEST FRIENDS EVER! Because at my age, I WANT to be a girl. 😉

    Yes, I am CRAZY! And that’s the thing I like best about being me. The rest…not so much!

  31. I called you a “girl” and a “women.”

    I wasn’t sure which one you preferred.

    At least you enjoy your insanity. That’s definitely a plus. Insanity really sucks when you don’t enjoy it.

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