Hey Google! Kiss My Boobies!

fairlane1329.jpgTo continue my rant about Search Engines here are a few choice searches.

boobies boobies boobies

naked boobies

boobies boobies


Okay, I’m going to save you Boobies some time and money.

There’s simply no reason to worry like a Booby about building your rank with Google or purchasing (Again like some Booby) one of those E-Books that explains SEO. All you have to do is incorporate the words “Booby and Boobies” into your ads, posts, articles or whatever it is you are writing.

People love Boobies, and are constantly on the prowl looking for an opportunity to gawk at Boobies.

Booby, boobies, booby, boobies, BIG BOOBIES! FRESH HOT BOOBIES! (That’s 200 hits). BOOBIES WITH NIPPLES! (There’s another 50).

Here you go guys, Enjoy!



morans get a brain

I couldn’t agree with you more, and it gives me yet another opportunity to post this picture.

You tell’em Toby.



drink my own piss

I’m really not sure about this one.  Pissed Off Patricia comments here on a regular basis, as does Pissed in New York City so maybe it’s related to them.

Whatever the reason;

Fuck the Golden Arches, who’s ready for a Golden Shower?


tell your mother i said satan satan satan

Ah yes, Joan of Arc’s last words.

Takes me back to those blissful years I spent in Catholic School.



i am woman hear my roar rush limbaugh

As everyone is well aware, along with “Eat Shit Dinah Shore!” this is one of my favorite catch phrases.



jesus riding dinosaur

Those crazy Creationists.

Golly gee willikers, bless their little hearts.

(Click to Enlarge)



pics of ken cheating on barbie with another

Not only is the Son of a Bitch stepping out on Barbie, but Someone wants to know if there are any pictures.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual “Deed,” but I do have one of the aftermath.

“Now what Mother Fucker?!!”






Before I go, I’d like to say one more thing.



Technorati is a piece of Shit!!!







~ by fairlane on September 30, 2007.

21 Responses to “Hey Google! Kiss My Boobies!”

  1. OMFB [Oh My Fucking Boobies], you are one [nude Ty Pennington] hilarious [beastiality] dude!

    At the [masturbating] risk of unleashing [cum] another tirade, why should we [anal sex] hate on Technorati?

    (Just doin’ my part to help you get hits)


  2. Good Lord, I’m going to get so much Spam from this post.

    Technorati is constantly fucking up people’s shit , and then when you try to get them to fix it they never respond.

    My “rank” is so messed up I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be anymore, and this pisses me off for a couple of reasons.

    One, that’s supposed to be the point of Technorati. They index blogs, and all their ingoing and outgoing links. I’m fairly certain that’s why people register their blog/blogs with them.

    My “rank” should be in the 70’s, but somehow it’s on 64. I sent them two emails and several messages in the forum. Nothing.

    In the last 3 days, I had 4 new blogs link to me, and my rank went up by one even though the new blogs are showing up on my list of incoming links.

    At least 8 links are not being counted, and 4 of them disappeared from my list altogether.

    It’s not really that big of a deal, but if you tell me “This is what we do,” and then you don’t do it I must assume you are a member of Congress, and therefore fair game for ripping.

    B) It helps me know who’s linking to me so I can return the favor. Back when Technorati used to work, it helped me discover ten of the blogs on my blogroll.

  3. i didnt know they made a barbie doll modeled on Laura Bush killing her boyfriend!

    and she has a black friend — i guess she would have gone to the debate last week

  4. i didnt know they made a barbie doll modeled on Laura Bush killing her boyfriend!


  5. Hey, I thought the boobies were my gig. I post beautiful boobies every Friday, although it doesn’t seem to have much impact on my hits.

  6. So did it work??

  7. DCNY- It’s part of the new line. Comes with free prescription of Xanax and ten refills.

    Pyg- Sorry Py, it wasn’t intentional. I posted a Dwarves’ video last month, and because it had “boobies” in the title I get 10-15 hits a day for “boobies.”

    Casdok- It generally takes several days or even a week. The more hits on the post I get the higher it will be on Google when people search for “boobies.”

  8. No, Barbieeee, he ain’t worth it!!! He doesn’t even have real man parts!!! You could do better. There’s GI Joe or…well, that’s pretty much it. There was Big Jim, but he wasn’t all that big, really. Oh, yeah, how about Johnny West or Sam Cobra or Geronimo or Fighting Eagle…. Geez, anybody but that dork Ken….

    I noticed that same thing about Technorati! They don’t count half my links!

  9. That “Get a Brain Morans” guy never gets old!!

  10. Thanks for the info, Fairlane. Nice to know I draw people who like to drink their own urine to your blog. Now I have to get a drink of wine to clear my head.

  11. LOL, that was great. I haven’t tried to figure out how to raise my Technorati rank but you’ve given me some great ideas! 😉

  12. I stopped looking at Technorati. It has told me MPS has an authority of 132 for about a year now, but it also lists 2,000 plus “blog reactions” — whatever that is.



  13. “Technorati is a piece of Shit!!!”
    I always wondered what the hell that thing really was. Thanks!!

  14. Sorry I bring the pissy people to your site. It’s just part of my sweet personality I suppose. 😉

  15. Scarlet- “Johnny West.”

    Holy shit! I had a Johnny West, and a couple of his “friends.”

    Are you sure we don’t know each other?

    MFV- No it doesn’t. I love that picture. (But I’m not going to marry it).


    PNYC- Those piss drinkers are an interesting study.

    Reminds me of a class I took “The Sociology of Deviant Behavior.” Poop sniffers, pee-pee drinkers, piquerists (People who get turned on by piercing people’s flesh. Hat pins are one of their favs), and the “animal lovers.”

    Maui- At this point, Technorati appears to be a lost cause.

    Ten- See above. Their forum has questions that are months old, and still no response.

    I think we should have a blogswarm against Technorati. Maybe we can get some blood money from them.

    I’m still confused as to how they make money by the way.

    Future- It’s a piece of shit that’s what it is.

    PoP- No worries.

  16. hehehehe 🙂 hilarious! especially after seeing burt reynold’s and his succulent boobies. i have no further comment, fairlane.

  17. fairlane: I’ll put down even money that those fetishes are overwhelmingly registered republican. Easy bet, I know, given Vitter’s diaper love and Craig’s tap dancing routine.

  18. Make that the people who are into those fetishes are overwhelmingly republican. I blame the delightful Arbetto that I am sipping between typing.

  19. raffi- Long time no see home skillet. That is a sexy pic is it not?

    Nothing says sexy like Burt Reynolds. And that’s pre-hairpiece Burt.

    Vintage shit.

    Pissed- You’ll get no argument from me.

    That shit about the piquerists used to creep me out. Apparently they prefer popping strangers, and they like to walk around in crowds carrying hat pins, and then WHAM! right in the back of the thigh or in the ass.

    That has to fucking hurt.

    The serial killer Albert Fish was into that weirdness. He was sexually aroused by puncturing and cutting human flesh. Also liked to stab himself. After they fried his ass they found a bunch of needles he’d shoved in his groin.

  20. Know each other? Were you that kid at the end of the block with the mosquito bites all over his legs?

  21. I was the kid at the end of the street who kept “accidentally” starting fires.

    Thus far people found this post searching “boobies” “naked boobies” “boobies boobies” “sweet sweet boobies” and “succulent boobies.”

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