George Carlin Talks About Americans and Our Stuff

 George Carlin

I thought this went well with my post about Freedom.




~ by fairlane on October 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “George Carlin Talks About Americans and Our Stuff”

  1. I want to keep my stuff to a minimum so I can keep a small house. I’m too lazy for a bigger house. And “stuff” has to be dusted. That sucks.

    I love Carlin.

  2. Now you are talk…George Carlin, one of the best!

    The only thing about my stuff and your stuff, is we cannot take our stuff with us and it is passed on to others to fill their house with their stuff and your stuff.

  3. When I bought the Secret Lair (aka’73 Winnebago) seven years ago, I gave away most of my stuff.

    Since then, I have accumulated more stuff.


    Yeah, and Carlin effin’ rocks!

  4. I became a Carlin disciple when I discovered him via “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

  5. This is a good one! We bought a cheap bungalow, and unfortunately, it has a small upstairs. Except for the occasional visit of a friend now and then, that is the only time we use that floor.

    Since moving out here and the kids leaving, we have downsized so much, that all that’s left are clothes, books (and that archive is way small)and music. Well, and our espresso machine and cups.

    I’m sorry I never realized all this when younger!

    We’re bad consumers! ; (

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