Bad Brains- I Against I & At the Movies

 Bad Brains

This is for my Home Boy David Bass Dancy. If you’ve never visited him, please do so immediately or there will be Hell to pay.  And don’t forget to say Hello.

I’m not Fucking around. I know where you live, and I promise you don’t want to meet my Cousins.





~ by fairlane on October 10, 2007.

12 Responses to “Bad Brains- I Against I & At the Movies”

  1. Wow I had to recover before I posted….awesome.

  2. Glad you sent me over there. I grew up 10 miles east of where he lives now. He’s the second person I’ve met from the Mohawk Valley.

    I bet he even knows where Ilion is.

  3. Ann Adams- I used to sell advertising for Clear Channel radio; they thought they could ‘give’ me the valley(Herkimer Valley) and i would get lost. I did well there; a lot of nice people working in Ilion, ironically at Remington Arms. Little Falls is cool as well. I just love people real people.

    Thanks again Fairlane.

  4. David- They are pretty sweet are they not?

    Granny- Are you telling me you listen to Bad Brains?

    If the answer is yes, I have another question.

    Will you be my granny?

    David- No need to thank me. It’s my pleasure.

  5. The Bad Brains. Its been awhile. I was always looking for the extreme at a certain age. The Bad Brains often helped me find that.

  6. Fairlane, my dad left college during the depression to go to work for the Arms. He was still there 40+ years later, long after they were bought by DuPont.

    His dad worked for Remington Rand (who became Sperry and is now probably something else). Think Univac.

    Thanks for signing my guest book.

  7. Who is Bad Brains? No, I was following your directions to check out the other post.

    I’ll be glad to be your honorary granny if I can be forgiven for my shortcomings on current music.

    I stop at the 70’s and maybe the early 80’s. Soft rock, some country, all the 60’s folk and protest stuff, opera, and classical.

  8. You’re wild woman! I like that, but it scares me too…

    I visited DBD – thanks.

  9. Ann – the Bad Brains are about as far from anything you have mentioned.

    My own admittedly hazy memories point to early 80’s but not soft rock!

  10. you already know some of my punk taste… strong for the bad brains.

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