Who Says Haldol Is Only For the Insane?

fairlane1329.jpgI just wanted my peeps to know I’m still alive, and I plan on continuing my blog. I’m simply taking a little break at this time. (Actually I wrote a really long post last night that was pretty damn choice, if I do say so myself, and I do. Unfortunately, when I attempted to Publish it, the entire fucking thing disappeared into the Ether. Needless to say I was not thrilled).


I will return shortly.

Thanks for the comments, and especially to those who emailed me wondering if I’d finally gotten hold of Malkin’s address, and was about to do something Crazy.

You cannot kill someone who is already dead. Letting them continue is the ultimate punishment.



Those are some damn fine breasts if I do say so myself, and I do.

~ by fairlane on October 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “Who Says Haldol Is Only For the Insane?”

  1. Are those Jeri Thompson’s boobs?

  2. Hey man how’d you do that? Thats my girl!!!

  3. And all this time I thought they travelled in packs of three.


    (a Haldol joke…)

  4. Fran- Jeri has “Flappers,” as my friend Chris calls them. If that was her, her nipples would covered by her pants.

    Those are A #1 Prime Ta-Ta’s. Apparently they belong to Dave’s ex girlfriend.

    David- I’m sorry man, I should have warned you.

    Ten- That Haldol. I’ve seen Haldol do some messed up things to people. They give it to everyone who comes into Psych Hospitals.

    The interesting thing about it, is that when taken for long periods of time one of its potential side effects is psychosis.


    I wish breasts like that came in packs of three.

  5. Man, I wish my tits were just like that!

  6. we all are entitled to breaks and rest. that’s what’s great about blogging, people check in to see if you’re around.. if not, see you later some time. btw, those are some nice tittays

  7. Dcup: Really? As someone who could best be described as petitie, I look at those breasts and assume that poor woman’s neck and shoulders must throb with pain.

  8. There’s no pain involved with having fantastic tits. That’s the same thing as saying a fat person would have pain from carrying around another 100 pounds.
    There is only pleasure with having those beautiful attention grabbers paving the way.

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