Jonestown Issues A Warrant, and Then Callously Arrests a Single Mother

fairlane1329.jpgOver the next couple of days, I have the pleasure of introducing the newest members of what has been coined the “Jonestown Super Team.”

Several of the members you may be familiar with, and others are new to this side of town. I hope you will show them (Yes, even the Wingnut) the same support and love you show me.

When I began Jonestown (And one of the reasons my blog is called Jonestown and not “Profanity Saturated Tirades by fairlane”) is because I originally had several other writers. Unfortunately, real life intervened, and nixed my plans.

Today, I’m proud to say we have assembled a team so chock full of Piss and Vinegar I’m speechless. Well, not really, but as speechless as I get. (And just think, when I write “We” now, I actually mean We).

So, without further adieu please give a Hearty Jonestown “Whoop, Whoop!” to these Brave Souls;

casablanca31.jpg Dashiell aka “C-Dash”

journalism.jpg David Bass Dancy aka “Barry Max”

penguincoffee.jpg Max1milli0n aka “Johnny Wingnut”

And last, but definitely not least. In fact, she has more than enough to go around.

pistolpackindcup-1.jpg D-Cup aka “Miss Tatas”

Talk about “Righteous Chops.”

I’m as giddy as a Schoolgirl without panties beneath her Plaid Skirt.

Read, Comment, Share the News with Loved Ones because opportunities like this only come around once in a Life Time.


~ by fairlane on October 19, 2007.

11 Responses to “Jonestown Issues A Warrant, and Then Callously Arrests a Single Mother”

  1. Well, yes. 🙂

    WELCOME to them all and congrats on the expansion!

  2. it is like murderer’s row from the 1927 Yankees….

  3. Cool! Welcome all. I had hopes that when I started “Pygalgia” that it would be a group blog, but my guest bloggers only post infrequently, so it’s mostly me. Hope the team works out well for you.

  4. I used to have a group blog, but it was a bit crowded for me. I wanted to strike out on my own. It will be interesting to see what turns up here. Lots of luck to you all.

  5. Whoooooooo hoooooooooooooo!

    Can’t wait to see what this witch’s brew of writers whips up for us.

  6. I love it. Well done. Las Tetas, I know, of course. And Max1m^2 looks very promising, although he’s only showed us his batting-practice fastball so far. If Whittard really pushes this Virginia porn case hard, we’ll see how strong Max1m^2 is. If he’s just a libertarian who LIKE porn, dope and gambling, I’ll be happy in a way, but also a little sad. You know I like it cask-strength.

    He’ll be a welcome additon, I’m sure. And it’s a load off for you. You’ve had to shoulder too heavy a load, FAIRLANE, having to play the part of the right-winger for the sake of debate. We’ve needed a true A+ Winger around here for too long. Not to pile upon but rather from whom we can learn a thing or two.

  7. “it is like murderer’s row from the 1927 Yankees….”

    Now that is just too damn weird distributorcap. I was just reading about those guys tonight. Then to come over here and see this…theme from The Twilight Zone starts playing.

  8. What a crew! Good luck Fairlane! I can’t wait to stew this mix of ingredients turns up. Sounds like fun.

  9. I think it’s going to turn out a-ok. It might take a few weeks to get things going, but I think we have a good mix.

  10. A couple of my other favorite bloggers, plus new ones that I will look forward to reading! Should be awesome!

  11. Excellent group …


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