Is It Too Much?

Barry Max

journalism.jpgI recently attended a 9/11 truth meeting. I didn’t go because I needed to validate what I already believe, I went because I was cusious about who else would be there.

The small group that came out was an accurate reflection of the community I live in. Most of the people were hard working, professional, 30 something white adults. No asians or hispanics (I was the only A.A.).

The demographics really don’t matter I think apathy is equally distributed among all classes and races.

The expert, I forgot his name, was armed with a power point laser and many facts.


Temperatures required to melt steel, eye witness accounts, and an incredible amount of interviews of people who were there when the towers fell.

I am going to be honest , I knew something was up when Oliver Stone did a movie on it.

JFK anyone?

He, the expert, even whipped out a U.C. Davis study on particulate matter spread throughout the boroughs and what type of explosive is likely to break down a substance to that fine state.

The clincher, for me , is/was Tower 7.

There she sat, all alone, no one paying attention to her.

She caught fire and fell.



Nary a bit of damage to her neighbors.


I am one of those guys who beleive in conspiracies; it goes with the territory when you live or have lived above or around the law.

By definition a conspiracy is a plot involving more than two people carried out unbeknownst to everyone else. I can PLAN to throw a surprise b-day party; it turns into a conspiracy when the recipient is on a pacemaker and surprises might kill him/her.

Evil also seems to be a necessary ingredient for the working definition.

O.K. back to the meeting.

When he finished his case it was time for question and answer. Most people nervously shifted in their seats throughout the presentation- a good indication he was hitting some nerves. But there were a few, arms crossed, furrows browed scratching their necks and ultimately voicing their displeasure that he would present these facts and make such assertions.

There was one particularly interesting exchange:

“So you are trying to say our government killed 3,000 people”?

“No, I’m not- what i am saying is the explanation we have been given does not add up with the physical evidence”

“You mean to tell me you think those buildings could have survived being hit with a jumbo jet”?

” Sir,there is no other evidence that a fire, especially on the upper floors, could ever topple a building in the manner the towers fell”.

“What a nut job”

At this point a retired structural engineer spoke up in defense of the ‘expert’. He argued in his favor clearly explaining the discrepancies to the uncomfortable member of the group.

It didn’t sink in, in fact, he waved off the engineer, he gave him- ‘the hand’!.

Regardless of the facts, despite the obvious eyewitness testimony this issue will forever be labeled as just another conspiracy.

It is sad that we live in an era where conspiracy is par for the course. It comes down to which is the worst.

I honestly think those buildings were wired for a controlled demolition when they were first attacked- as a failsafe, in the event something like that happened again and the towers became a threat. Our government will never be able to find the words to explain why. People would want to know what else is wired.

Speculation, conjecture- requirements for the seasoned theorist.

Remember all the other experiments and programs the government, our government, has been caught carrying out under our very noses.

Don’t be afraid.

Just come to terms with the idea.

You could be a lab rat.


~ by barrymax on October 26, 2007.

13 Responses to “Is It Too Much?”

  1. Well, you know that old saying:

    “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

    Holds up for just about everything and everybody and it’s especially obvious in close-minded bush lovers.

    Controlled demolitions? It’s the only explanation and the only theory that is supported by
    FACTS. Larry Silverstein has already admitted, ON CAMERA, that WT7 was a controlled demolition. This opens up a lot of questions about preparation times and lots of other discrepancies in the official story (because that’s exactly what it is- a story).

  2. People without much education and failed lives tend to believe in conspiracies, in my experience.

  3. Look folks, it’s our first Pseudo-Intellectual Wingnut. “Roach” is a legend in his own mind. The first thing I noticed about “Roach” is that he loves to write “I think” in his posts and comments on his blog because apparently in his world this is some kind of Fucking major accomplishment.

    You know “Roach,” after reading your blog, and what you pass off as “writing” and “intellectual insight,” I get the impression you know far to much about failing at life.

    You’re out of your element Asshole.

  4. and what about no traces of a plane at the pentagon….

    i put nothing past cheney — nothing…….

  5. Where is my man Fairlane? Tell him to come one over.
    You all are welcome!

  6. After everything that’s happened post 9/11, I guess nothing would surprise me.

  7. Chuck- You obviously have your ear to the ground. The facts are the facts. I am not asserting anything; but I do advocate looking at the facts.

    Roach- Whoa dude. Like…I think…like…you know what I’m sayin…like…you know…Right?

    Thats Hot!!!

    Distributorcap- I’m not sure Cheney could do this on his own. Plans are drawn up for worse case scenarios. Is it possible to manipulate the possibility of the worse case?

    Fairlane- Sticks and Stones….. Fairlane we both know guys like Roach do online I.Q. tests and finish the entire questionnaire. We know guys like Roach think and hope there will be V8’s in thirty years. We know guys like Roach are the embodiment of the Idiocracy we have grown to love. We must embrace and hope through our kindness and open minded curiosity he will finally see the light.

    Fran- Am I invited too!!! It would be nice if you used the comment section to give an honest opinion on what you read; unless you didn’t read.
    My last post you are literally swinging from Kelso’s Nuts- ‘you are the muthafuckin man Kelso- The muthafuckin man.’

    Reminds me of the Peanut gallery in highschool.

    If you don’t like what I write tell me. If you like what I write tell me. But do not chat around the issues. Unless of course this is a chat forum.

    Scarlet- I am just as interested in pre 9/11 as i am in post 9/11. The erosion of civil liberties is a new twist. There are segments of the U.S population that have never enjoyed the same freedom the majority used to take for granted.

  8. D-Bass,

    Fuck that dude. I don’t mind discussion, debate or even a sarcastic comment, but if the milk turns out to be sour, I ain’t the kind of pussy to drink it.

    And Fran is cool. She’s simply one of those really nice people. It freaked me out at first as well. The very idea of a “nice person” is so completely foreign.

  9. aaiiight!!!

  10. Nothing wrong with writing “I think” as opposed to making pontifical and unproveable pronouncements about “how it is” without much evidence but lots of hair-brained speculation. As for failure, I guess going to the University of Chicago law school and practicing law to the tune of $150-200K a year is failure. Give me a break.

  11. Failure Success we all breath the same air.

    Roach- count your hundreds and thousands then revel in being ‘right’ – that automatically makes you successful. we can all die from drinking too much scotch

  12. Indeed. But what a way to go!

  13. Actually Roach, “I think” is called “Argument by Assertion.” Simply because you “think” something does not make it true.

    And Scotch is fucking nasty. I prefer a nice French Red Wine with a side order of pussy.

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