Deliverance from Evil

pistol-packin-d-cup-small.jpgWhen we first moved to northwest Georgia, I used to joke that when you drove past one particular ramshackle house on the S curve of Miller Farm Road, you could hear the faint strains of banjo, plucking out the theme song from Deliverance.

I’m not kidding. this place is like wow. Movie set like. Hollywood quality.

But it’s the real thing. Yes, DCup you naive twat, people really do live like that…..

I’m over it. I’m no longer intimidated by the “No Tresspassing” hand lettered and misspelled sign. Violators will be shot.

Because now I drive by and Grandad and Granny? Well, they pause in whatever they’re doing and wave.

Hey, y’all!

And so, according to this article from Christopher Dickey, son of the man who wrote the book Deliverance on which the Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Jon Voight, squeal piggy! movie was based, we are living Deliverance today.

As Dickey explains it, Iraq is the River. The American People, we are Jon Voight. Dick Cheney is Lewis Medlock. Read the article.

Tell me if the following paragraph doesn’t make you as uncomfortable as the rape scene did when you watched the film…..

What I wonder is whether in the real-world crisis of Iraq there is enough sanity and bravery in Washington to deliver us from the evil that’s been created in Iraq. Unfortunately it doesn’t look that way. Whether we listen to the Republicans or the Democrats, the woman candidate for president or the men, all the major contenders remain reluctant to challenge the ersatz standards of strength set by the Bush administration. Sure, they snipe at each other, but none want to appear weak on national security. So we’re left with “Law, what law? Plan, what plan?” And we continue to float down the river as if without a paddle, unable and unwilling to climb out, with much more violence and in all probability worse humiliations yet to come.

What’s more, the weekend warrior neo-cons are pounding drums and rattling sabres for war with Iran, too.

You can bet they’ll be all over the Sunday morning talk shows with threats and visions of mushroom clouds and pursed lipped admonishments for any pussified peaceniks who just can’t stomach more war on our behalf and to the profit of the almighty Halliburton. Condi will continue to shake her head “no” when she’s answering in the affirmative or attempting to say something positive.

War is good. Diplomacy is what you pretend to do before going to war. It’s our new strategy and national foreign policy.

I wish they’d take out their dicks and stroke them for a bit and put down their sabres and drums.

Masturbation for the warmongers, Peace for the rest of us. Now that’s a foreign policy strategy I can support and we can all live with.


~ by dcup on October 28, 2007.

6 Responses to “Deliverance from Evil”

  1. amazing how we let them get away with it…although i was just a mere pup in the 60s and early 70s — i do remember there was a lot more anger in the country and the policies of the Johnson and Nixon adminstrations — and their then toadies in congress.

    i dont understand why hillary and the other dems are cowtowing to the 25% who support bush and the like negative 2% that support this war — and the rest of us just dont count — no hillary and company are cowtowing to the rushes and chris matthews of the world since they dont want to go on teevee and have to answer a question about whey they “dont support the troops” — NOT the fracking war, but the troops

    it is all about supporting the troops — you say one bad thing about the war and rush,ann,chris,george s, cookie, george w etc say you dont support the troops — and the candidates (and congress for that mater) cannot deal with that….

    the media is the problem or rather enabling the problem. we all know it, we all have known it, and we all are doing very little about that — hate bush as much as you want (i dont know if i can hate a human more) but until the message deliverers are “fixed” there is no hope of any change

    but hey go shopping and eat at McDonalds — it is all good…

  2. Only 13 senators had the balls to vote against Bush’s 2002 Iraq war resolution. Only 13.

    The rest voted for it, including Hillary “my ass is so fat I have to wear pantsuits made of stretch material” Clinton.

    Last November, many of us (myself included) were dumb enough to think the 110th Congress and our new Speaker, Nancy “impeachment is off the table” Pelosi, would dissolve the appropriations committees in the House (she has that authority as Speaker, BTW) and end the funding for Bush’s war.

    We were duped. In fact, the Motherfucker from Midland is stomping around in his size 5 cowboy boots now DEMANDING another $46 billion BEFORE the Christmas holidays (is it safe to say “Christmas”?) or else he promises to throw a fit.

    Does anyone think Cirque du Pelosi will tell Bush to go eat shit and die? Not a chance, baby. The 110th Congress is the worst ever and the American people know it. Maybe they can’t articulate it the way the blogoshere can, as we bloviate our way into FEMA camps but the polls don’t lie and Zogby has them at 11% approval.

    I think we can all agree that the two political parties in the USA have merged into one and members on both sides of the aisle are engaged in shameless war profiteering at the expense of the poor and people of color and maybe even the people living in northwest Georgia, who want to send their kids to college but they don’t have the means, so they tell them to enlist in the military to get the GI bill to pay for it.

    Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condosleeza, Rove, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Lieberman, et al, all belong in the belly of a C5-A transport plane and hauled off to stand trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity before The Hague. I say grab em’ now before they can escape for Paraguay or the Cayman Islands, a la, Kennyboy Lay.

    We owe it to ourselves and future generations.

  3. I wish they’d make people who start wars fight in them. I imagine “War Fever” would dry up real quick like if that were to ever happen. Of course, we’d get our asses kicked.

    Can you imagine Bush trying to fight Saddam? Saddam seemed a tad bit tougher than the “Decider.”
    In fact, I’m about 99.9999% certain that I could whip Chimpy’s ass.

  4. You and me both, fairlane. Could you imagine if some group grabbed the whole bunch, made them don fatigues and announced that they will be released into Baghdad? I imagine that everyone would soon find themselves standing in a pool of urine.

  5. Unfortunately we have an economy that is dependent upon war. It is sad that we are not brave or creative enough to re-emphasize our industries.

    I blame it all on Oil and Tobacco

    I wonder what Erskine Caldwell (God’s Little Acre & Tobacco Road) would have to say?

  6. David: Imagine if the $700 billion that has already been spent bombing Iraq into shit was spent, say, on promoting research and implementation of alternative energy. Think of the jobs that would create. We could move to another industry that will boost the economy, but the current owners of everything might not get to keep everything if the money is diverted from making stuff to kill people to developing something that might create good jobs and less dependence on foreign oil. The missed opportunities make me weep.

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