Michael Vick vs. The U.S.

Barry Max


What if American men and women were fought like pitbulls? What if the government took young men in their prime, honed them physically and programmed them mentally to fight. What if they trained some of them to kill ? Putting them through life threatening , grueling situations to prepare them for the hardships of battle.

What if they did it with thousands and actually fought them in a high stakes gambling den located in Iraq?

What if the guys that fought these innocent young men were found guilty of treasonous crimes?

Would they be pardoned?

I can see the defenders of our legal system lining up now.

The racism charges regarding Vick’s techno lynching has some merit. These rich, white, power brokers are trampling all over the Constitution and the sacred laws passed under it. While the federal Government goes after an athlete for crimes that pale in comparision to an illegal war.

The dog racing industry also has a dog disposal side to it, those people get fines all the time. Fined, no jail time , no Feds.

It is incredible to me.

I read old newsclipping about lynchings and other outrageous events. The language has changed but the sentiment hasn’t.
When Kobe Bryant was charged with rape, the same thing happened.
A rush to judgement.
A mob mentality.

The Headline for the Denver Post read in bold letters SHE SAID NO!!!




Remember the L.A. riots? A lot of people thought it was just Rodney King, but it wasn’t. People boiled over when, earlier that week, a Jury found a Korean woman guilty of manslaughter and put on probation-no jailtime-for shooting an irate customer, a young black teen, in the back of the head- the clip of the girl being shot was shown over and over on the news. The girl died for stealing orange juice. That same week a black man got two years jail time for animal cruelty.

It is frustrating to see Scooter Libby get away with perjury, treason and a host of other crimes and not see the inside of a cell.

America was screaming for Vick’s head long before his friends turned on him, but millions rushed to Libby’s defense.
The NHL gambler Tochet gets two years probation for gambling.

Admitted Steriod abusing slugger Jason Giambi cleared of any wrongdoing, clearly still a fan/media favorite. Clearly guilty of using “roids.”

Barry Bonds? Everyone (media) hates him.

How dare that Negro act arrogant?
How dare that Negro deny us the opportunity to talk to him?
Who the hell does he think he is?

All the while our human pitfight goes on and thousands more will die and these guys, the ones who are gambling with our lives, will walk away to Kennebunkport counting money, checking their Katrina hedge funds.

But Dave…. we have to save the dogs.


~ by barrymax on November 3, 2007.

15 Responses to “Michael Vick vs. The U.S.”

  1. i cant agree here —
    Vick should have gotten worse. i think this was more a privilege and economic thing that racial. but what do i know — i am just glad Vick is going to jail

    but i do agree that there are worse crimes that have seen no penalties — like Libby and the whole Bush family etc….. but those shitheads with the power just take care of themselves. why isnt Paul Wolfowitz in jail?

  2. D-Cap
    You can see how Bush family ect. deserve to do time?

    I hope so.

    I guess they should have given Vick more time?
    I wonder if they could just skip the whole jury thing and get on with it.
    That is exactly what bothers me . The heavy handed judgements on what I and many others feel is a trivial , petty issue.
    Dog fighting?

    Like pimping it will continue as long as there are bitches.

    Enough of that.

    If dog fighting can trump your sensibilities relative to all the other outrages misdeeds committed against ‘people’.

    I do not know what to tell you.

    All I know is the prison is full of young black men- rich and poor. I also know everyone does dirt regardless of race.

    But dog fighting?

  3. My problem with the “outrage” is one: Cock Fighting was just recently banned in Louisiana (Good old LA, huh?), and I didn’t hear a peep from the animal rights bunch. Second, how can people who eat meat be upset over “animal cruelty?” Spend a couple of hours in a local slaughter house.

    There’s no doubt black athletes are more heavily scrutinized. Roger Clemens was linked to steroids, but he remains a hero, Paul Byrd linked to HGH, but he’s a “Man of Faith.” Babe Ruth is an icon, but he bragged about playing drunk and was a misogynist. Ty Cobb was a drunk, notorious racist, and a violent man. (He once beat up a handicapped man in the stands at a game because the man was heckling him. He also was involved in several assaults against blacks. He considered blacks to be “inferior” to whites). Yet, Cobb is perceived not for who he was, but for what he did with a baseball bat.

    What Vick did is wrong, and it’s illegal. He should be punished, but he was convicted before the trial even began. I’m not saying it’s all “racism,” but there is no doubt it is easier to pile on when a minority is involved.

  4. What Fairlane said.



  5. You know, you’ve really made me think about what you posted and I can only come to one conclusion.

    You are correct, I recall just about everyone giving their opinion before the trial or anything else was proven to be true about Vick being guilty. Even on most Blogs, there was talk about how wrong he was to do such a thing.

    I am not going to defend him, because to do such a thing to dogs is just wrong. I cannot explain the rationale behind the justice of Blacks compared to Whites, but yes theirs a lot of problems within this country that should be addressed at some time.

    Even though I do not think that anything will change, because that is just how America is and it’s about time everyone realizes that Whites have a problem with Blacks and for any Black who makes it in this country and somehow is subjected to the court system for any reason. Whites are going to labor Blacks as guilty.

    If you think that this statement is not true, then name me an instance where that was not the case.

  6. A second look at Vick is necessary. I presumed him innocent until proven guilty. When he admitted to killing the dogs, I was pretty cheesed off. When my racehorse, El Cassique, sustained a condular fracture in the ankle in a race at Philly Park, but showed lots of chips in all 8 leg joints, I knew his racing career was finished. I could spend a pile on the surgeries and wait for him to come back as a 4YO male claimer at the bottom level (as a lightly raced 3YO when he won all of those races for me he was worth something), have him “disappear,” or THE OPTION I CHOSE–SPEND $5K TO REPAIR THE ANKLE FRACTURE, LEAVE THE CHIPS AND DONATE HIM TO A D.A.I.F.U.S. facility in Colts Neck, NJ, where teenage runaways care for retired racehorses as part of therapy. [This is all google-able btw; don’t be like the Auroras and think I’m showing off…I’ve owned racehorses in the States and UK since I was 27. Don’t like it? Tough tit. Work harder.]

    But in the grand scheme of things, what are a few useless fighting dogs? It’s easier for all of us to pretend to be Saint Francises and get bent out of shape about dogs because to try to comprehend all the damage Bush has wroght is just too much to bear. Nevermind all of the dead Americans and Iraqis, just the sanctions alone which “Dr.” Rice imposed on Iran for no good reason is way worse than anything Vick ever did.

    Everybody JUST LURRRVVVES Hank Aaron and Muhammad Ali NOW. I was old enough to undertand what was going on back then. Even Bonds and Vick had more sympathy than Aaron and Ali did. Those two were way more trashed by the Right Wing Scheme Machine than any bullshit Bonds had to deal with. With Aaron it was a false accusation that he, Dusty Baker and Ralph Garr were Panthers. With Ali, oh, he only became a Muslm and REFUSED to fight in Vietnam. “No Viet-NAM-ese never called me “nigger”…What I got to fight for?” Yes, childen, there was plenty of fire in the champ.

  7. dave

    i agree that this country has severe racial issues and a lot of overt racism — and perhaps what happened to Vick is just another form of that. and maybe i am being a bit hypocritical…..and maybe it was easy to pile on and convict Vick. i grant you that

    i think libby, bush, rice, cheney and a whole host of other people should be shackled and thrown in jail (or worse) —

    but there is something about animal abuse that just gets me….dog fighting is not a trivial issue. it is often indicative of deeper and other issues — societal, racial, economic and a whole host of other. why would anyone need to watch animals tearing each other apart for entertainment. There is something extremely disturbing about it. I guess that form of cruelty is just beyond my comprehension.

    sure one can say what bush and cheney have done is more criminal and that “getting” vick was easy. To me what Bush and cheney are doing is sport also — watching soldiers and innocents die for “entertainment”

    but just because we havent thrown them in jail (or gotten people for worse offenses) doesnt mean Vick shouldnt have been penalized and prosecuted.

  8. also (i hit submit too fast) — i am realizing more and more how hard it is for me to explain myself via typing and blogging. so i do apologize if i have offended you been unclear in any way


  9. D-Cap there is finality to written words, a merciless quality; that is why there are lawyers , writers ect..
    I have read a lot of your posts and I am confident that you are not part of any lunatic fringe, having said that, I am confident they found part of a plane at the Pentagon.
    D-Cap I do not take any offense to people who may disagree, that is the whole beauty of this forum. I know there are ‘layers’ to every issue.

  10. You better watch out for that DCNY, I think he’s some kind of undercover Wingnut sent here to undermine us (Like Johnny Wingnut) with his “Wingnuttiness.”

    Actually, this is how discussions are supposed to go. People share their opinions and no one calls names or acts like an asshole. (Several of us are familiar with that type).

    It’s one of the reasons I wanted other writers here.

  11. I just want to know where the cartoon came from… that’s a good one! As for the rest of this piece, I agree that there is still a bias. I get so angry at white folks who say “but I didn’t own slaves, I don’t owe blacks anything”. We are only 3 to 4 generations removed from slavery, that wound is deep, and racism is a part of our culture on almost every level. All that said, I hate every permutation of animal fighting. And I don’t give a damn what color you are, and that comes from someone who refuses to go to her brother’s home because he raises fighting pitbulls. It’s wrong and anybody caught doing it should be in jail. My brother will go one day, God willing, and maybe then he’ll learn something.

  12. K- Ali is my man, and being a “Louisville Lip” myself, I need to write a post about him one day. His impact went far beyond sports.

    Having said that, we don’t live in that kind of America anymore. There are no “activists,” only spin doctors, publicity whores, and those who use misery for personal gain.

    Ali was a hero, we don’t have heroes in today’s world.

    thebob- I put the cartoon in after D-Bass finished his post. I found it on photobucket.com. If you have a blog, you should definitely check it out. The service is free and they literally have billions of pictures.

    No doubt Vick should be punished. But a lot of people in the public spotlight should be punished, and they get away with far more heinous crimes.

    I won’t even kill a spider, and I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years, but I understand that a dog’s life is not more valuable than a human’s life or even a cow’s life.

    We select animals, and human beings, and assign them arbitrary values. Why are dogs more important than sharks for example?

    If you killed off the domesticated dog, I guess a lot of people would be without a pet, but that’s about it. If you killed off the shark, it would upset the entire ocean’s ecosystem.

    Which animal is more “important?”

    But do you hear about how sharks are being slaughtered on the news 24/7? Of course not. Sharks are “monsters.” The interesting thing is that the domesticated dog has killed and injured far more people than the shark.

  13. Cruelty is bad, no doubt.

    I can see people up in arms over Michael Vick’s choices.

    Fighting dogs, just like kitten juggling, should stop.

    I just cannot get mad about it.

  14. thanks Fair and Dave….
    it is just that Jewish guilt that has been long ingrained in me……

  15. What Fairlane said, DCNY. I’m Jewish, too, but I’m kind of agnostic on blood-sport and of course very atheistic on “law-and-order” as Americans conceive of it. It’s a worthy thing to read everyone’s viewpoint. I don’t have to be correct. It’s just how I feel. Both of us can argue our points to a draw. Why argue?

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